The Breakdown: President Biden’s 1st full day in office

Plus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projects 500,000 COVID deaths by Feb. 13 and the European Union welcomes the U.S. back to the Paris Climate Change agreement.
23:46 | 01/21/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: President Biden’s 1st full day in office
Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana stayed out. And I'm Terry Moran president Biden is wasting no time getting to work announcing new efforts to fight the pandemic on its first full day in office. Biden was sworn in as the country's 46 president on the steps of the our nation's capital yesterday two weeks to the day after an angry mob attacked and and vice president come on Harris took her own historical. Becoming the highest ranking woman in our nation's 244. Year existence and the first black American and Asian American to serve as vice president and and this moment was captured right before she was sworn in Harris getting a fist pump and when former President Obama America's first. One and here's a look at some of today's front pages the word. Unity is splashed across many of them and that was the resounding theme of Biden's inaugural address. Vowing to vote put his whole soul into uniting our country urging empathy. And promising. And president Biden hitting the ground running signing an initial flurry of executive orders just moments ago as you might have seen ABC news political director Rick Klein is gonna join us now to. Suss this out Rick guys become now a tradition partly to the congress is broken. President is governed by executive order isn't when the next guy comes at a remote small and signs that want to so so what does Joseph Biden doing. As we saw moments ago and and yesterday as well what these executive order. Did Terri is covers a wide swath of of American governance starting with Covert nineteen this not of this hundred day nationwide mass mandate on federal property and also interstate commerce like trains and buses and airplanes. In addition to that. Invoking the defense defense production act on coded vaccine production. And a big orders on immigration protections for so called. But doctor recipients is that the dreamers. Halting of the president's border wall rejoining the Paris climate accords rejoining the World Health Organization. Really needed runs the gamut of things that are people of urged president Biden to do when he's in office all of them are something that were echoed at some point in campaign promise this and not a lot of surprises but. It's still rather rather startling when you realize how much influence a change of administration. Ideas on policy even without a single lifting up a pen from congress. And written one of the things he he brought up was masks which we've heard him talk about before he issued his 100 day challenge for everybody to Wear a mask. But he also addressed schools. And saying that he wants the Department of Education to give both clear direction and resource is. So that all schools and child care centers can open in this country I found that interesting. Because he talked about how politicized masks have become that school openings. Have become another hot button political issue and I wonder if approaching both of these topics at the same time might help him achieve that unity that he's after. I think Diane you're on to something particularly with regards to schools that is an aspect of of schooling that's just critical. Critical child care and got critical learning for. Particularly lower income individuals people who don't have a lot of options it's something that is hit out portions of this country and more major ways than others I and I think a lot of people can relate to that and the idea that the federal government would have. Consistency in in what it's saying about schools and around mask I think that's something that a lot of Americans of either party would probably welcome. Rick guys forget the house Nancy Pelosi is expected to send. The article of impeachment against ex president trump. To the senate up this hour a day now look there's so many questions around the impeachment of now private citizen Donald John trump junior. How does is gonna play out do you think what are the biggest question is going to be what kind of defense Donald Trump wants to put on because if you decide sit. To basically put on no defense this can happen pretty quickly maybe just a couple of days of of a trial keep in mind as we talked about Teri and members of congress themselves or witnesses elderly bee got much evidence is the president's words the presence tweets. The video of flow of the rally and then all of that the striking images in the striking information about what happened at the. Attack itself. Now the president wants to put on a more fully formed defense then we're talking about something that's going to take more like weeks instead of days but the key thing here is Democrats control the clock they control when it gets sent to the senate. And because the senate now has fifty Democrats with the Kabul Harris being the tiebreaker. They control the rules of the road when it went with regard to this impeachment trial so they get to control of a bit but there's no doubt that it's gonna take away from the focus on the Biden agenda which forum for for this moment at least is in a bit of a sweet spot. That ends as soon as those impeachment articles are transmitted this is that centrality yes. Ready wis executive orders but ultimately if he wants that Kobe nineteen relief bill passed. And he wants his immigration plan pass to. He's gonna need congress on board at how does he go about getting bipartisan buy in on that yeah I think the key peep. The look here look out here are not the Republican leaders like Kevin McCarthy Mitch McConnell. It's the middle look at more moderate center their resolve look at frankly even some conservative senators like Mitt Romney who is. I'm gone off off from that the Republican Party line at times there are individual pieces of all of these packages like protection for the dreamers easy to see. Are you get the overwhelming majority of Republicans to sign off on that how we know that president trump is the person that did that was the champion of those 2000 dollar direct payment checks Joseph Biden would like those to go out the door. Rather immediately so it's possible find some bipartisan compromise I still think you're gonna find it's starting with leadership and I think it's. It's always interesting to know what the leaders are going to do but. When you look at what Biden he's coming into it is potentially a moment for moderates that you can see the middle I'm not just holding but beginning to attempt to shape some direction. If Joseph Biden is able to add to get just that the slightest bit of buy in for Republicans. Think of that revenge of the moderates Eric Klein thanks very much for that. Well world leaders are reaching reaching out to congratulate our new president allies in Europe striking an upbeat tone calling it a new dawn so let's. Bring in our senior foreign course funny in panel for more. Insight on what this new administration means for the US division around the world Ian. Yesterday during coverage you were talking about this subject about how the world is reacting in policy areas in it. Approach how how is this playing you think how will that play out. Will of course there's usually for suicide last night's it was almost like we'll leave just couldn't get that tweets are fast enough to congratulates. President Biden and a vice president terrorist. How is this going to play out what I wanted to see tangible differences. We were already talking about the WH which William Bratton the Paris climates agreement I was get has been signed president macro and so welcoming that's. But NATO the European Union tangible international organized stations. We'll be looking for meaning full. America re engagement demean the entire oppose war edifice if you like to Europe was essentially in American constructs it looked at least. Relied entirely also being very heavily. On American leadership and the absence of vast I think to the number of things Thursday proved to some European countries. That they could actually get together make decisions and do things would ask American necessarily holding his hand. But there is a rule sense has been a vacuum all American engagement twisted G-7 whether it's trade terrorists there are number of issues that are being. Controversial in terms of the relationship between your patent America under the trump administration. And those of the areas that they're going to look at change locally the more broadly they're looking at the mid police are looking at China the Libya and Iran in the JC PO way there is a nuclear deal. They're looking for American re engagements leadership and solutions to some very real problems out baron and Boris Johnson. Speaking in parliament and he's looking at things like how we we would together in corona virus began winner Joseph Barton's talked about joining their Kovacs program how you would together on climate change how he would together on defends on trade brits in the convert trade deals that are real meaningful things the shopping list is enormous. I kind of fishing Joseph Biden you put us in some sense of priority. The intent. And it was one year ago today that the US recorded our first corona virus case the patient was a man who had traveled from Wuhan China to his home in Seattle. Since then we've had 25 million cases in this country and 405000. American lives lost. I can whitworth was there in Seattle in the first patient was diagnosed and she joins us live now. With more high Cano what was it like to be on the ground there's this is all unfolding and that virus was brand new. I have to tell you Diane AI mean it feels like a lifetime ago. But that happened and I remember my producer Jenna Harris and I we got on the ground. And we went running right away and S health care team there in Seattle. They were prepared right they have this one patient and they were prepared to handle this one patient they went to his house. They picked him up and especially his vehicle one that they would used to transport -- that had say Ebola. Brought into the hospital put him in its bio containment unit that they had in the hospital. They had one of those and this single patient had to care of for specialized nurses are round the clock. They were using a robot to help treat this patient. It was really unbelievable and this was a patient who. The doctors there told me if it wasn't crown a virus he could be at home right now using Tylenol that he would be relatively OK and one thing that. When I went back fan I was looking through my notes my emails of our coverage there. This release it that's mean we were waiting for the World Health Organization. To declare this a global health emergency and they didn't do that while I was there this time last year that didn't happen until some twenty days later. And they were telling us that they had a team on the ground they say that we have stressed that by having they had a team on the ground and move on to be clear. That they. That by having a strong action not only will they control the outbreak in their country. But they will also minimize the chances of this outbreak is spreading internationally. I mean it's unbelievable for me to read that and to know Diane that at that time. It was already spreading throughout our community is threatening the lives of millions. Of Americans. And now hearing armor 400000 Americans lives lost. And counting now and doctor Jorge Diaz of Providence medical center in Seattle he treated. That first Haitian and Kate I know that you spoke with doctor Diaz last year. What struck you most about him van and hearing him now. Leno yeah a lot of confidence. At the time and because they have the ability to treat this one patient. They feel like they really had control over this situation. And I'm looking back through again some of our conversations and one thing that I spoke with doctor Diaz about. Was the screenings and they were doing at the airports if you remember. They were funneling anybody traveling from that region into the United States through five different airports and they were doing temperature tests on all of those people on ascent. In how effective do you think those screenings are and his response and you have it here was. I Woolen someone develops symptoms and are likely the most likely contagious win their symptomatic. He said those screenings will be very affected a very effective way of deterrent determining. Who is really at risk of having an effect infection and who is really at risk of spreading it I also spoke with the the county health. Officers up there and Seattle Diane and he told me and I homily think it's inevitable that additional cases might find their way. Into this country I mean insist it's so hard to look back. And think about. The confidence. That they had and and perhaps we were just all really night about it I'm on tenacity dance. I wonder was I asking the right questions was I holding our health officials accountable. At the time I question that about myself all the time. I think we're all in a position and thinking you know when you think back a year ago if only we knew then. Well we know now but of course there was no way to do that and all we can do now is learn from what we have learned in the past year. And try to move forward in the best way we can both says journalists and of course our leadership in this country. Can't where we're thank you as always. Let's bring ABC news medical contributor and infectious disease specialist doctor Todd Eller and for more on that doctor Alan I wanna get soup president Biden's. Announcement that he just made but I want to touch on Cain as point. Right now it's been a year. Since his country recorded its first corona virus case what do you think we've learned in that year and how we move forward in a positive way. Hope hi Diana I think. One of the most important things we've learned is the problems with not being. We've not having domestic readiness remember we weren't one of the countries that went through Sar is back in 20022003. Many key Asian countries that did. We're much more prepared than we were I think the US thought that we were better prepared than we war. I'm just to think that you know in the first four months you at 100000 deaths and now Justin this month that she and her. In January we will have 100000 deaths we're really behind. I think we need another pandemic playbook and I think what we heard today is the start of a new beginning. So let's talk about that because some of that the by the administration's new efforts just announced include directing FEMA to create vaccines senators. Having the Health and Human Services Department expand the pool of professionals who can administer the vaccine. Having a liaison for each stage west about two most. Well I think you just hit. A lot of the points I mean when you think about capacity. He talked about the defense production act that's very important that may be able to help hung identify where problems are focused mines and solutions in World War II there were many different companies that need planes cheap success or irrespective of what they were making before. We were talking about logistics. And he touched upon that with a specific plan. Hoping FEMA said up. Hundreds of clinics across the country they're going going to be able to have a staff. And Spacek and supplies to be able to really increase the amount of vaccination. And then trust trust is really important he's hiring doctor Nguyen is meant to try to fight these disinformation campaigns so you really hearing specifics here and I'm I'm optimistic at a time. When we're going through a very very dark period in the history of the US. And and doctor Allan president Biden says it is it's likely to get worse. And one of the things he's trying to do is deep politicize. The matter. Asks Wright he's dressed to Wareham himself these requiring up. A masked man date. On federal property and an interstate travel how much of a difference do you think that might make. If if people just rely Harry about it from dated Gregg did the right thing. Exude as secretary you know for those of us in the front why I've seen first hand what masks do these significant. We reduce the huge amount of infection the amount of transmission. This is very important. Again. You know when you talked about politicization. I like what and president Biden said about the fact that keep public health decisions are going to be made by public health leaders like doctor function instead. Our politicians and he used himself. You know specifically he's not going to be telling us the specifics but he is. He is cold in nineteen you know task force team will and I think that's critical. You know G on that note he stressed over all the need and the goal of restoring public trustee setting up health equity. Task force and he says that we the public will be hearing directly from doctor Saatchi how important do you think that is. Two to accomplishing that goal of restoring trust in the process but also just. Getting the country to work together against this virus. Trust is so important Diana. I mean I think one of the biggest problems besides not having the domestic readiness to tackle this virus is really mixed message and mixed message and we didn't have a singular voice. You know in the prior task force we had very talented people. But that when we heard that message we also heard mixed messages and often times there was not a singular message we're going to hear singular message is now remember when you're dealing with the pandemic that message is not always correct sometimes we have to check in an. An injustice but you're going to hear something from the experts and that's K. All right Donald Scott Eller and it's always great to have you thank you to take care guys. Well we come back America's young future voters are sharing their thoughts and for the new president and vice president stay with us from. We're back now with the future of our nation how they may not be of voting age yet but young Americans have some big ideas for the new president and vice president ABC's Erin Shah spoke with some of them. On their hopes for our future. Dear president night and we put out the call in the currency movements. Yeah painting game asking very young Americans when they hope for in this new administration. One thing I hope for from the new administration. Is that you guys can get currently under control and make sure to save lives isn't losing. I hope when yeah. People again I learned in the friends. And I sell I hope you think more. Her team won't land clean and it's it's. I am film one teens seen. Needed tankers com. Flying Connors on Monday. Next it was this history making vice president come here as they were excited about. Hey do thank. Where the parent. Sahara are nice yeah. And says I am C team remained bank's president Omar staying warm and just like we eat any pulling key allies who my eighth TIX. Playing little doubled grumpy old hey. Eleven year old Charlie Pacman was lucky enough to meet Connolly heiress multiple times he's someone who looks like has same dreams and Elise as all being vice president. She says I'll need at first I definitely won't be the last and that is not a scene that Sharon follow. Her let's stats and what better way to follow in someone's foot steps been wearing the same kind of shoes she likes to Wear stormy night your shoe. These parents hired by com or I want like her. Chi nosed character matters in. Strange matters and similarly those standards. Not see or want a rematch at sea and not only in there. Hopefully please shrill now. Cash. For still many they hope the next four years will bring real and lasting change. And I can't change and Ronald can hold should feel like yeah. I'm so grateful and happy Bruins you weren't able to bring this up against back on he. The voices of our children what had our futures are in shot joins us now with more Zairean you've covered come on harris' run for president so it listen those kids are just wonderful. What was it like for you to hear there reaction. To where she got to yesterday. I know they were really great it was actually a really emotional experience for me to hearing that packed and hear their voices. Terry you've been out on the trail so many times and you've seen silly these presidential candidates. And you've seen and interact with this kid the for the best parts of covering candidates right as I really special moments. But I remember when I covered her scenes show many black and brown kids come to her event. And look at her with a sense of all and good sense of wonder it was a first time. For many of them that they had seen a woman of color candid at like that. It was really incredible that are so many parents who told me for the very first time that they are kid asked them that day. Could I be president to and it they never than that before. And you heard eleven year old Charlie pat meant. I met her when she was nine years old she fallen here is his entire journey her own mom says she changed so much street the course and that. Through watching some will like parents on that journey. And you heard what she said there she said when she heard Mary say that she's the first she will be the last that is for huge edits or call to action pretty incredible. It's it is inspirational and and the best of us in some ways as Americans this kind of story and journey Harris. The first South Asian American vice president of among other first. And yesterday. Her ancestral village in India celebrated. Our inauguration her inauguration what does this mean to South Asian Americans who've you've talked to. Yeah and what incredible image that was I mean look Harry isn't the highest ranking Asian American official. Ever in the history of our country she shared so much of her own history and her own hair it's sitting with us. And she's talked about things like just cooking Indian food and Gary on. Flower Garland over her husband Doug he talks about her grandfather activist and treatments is kind of a funny story she talks about as a kid. All of us and done this on a Saudi Asian kids. Trying to get her grandma on to state words with the letter W because our South Asian parents and parents can't save those laureates. Do you think the south Asians being look at her they see themselves in her. And it just opened for it and they feel it opens a lot of doors for them and you mentioned her grandfather's village and how to celebrated the last night. There's so many people back in countries like hot sun and India. The dream of coming to this country. And succeeding in a place like America we'll her family got to watch harris' mother come here. And they are now watching Harris become the first female vice president it is just remarkable. Teary kills kills I got it it is it is on our better days that's what America's all about marine shop thanks room. And finally there were several standouts at yesterday's inauguration pepper. Apps none more surprising that our new fashion icon. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. She broke the Internet with his look at Biden's swearing in donning a brown coat made by Vermont company Burton and colorful homemade Britain's. Throughout the day people pose a means of Sanders. Everywhere on the some way. Feeding pigeons. Even onstage with beyonce. And checking out he popped up right there isn't set next to Terry Moran. And advantages did you learn material looks IKEA followed him back to Washington as well. Partly wrong way or another irony is that. It's a great look lucky we tell our kids. Be yourself Bernie Sanders. Is himself. Duration anywhere I can't wearing that out that Bradley as well he shed any know what he looks warm. I wish I was wearing those clothes humans right now. Ten for burning it is indeed that does it for us on the breakdown I'm Diana say they have. And I'm Terry Moran was evacuated 3 PM tomorrow until then integrate them. I.

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