Who's to blame for the government shutdown?

Pollster Frank Luntz shares what he's heard from average Americans.
4:18 | 02/07/19

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Transcript for Who's to blame for the government shutdown?
Now about a man who has his finger on the pulse of many different parts of the country Frank Luntz called stern. A focus group are great to see your frank thanks for coming in you know I wanted to get your take on this moment. For the president we've seen the poll numbers you've been talking to real people. This seems like a pretty critical juncture for him given the low approval rating historic low at two years and many in many cases. Do you think two days isn't dated he can use this platform to sort of turn things around stop the bleeding if you. There's not a choice at this point. This is the last major speech he gives before people start to focus on 20/20 this is the last opportunity has to basically we focus or reset. Where he stands for the public as you heard the congressman moments ago. They're the public is looking for answers they're looking for solutions are looking for results. He had a somewhat successful first two years but that doesn't matter people want to know when to get it do for me now and I'm going to be watching to see both. The types of plants and he prioritizes. And actually how the Democrats respond to a that you just held a focus group. Just a couple weeks ago at your home in Los Angeles for vice news tonight. On HBO we have a little bit of that and we'll talk about it on the other side here's what some of those folks had to say about the situation the presidents and right now. Okay. You re prize. That people are hungry in Washington and that people are not getting paid. And you all think it's okay. I don't think it's okay but I do think it's necessary because we cannot give in to a tantrum. Give a toddler two year old and throwing a tantrum because they get done what it wants you don't give in. He had the authority to shut down the government for a reason Nancy Pelosi said no I'm going to call your shots okay. The issue is. It's Nancy Pelosi commenting an act of reason why I don't know and it's secure until of the United States I say this. I don't pickle ball as it is the right solution I do think border security is extremely important. He can continue to shut down over anything that she doesn't get what she walks and that's what this president has shown us that's what concerns me. Just as things got feisty and that group frank is John Q we got that. The yelling in the partisanship coming out here on the steps of the capitol that's what's happening at that this country and and I applaud vice and HBO for being willing to bring the voices. I'm America to the public is you do right now and ABC. I think the key is having a listen anymore. That we want to be heard but we don't want to learn we don't wanna leave we just. We in essence want to shouts and that's why the person said don't give into a temper tantrum there was an attack on trump but it's happening on both sides right now. And the level of intensity and ugliness is something that not seen. In the 25 years and I've been working in in this area. If you find that there are issues that unite people. Always chuck Graham talking to voters how many issues come up. Regardless of the party you know people talk about health care and wages and jobs so the issues Aaron are uniting people. How can politicians can't speak to those issues. Because the personalities overwhelming issues and the fact is that you've got people on both sides that want to polarize it actually. Appreciate the opportunity to try to drive a wedge. On education on transportation. Even on immigration there are compromises that could be had. And yet nobody wants to bring in about two reasons number one is your base will turn against them the number two is their colleagues here in Washington. They too are polarized and so you are punished if you try to reach common ground your punished it becomes a center. It's going to be difficult to see how that that gap is healed it might take another election of course to. Coming up point 1800. We can't wait that long it's in the interest in the and I know that people watched him they have deficits sides right now but I'm praying that somebody will come forward. Fumble scientists say hey enough is enough there's enough that we agree on as you said. That we can actually move the country forward. You can disagree. Without being destructive and they've got to figure that out now thanks to frank thank you so much and of course your focus group is airing on vice news tonight on HBO we'll have you back. Leader's name for special coverage you're an ABC news live is also thanks to frank.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Pollster Frank Luntz shares what he's heard from average Americans. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60923056","title":"Who's to blame for the government shutdown? ","url":"/Politics/video/blame-government-shutdown-60923056"}