The Briefing Room: Fact-checking Trump's false claims

Trump renewed calls for a government shutdown over border security and slammed the media at his latest campaign rally.
11:35 | 08/03/18

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: Fact-checking Trump's false claims
And. Happy Friday you're watching ABC news I'm John San Suu Kyi in Washington alongside Justin official we finally made it after a long week the president beginning his vacation he is up in bed mr. New Jersey. We're gonna talk about that an all of the headlines. Good to be just you and I don't need that programming choices. They're probably Hillary fired let's move on go to other headline sold out last night the president. Held one of the three rallies he's gonna do this week he started off in Tampa Florida he ended up in Pennsylvania last night he's going to Ohio on Saturday. Our rockets rallied from the president want to bring in ABC's White House correspondent Tara pulmonary. She's traveling with the president up in New Jersey a rainy New Jersey that she's joining us from inside in the press room beautiful setting behind you Tara let's talk about. I asked Hank I mean it is recently you've seen the president here every time he's hitting the road. That volume that temper he's just getting hotter and hotter. That's right he was really aggressive against the Pratt calling us her rend it's disgusting people. And he seemed to really railing on about the idea that we're not covering his presidency the weight it. He he did and it specifically talked about that meeting. With. Vladimir who any Helsinki he doesn't think that it's a big deal that he so close to Pratt accident that Russian president and that. Our own law enforcement officials say that Russia it's still a threat you can hear him on the stage looked into that. And have a boxing match. Points at what happened to diplomacy. But it I get along with. Vladimir Putin. That's a good thing about us. As you can see from that he's clearly mocking the coverage but at the same time his. Own law enforcement had. FBI director Chris Wright and DN nine director. Dan Coats Baylor in the briefing room saying the exact opposite on the same day and you can hear up heat. About election meddling from the president and Pennsylvania and the crowd was going wild as we know from polling Republican think it's a fine job flat after it. Yeah and we were actually watched him last night Karen just him bringing it back Q that massive. Briefing we had yesterday the most of the special guest we've had at the podium. It is still a separation from what the president's administration and the president saying offices all right I mean you would think that at a campaign rally. It would be an appropriate place talk about election security no mention it and has her plan is just a striking contrast to what we saw. In the White House briefing room. He wants to get that message across and brought those Nash security officials that there to do it that the elections are still being targeted by the Russians. They eat it says that he doesn't want to save himself yeah totally. I know one thing he does want to sing on his own though is that he is talking about a pending government shut down switching gears a little bit but it was the other part of the rally here that caught a lot of tension last time let's take a listen of that. Liggett is start to get very nasty over the was either getting it or what closing down government we need. Border security. Border secured. And tariff sources I've been speaking to a the last couple they sense that he's dead serious he really wants the government to shut down to prove his point. But there is a major risk and that heading closer to the mid terms. That's right it's a real political gamble and I know from my sources on the hill that every time this president makes that announcement that he thinks it better to shut down. The government before the mid terms rather than after like he agreed with that Republican leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. There are lots of calls placed the White House saying hey did you mean at this time you need at this time and he thinks the taking the advice of Sean Hannity. Rush Limbaugh it was a good. Unofficial advisor is and not base our media had that tend to really. Skewed to the far right and rather than listening to Republican leaders that they hey we got moderates we've got you know all sorts sort Republican that need to be reelected but the crew. Looking back in Pennsylvania the crew going block field for the idea. A shutdown and people we spoke to outside I don't think Boris series and main priority happily answer no where near the Mexican border but you know it's. It clearly is a message that act goes across the country. Yeah and certainly as we're seeing her in after treats he has said previously he does not care. About the political ramifications. On this one tell you this right to be hard for him to branded as Schumer shut down this time around in the only one talking about it so. I mean I can be hard. Totally one we're definitely gonna watch Tara Palmieri in wet administer New Jersey we appreciate terribly weapons Larry yeah. That Avery. What shall we can on GMA thank you are. It's acting here is now let's move over to eastern district of Virginia we've been watching the first trial special counsel Robert Mueller. It is of course the trial Paul metaphors the former campaign chairman Donald Trump let's go out to our colleague Catherine folders she's been out there all week watching this one. And Catherine what we've had a little bit of a fire droll day we thought maybe possibly. The star witness for the government repeats metaphors long time partner. The former deputy campaign manager for that from campaign would take the stand. Doesn't seem like that's gonna happen but you've been tracking this we've been learning a lot about Paul map Ford's finances. Yet John I have to say that we had a couple stairs today united have been on the panic and think it will be today at. Well around this courtroom about four times at various different entrances thinking oh my gosh that I miss something that I'm isn't going again. But you're right this has turned warts it delving into his financial markets we heard. About the tax base and are in the beginning of this trial it focused on all those lavish expenses. And now won't really talking about being brought in pat financial I have to say. They're very complicated. Financial and tax matters in the head but they're important C I'm. The bookkeeper his bookkeeper for seven years testified yesterday she wasn't aware of all of these. I'm over a dozen offshore accounts that that prosecutors allege that. In the fourth and she wasn't aware of over patent millions of dollars on the company's alleged on the company's financial records and today John we've heard. Up from two different accountants as. First county. Taken the stand and now we just. Heard aunt from it. On the second accountant here and in the sports attorney really in court today it was making this argument that looking at the end of what went these stupid enough that the the company names on these. Financial financial forms to potentially expose them on earnings on that hearing. From the bookkeeper and me in the accountants it really it does kind of fitness that holds and that can't afford is not guilty of these financial. And and young catcher we've been watching how fast. This case is being going in this district is very hard to as the rocket docket they are known to get cases through John and over very quickly. We originally thought this trial was going to be maybe three to four weeks but. Now we're hearing we may actually see the government wrapped their case by early next week. Early next week that look that's what they're saying the prosecution they want to press their case early next week do you ever week. The jury seated with an. More hours so obviously this district is living up to that rocket docket. Mentality and and love they have witnesses cycling through. Every single thing multiple witnesses testifying so things are moving. Very very quickly here that's also part of the reason that we just never know who's gonna. So while that is why you've got your sneakers on the run around the courtroom OK he gathered baldor is out I do think they're Virginia. Thank you very much and thank you to our team was down in all covering the trial we appreciate it. We're gonna bring him back inside the bureau now because he got a little tradition we've been starting here it's called fat check Friday I don't do it this guide to disarm and let him lie back now well lets him get that far. So you've been looking every week for the last a couple months now really you've been putting this together some of those came in approach you on Thursdays as you start to gather as it is stressful it's hard to well you know it is we wanted to be completely accurate and manufactured and it's important that. All the facts are laid on table and you know we this week was no exception is a what's on your docket for this ready so. Last thing he was in the heart of steel country right Barre Pennsylvania out this is bit he said. They're opening seven new steel plant and they are via but it looked up let's listen with that. We're putting our steel workers back to work at clips that nobody. US steel is opening up seven. Fact check. Well we called US steel a crash and because US steel's accompany a tag and if they're opening seven plans they'd probably would have censoring about it and they have not they've knocked -- not they said to have looked at both its and silverware if any did you you know how do we do this tactic that. All else it's not true health has how as how it's. But I will say this. Day have added about a thousand jobs in granite city development reopens a new mom machines there but some restart its machines but they have not opened seven. New plants in Pennsylvania. I think plain and crowd went crazy and Anthony better on the wall clean now apparently not so bring more jobs that would help an area like you said it's still completely of their deal and that they have at they have revitalize the business right there that they've added jobs at seven plants would add quite a few just didn't happen -- EU do several things you pretend several different topics now he sits going to be going up on the site in a few minutes. Other nearby the next day he's the most popular Republican ever. He that's what he said he said in no uncertain terms I'm the most for popular Republican ever setting a poll a recent poll more popular than. Ironically honest Abe Lincoln yeah it's up now. There was no scientific polling when Abe Lincoln was president if it's about one sort of tossed aside I'm. And then when you actually look at the Gallup polls and and and the highs that all post world war Q presence achieved and he's actually. Tied for second toe last with Richard Nixon. He did poll among Republicans and 90% that is respectable. But at some point during a tenure bush 41 was 43. Eisenhower. Reagan all the better at some point so. Oscar popular and Patrick tell if I had an attack check right now and I would have thought that all those numbers out of here had I would've felt it's. I sweet honest and up on yeah link every week every week. And how to tune in for that new graphics package of basic. That is gonna do it for us here in the briefing room for just an official I'm Jon Santee she made sure to download BBC news app. For all the latest anytime all day you are watching ABC news.

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{"duration":"11:35","description":"Trump renewed calls for a government shutdown over border security and slammed the media at his latest campaign rally.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57021087","title":"The Briefing Room: Fact-checking Trump's false claims","url":"/Politics/video/briefing-room-fact-checking-trumps-false-claims-57021087"}