Bill De Blasio announces 2020 run

The New York City mayor becomes the 23rd Democrat to enter the presidential race.
3:20 | 05/16/19

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Transcript for Bill De Blasio announces 2020 run
And guys were moving on to this. Tweets when he raised we have democratic candidate number 23 if you can believe it. New York mayor buildup Lazio. Officially announcing his presidential campaign today as you see right there he announced via U2. A video and also appeared on Good Morning America this morning so. I want to bring in Justin Gomez who is covering the 22 any election for more. You actually were able to catch up with the blob BO this morning and have like a little conversations what did he say to you. He. Was really just excited he is very excited that his campaign up and running he was talking about his campaign video for the most part he's really stressing the progress that is made here in New York he's touting his pre K for all initiative his vision zero. And didn't stop and frisk and guaranteeing health care for New Yorkers he's wanted to take that things that he's done as soon as mayor of New York City. On to the national platform and we've seen some of these ideas already from from the progressive candidates and he's jumping in as the 23 candidate. This week second one's announced this week alone and it. He's got to find his footing. In this race he we have some progressive candidates out there are ready we've got a moderate candidate out there is some governors and another mayor in people to judge. I'm so Defazio. Has more to connect for him to do he's heading to Iowa after this and in South Carolina this weekend and you were able to speak to him so we have some footage of you talking to him yes yes yes I asked him. What was it. That made him want to join this race because there was a lot of speculation will he bought me. So I asked him what was it that to me to monitor Aaron let's take a look. Again I adults the personal home. Occurred oh in the here the whole. Didn't support what we're doing. It's very important last week should have been working. Armey. Public service long time we've been part of elections we just saw Ritter 25 wedding anniversary this week. So Louisiana women harnesses his favorite villains yes very serious errors we make our decisions. It is this was right to do. Pretty good sit down there. One thing that's so interesting though you know he's the mayor of New York but it doesn't appear that he has a lot of support from New Yorkers some I saw you tweet it. This poll that clinic quinnipiac poll that shows 70%. 76% a New Yorkers don't actually want him to run for president did he say anything about that. Oh he he. Mentioned is that. He says the poll that actually matters is the election is that I think about pulling in general it's not where you start it's where you and and it. This poll 76% of people of new Yorker voters. Don't want him to do it and I think that was evident we've seen protesters outside some of his events that from earlier this week. And even this morning outside the Steelers another group of them so and we thought on that New York Post cover the next morning yes so he's got some work he's got to commence not only the country but also his fellow New Yorkers that he is the Manson to be elected president. Which sounds like a pretty hard way to start your campaign yes as easy he's yes he has a long way to go. Yeah we'll see how he does this weekend yes and it especially in a crowded race just in thanks so much anger joining us.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"The New York City mayor becomes the 23rd Democrat to enter the presidential race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63079749","title":"Bill De Blasio announces 2020 run","url":"/Politics/video/bill-de-blasio-announces-2020-run-63079749"}