Blue wave in Virginia could foreshadow 2020 elections

Democrats will control both houses of Virginia's state legislature for the first time in more than two decades.
2:53 | 11/06/19

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Transcript for Blue wave in Virginia could foreshadow 2020 elections
So we continue this conversation because Kentucky was just one of the State's riding the blue wave at last night in Virginia. Democrats secured enough votes to flip a house and the senate. For the first time in decades so what does all this mean heading into its points when he seo and bring in our political director Rick Klein to break it all down. Rick I just want to get your takeaways from all of those elections last night. I'm calling it the revenge of the suburbs you had a a bunch of suburban areas around the country not just in Virginia and Kentucky but also in Pennsylvania in Iowa. At the state and statewide and local level that we're stated repudiating. Trump ism and repudiating the concept of president trump and his policies he's seen president trump. Can't be very hard in a lot of these areas and have coattails. That drag other Republicans opt in this case you're seeing another backlash against trump isn't similar to the mid term elections. Of 2018 you're seeing Democrats energized motivated in the suburbs particularly women voters younger voters core coming out. And to the stat that you nationalize these races that turn on local issues it is about Donald Trump and not in a positive way. So what does this mean and not mean for twentieth when he. Why at the more micro level I think you can take Virginia off the table and this is a state that was read maybe ten or twelve years ago it is trended toward purple and now it is decidedly blue and I can't imagine the child campaign wanted to spend a lot of time or resources in Virginia going forward. Kentucky is not going to be a battleground state. The presidential level although it could matter at the senate level where Mitch McConnell himself the senate majority leader. Is up for reelection in a state that is now shown itself and able to to elect the Democrats statewide even in in 2019. I think though at the at the more functional level when you saw in Pennsylvania which is seen Michigan that's where this where the robbers gonna meet the electoral road and I think you're seeing. A regional realignment where the suburbs are trending a more toward the blue immoral the rural areas you did Democrats can be competitive there there's still very very difficult it's still a close race in Kentucky despite all of this. You know they can run up the score the Democrats in the city's. But it's going to be this battle of the suburbs and so far the Democrats appear to be winning. Battle and wrecked before we go there's there's another race coming up that president trump is gonna be rallying for as well. That's right Louisiana is having its runoff race for for governor a week from Saturday president trumps going to be there tonight Wednesday night. The Democrat there is the incumbent he would was not able to win in the first round that a lot of strategists think that may have been his best shot. It is going to be another test of the organizing strengthen the muscle and I'll tell you for Republicans. They really want to salvage a win yes they won in Mississippi last night. But having this this kind of a close race in Kentucky the white dot in Virginia. Does not bode well for 20/20 say they'd like to be able to close out 29 teens last big race with a victory a week week from Saturday. We shall see all right ABC political director Rick Klein right NRDC bureau thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Democrats will control both houses of Virginia's state legislature for the first time in more than two decades.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66793995","title":"Blue wave in Virginia could foreshadow 2020 elections","url":"/Politics/video/blue-wave-virginia-foreshadow-2020-elections-66793995"}