Bloomberg barnstorming Super Tuesday states before voters head to polls

ABC News’ Zohreen Shah is in Tennessee covering Bloomberg on the campaign trail.
6:02 | 02/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bloomberg barnstorming Super Tuesday states before voters head to polls
And now back to the 20/20 raise so much focus in the past week on the contests in Iowa New Hampshire but waiting in the wings after those early states. His billionaire Michael Bloomberg ABC's Devin Dwyer has more on his untraditional approach to the 20/20 campaign. It. Michael Bloomberg wasn't on the leaderboard in New Hampshire's primary or the Iowa caucus. But the former New York City mayor says it's all part of his unconventional campaign plan. And he thanked Judge Judy for the introduction we are lucky to have her on our team. Bloomberg's thrown out the old playbook for primary politics deliberately skipping the first four states that vote on a democratic nominee. Send your city. Instead the media moguls been barnstorming every Super Tuesday state. Weeks before those voters head to the polls he zeroing in on delegate rich targets like California and Texas. I'm I'm gonna go and deal with all the other states and nobody is going to be other states except to people myself and Donald Trump. And if you want to replace Donald Trump maybe you might want to visit these states and make the case is two YE a veteran Donald Trump. Bloomberg is built a massive campaign operation more than 2100. Employees but plans to hire 2000 more in the coming weeks. He's already spent more than 200 million dollars on TV ads ten million of that on this 162. Spot during the Super Bowl. I hurt my Mother's Day movie's been in this high so long as. Spending a lot of money but my investment is to keep Donald Trump from being a president want me to spend less to get rid of Donald Trump thanks. The billionaire former mayor. Is self funding is 20/20 bid and without the help of donations he couldn't qualify for any of the early democratic debates. But after a DNC rule changed he could soon join the debate stage in what likely face fire from his rivals plug I. I don't think anyone ought to be able to live their way. Into a nomination. As he tries to stay above the Frey Bloomberg has been steadily climbing in the polls. He even gaining support among African American voters up to 22%. In one poll this week. But now he's facing new criticism for supporting police profile in a blacks and Latinos while he was mayor. Under a newly released 25 team recording Bloomberg defends the stop and frisk policy in blunt terms and her. Birders. Murderers kept perfect fit. One. He'd injured tankers are Europe. Oh they there aren't fit fine. Cool. Yeah that's true I'm doing the special. And who. For against the wall. For. Bloomberg's democratic rivals quickly condemned the remarks. You don't Xerox people. Hand and it's. Something your avalanche president trump pounced on the recording saying the former mayor is he total racist. Even though trump himself was promoted stop and frisk as effective who worked very well in New York. It brought to crime rate weight again. We last year Bloomberg apologized for using the policy calling it's simply wrong. I now see that we could and you should have acted sooner and acted faster to cut the stops. I wish we had I'm sorry that we didn't. It's not the first time Bloomberg's changed his tune he's a former Republican turned independent now Democrat. Who thinks she'll have unique appeal the State's trump one. 116. If Bloomberg's big gamble is a bust. He's pledged his vast resources to boost whoever ends up being that democratic nominee. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer on the campaign trail in New Hampshire. Our thanks to DeVon island to go out on the campaign trail with our is soaring shot she covers Bloomberg ends in Tennessee right now where the former mayor is about to speak at his second event today. So as the rain is as DeVon said Bloomberg is certainly taking an unconventional. Approach so how is campaign playing with voters on the ground there. In preparation for Super Tuesday. Rings and is he right now. Theory and really. The crowd right there a few hundred people here yeah American about it and I. But did anything strategy it's. Very first day. Meet earlier naming things and you go yeah 500 people any. And none out and he went and he got out inside me. I think that's all three very yeah. He would not expect things only evil and 1 theory in the morning here's one seemingly answered tonight coming okay. But I have to imagine that Bloomberg will have a tough time drawing a progressive base of the Democratic Party are you seeing any signs of them pushing back on his campaign. Mean her dream vehicle that morning. The tenth inning on the ground it was a moment. I've seen. Visit includes mock me yeah. This ring yeah. Yeah me. Fine yeah. They're not running for us he's winning. See any sense to work they want people to unite everyone gets everywhere big sleep over it every continent's old. It's soaring really impressing your able to keep all your thoughts together as they're blasting shine brightly a diamond in the back there. Hazare was shot live from Tennessee. Affiliate of Bloomberg campaign thank usery.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"ABC News’ Zohreen Shah is in Tennessee covering Bloomberg on the campaign trail.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68948525","title":"Bloomberg barnstorming Super Tuesday states before voters head to polls","url":"/Politics/video/bloomberg-barnstorming-super-tuesday-states-voters-head-polls-68948525"}