Bill Clinton on Mandela: 'He Was Fabulous to Me'

2004: The former president praises Nelson Mandela for defending him during sex scandal.
2:29 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for Bill Clinton on Mandela: 'He Was Fabulous to Me'
Nelson Mandela. He's been wonderful and very you know he's his image is as the world signed the truth this. He's a saintly man but he's also -- very tough and shrewd politician. And I'm very very loyal friend he is a ferociously. Loyal friend. And he was fabulous -- the whole time I was there and he was a great president. But these are just people around the world that I had good relationships with that I think -- Fascinating and and yes -- failed wants. And I sure thing for and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the American people want -- for the embarrassment -- perform but they ought to think about the way the rest of the world reacted to. When when when I got a standing ovation United Nations from whole world. The American network for showing my brain -- -- Those are decisions you -- -- me. I personally believe that the standing ovation I got from the whole world with United Nations which was unprecedented for American president. -- not only support for me but opposition. To the madness that had taken hold of American politics. Each summer you say that it was. Nelson Mandela. Who taught you about forgiveness -- -- eighteen -- was unbelievable. Mandela. When I was going through all -- He was real and -- you know we came to the White House and defended. And said the congress should leave me alone -- the inning gave a blistering. Defense in the White House the day before -- respect in the congressional don't know. Where often sought. Not -- -- Motorola's. Does not allow us. -- -- -- -- -- But he told me -- said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That inject those people when they let you go he said briefly I did. But when I was walking out of my. Compound for the last time I said to myself they've had a 27 years. If you hate them when you get through that door they will still had. He -- I wanted to be free. And so -- -- -- really look at me any grandma mommy said so should you.

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{"id":18833420,"title":"Bill Clinton on Mandela: 'He Was Fabulous to Me'","duration":"2:29","description":"2004: The former president praises Nelson Mandela for defending him during sex scandal.","url":"/Politics/video/bill-clinton-says-nelson-mandela-was-fabulous-to-me-18833420","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}