Big Moments In the GOP Debate

Fusion's correspondent, Akilah Hughes gives us the top moments from the GOP debate in Texas.
11:28 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for Big Moments In the GOP Debate
We're joined by one of operate in. Eight. What was it took about oh OK we had about three. Which is. About guns. In the Donald Trump was asked viable. He's. And he's I count released without. Because there being a that in order to I have being. Added to the process is. A call released without success this whole conversations come about. Because Mitt Romney's that the point yesterday. At that I believe there's football show he doubled from statutes he should release it now says he says it is right ten minutes ago companies but as we discussed. Mitt Romney has sort of its weak enough evidence saying there is technically according to rob I don't know that this is true. But he says he and a that there is no reason to what you can both parties you touch systems while threw me what is it if that is true. That actually that's quite an interesting. Yeah absolutely I think Donald Trump doesn't realize it's it's a bad look to hide things especially this late in the game. And you know I am not a tax expert on about the Arizona now what you're allowed to disclose or not but I do now. That. It doesn't look good Q people who you know the majority of people in America aren't as wealthy as downtown Frey. And so if this man has billions of dollars yet he can't account for them or he easily. An easy about it we're not gonna get to see them he said summing tune which is you know far enough and that if he please go it alone expressly. He's right and it's actually that everybody. Note that that's just that was shady at this. What it's more about the optics than anything else added it looks back maybe and this is why. Romney's can become behind Billups forty hours or so suddenly launching this attack on him saying why don't you release your. Your tax returns to hash tag when is he hiding yeah I don't think it's caught on. Yet and couldn't hit a little clarity. He's. Yeah analytic come on. May be certain. Speaking optics are watching the today. What's going on what's to use so far and the moments that will probably. It's absolutely I think that. Marco Rubio has been withdrawn I think that he's definitely gone after it from. His record on things he's actually said on the fact that he doesn't have. A concrete plan for health care and health investment and make it absolutely. And you know people ones wouldn't like to make fun of review for being so robotic but I do you think it's something that's what can happen. Maybe he's just where the facts of the program corner. Let I think that we will see a change in the polls based on our festivities but I do things I think Donald Trump trump says all of the stub. Megan always hope to see them yesterday I don't know that he. You know I don't know the percentage of people alert in the GOP are registered Republicans are voting but I it would stated. He probably gain a lot of supporters of movies about the eighteenth in the case for the people who may be supportive and its copy with. After Super Tuesday at least partly ground work at this. Rally. Crews the Hughes he's cryptic way but then again thinkable does that chance at least cruises samples because it that's what I've. It's possible yeah what is that thing. I had with the tax what's if it is true that there's no reason they can't be held them when having what it's it. He's gonna have to bring them food fool. If it for example but he's not given any money to veterans with when he got its currency. Back. They act. And it's also bad because the onus has been put on him because he is being raped these other. Candidates haven't been ousted you know released this evening to you because. The IRS has not found any reasons welcome to get over it and I think he's got no money. And I just think if you're running on the basis of being a billion consistently talking acutely tired. How much money and that sort of you know. I would stake out of the impact that elderly that means money you can't use you see him talking about how much money hasn't receive it may be in use. We don't know and we. Bills that I obviously don't have but I think. We need to. Because the ire obviously batteries at Beth. About some of the issues because you are ecstatic about this earlier feels like tonight they're actually hitting harder on some more specific issue points. Heat of the Republican Party in the rape in eighty because they have the benefit your candidates on stage it got more time to actually talk to each of them about some of these specific. Immigration. Health care. These are some things that are coming out before but they're really getting into it tonight let's standing out TO. What you think this I want saying and it's going back to you Marco Rubio it was an interesting. The at the immigration part of the debate has actually been very fascinating yet Donald Trump has. You know done a lot numbers and figures. But has no real plan about making Mexico pay for border and as we don't know what the Mexican president today said that there's no way in hypocrite dictate how the former president yet our resident Reyes is it's not happen. And so I think he looked weak on that but I do you think that Marco Rubio. Being honest about the fact that he is Hispanic with interesting because he didn't take the opportunity to include Hispanic people he. It illicitly he went on the defensive seeing how dare you be Democrats like you feel like you're not Hispanic. If you don't vote Democrat I don't believe that's the case. And he did make the case for you know letting immigrants stay here talking about children who were born here to. You know we parents yeah that the point of the moderates who was. You dozens of immigrants would begin to their children who illegally and he just that went. We'll listen havens that include ads. It was yeah it wasn't very clearance yeah I regularly compassionate sense about. I'm guessing that that polling is telling them that ace of waltzes. Don't want the compassionate they want a tough guy that changes but I'm surprised that he as a sign of an immigrant even that would talking about illegal immigrants would have. If you would expect fully human level. He asked if you have very little sympathy and an affinity. Have an inexperienced. And initially thing. Across the entire field of candidates on the Republican side and not really sure how to handle a Hispanic how can it even broaden the appeal to all. Panic or other minority Asian American and other voters. It's actually after the 2012 post war when they thought we really got to rethink how can he appeal to this that this part of the electorate. This election and this campaign cannot be what the folks back in twenty not a. All I definitely think that there's been a disconnect from you know what the regrouping ones that's when it's while I think that they made it very clear that they needed to win over minorities and specifically. Asked Hispanic voters. And Mexican voters even needed to be more specific the most specific and they haven't they've. They there's no ways to address the issues facing that community without talking about. Immigration and a wave that doesn't dehumanize people and doesn't sit back millions of people to the country that you know bailout for a reason right. I don't go west now he's got fifteen years ago with your cards right now and in it it's just it's it's not feasible and it. It's just a shame and it's a lack. I think that the problem with the Republican Party at this juncture is that specifically in this case is that they don't. They don't see that there's no way for them to Bridget but the gap rate we can't make. Ran young voters Republican are Hispanic matters. Care about what they have to say because they're not addressing issues in a way that affects them positively anyway making it you. How can you expect to have. You know then that element no. Polled said that bullet three out of four. Hispanic voters are against opt for a right. How can you ever bridge that gap if what you're saying is that one all the people there are you know rapists and murders the two that you don't you don't want them to stay in this country. It just doesn't make sense. If you see that outs to its conclusion. Where does that policy obsolete that the exclusion Andy yat and it also do you know change the demographics of America so. Slipped sharply and immediately that it just doesn't. It doesn't make sense and it's not going to be a winning strategy and I think that's why did you he. Seems very divided. You know I will say that within Bernie candidate Hillary Clinton Campaign it's been vary amicable and it's also focused on issues whereas. The GOP can't get to that point. Because you process radical ideas infiltrating what was usually look at relatively moderate and conservative Plainfield. Man. Since it's interesting I don't know though Africa back. Hasn't ever despite what you scenes and as a society that's faulty it's funny. A is surprising. And then it's always immediately with a little fun it's always entertaining. I think especially because it's this late in the game they have what five people still running. The I mean yeah advocates trending topic on what about the fruit salad particularly when. As what was that quickly you know one's the next Supreme Court justice he could nominate someone during his presidency that yet in and then he's said that it would be the fruit salad of their lives and exactly what he eats it. And that's my imprisonment is the food cooking up. Yes prudently and commerce the wiggles thing about. And hot and and her that the a it's yet we'll. What it has become I think I've had been for a while when he major event this and have a big life passed amendments if you don't dvds. When these have to rent is Coventry and it's not a life directs his country over the event the positive. Well they have so much fun I mean honestly otherwise we just be watching a lot of angry old man yelling at each others like I can talk the people who understand why instantly almost done watchable but people. I would suspect estimated at almost on line could reasonably accurate weather and is at Akeelah obviously obviously taken at the funeral Osce. This thing I'm. Sheila has been live tweeting that debate and it's pretty it's. Eyewitness happens Elizabeth poignant you know you know a deal with bill that he contribute to the life threatens grocery. That we've been talking about. You're gonna say with that yes actually yeah where they keep talking about the for the where the debate is still going on this a lot more to talk about.

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