The Briefing Room: Giuliani talks Mueller probe, congressman indicted for insider trading

Rudy Giuliani says negotiations with Mueller over a potential Trump interview will be over by Sept. 1 and New York Rep. Chris Collins is arrested for insider trading.
13:40 | 08/08/18

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: Giuliani talks Mueller probe, congressman indicted for insider trading
And. I everybody you're watching ABC news I'm John San future in Washington alongside Adam Kelsey and Ben Siegel. Busy day today all eyes on special counsel Robert Mahler and the ongoing negotiations between the special counsel. And the trump legal team we've just learned from sources close to the White House to the trump legal team has responded to the special counsel. On an interview with the president and specifically. Our sources are telling us that the special counsel was told to do today. That they are not inclined to sit down for interview with the president about obstruction of justice that died and all of that guys because Rudy Giuliani. The president's lawyer he gave a rare interview to his Collie. DC. And they spoke about this topic and they took. Phone call from someone we all beauty no kindness sort of familiarity with me self I asked Bernie Giuliani and chase that clue about where of the status is of an interview with the president and I specifically asked them about a deadline with a special counseling trying to make a certain date. Here's or gritty told me. There we go about time that and I also think and I hope the special counsel is this considered good we are. We do not want to run into the November elections. So it back up from that. They should be over with by Jim Kemp approach. We will lead we have now given him an answer. He obviously he should take a few days to consider that what wish you get this resolved. If there's going to be an interview look at the did not going to be an interview that let him write a report. He's got all obviously you've got all the information leading the interview will provide nothing. In addition to what he. What he already has plea to write his report. And we have that would have been willing to craw of the liquid mobile and dissect. DNC we'll get. And we'll be stuck would. So that's Hillary told me during that interview with trees tackle loose of September 1 that's their new target and we should just be very clear this has been in moving ball. For months negotiations have gone on we have never heard from the special counsel about where this stands were only hearing this from sources close to the White House and the president. That the moment Bennett you've been watching this with us on our team back there. This is where it is this is really say anything they are going you know when you're up on the hill people are talking at this. Everyone just sort of saying win winnowing it. Somewhere and what struck me about the mayor's comments to you alias the mayor now lawyer for the president is that they want this over by September 1 and they want over before the election. But we don't know how long it will take for the special counsel to write a report. We don't know whether they started or not and we also don't know when they would release that in and in what sort of sensitivity they have around the election. So a lot more questions than answers when US. Yeah I want to bring any BC's capped her fault her she's been not my co captain on this part of our story Catherine you and I we're we're we're going back and forth earlier. After of course you tease me from saying I was job d.s Tina Johnson New York but that's a whole nother story but. Net who responds DC September 1 if that's their current deadline deal we remembered gathers several iterations of the trump legal team saying they wanna get here but yet. We've made no progress it seems in a little over your. And John I just wanna say that going forward I'm always gonna call you John from DC as a society and Arctic and apartments that are caught on the radius is these days but that's right. This in the war when the investigation was gonna wrap up your member we have been reporting on has for a year and now where. The legal team and sources were telling us OK we think this is going to be wrapped up by October Thanksgiving the new year. OK summer OK now here we are and what Giuliani is telling you is that. It here of you will be agreed to by September 1 that's their time I'm not win this investigation will be wrapped up so clearly they're punting. Even more on that there really is a no timetable associated with us. Yes and now we're gonna have to wait and see in September 1 Israel or to your point. This is the roving mark Allentown at the out so the next holiday after that after Labor Day we'll go from there. We're gonna have the latest on that story tonight on ABC's world news that Jon Karl. He's been tracking that with us all day and of course you can catch these right now when he BC site do you wanna move on. And Catherine this is just where you war. We store the end of the fireworks that we will in the Paul manna for trial that's the first trial for the special counsel has going on right now he's caught longtime partner. Rick gates wrapped up testimony today. Not too many final headlines from deeds but Mann Catherine. You that you see. Paul metaphors legal team based on all of our read outs from his team ready to take Rick gates out. Yeah I think the bottom line here is that you have his former business partner who has been cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller for five months he revealed he met. With Miller scheme about twenty times and he's he was there on that witness stand for three days in a row question for five hours by prosecutors three hours. By the defense team. In front stay in his former business partner there just staring him down he revealed. A lot he. He isn't all that Rick Gates's role in this was all directed. Five palm and afford gates' seats Elvis time on the campaign during the transition a big revelation. Was gates testified that manna for sought favors from him. After trump was elected John but as you know the defense. Was Enid they think that this that they had a good day I asked me imports attorney Kevin downing walking in today he said that they are ready for this they think everything was going well they've really tried to portray him happen and Basil are a liar someone who had a whole separate secret life in London with the mistress years ago that he funded from that money he stole from in a fort. So they really think that they have a upper hand here. And Catherine just you know for coming attraction purposes. You know they originally said this is going to be a three week trial they are going at lightning speed. Sources close of the defense team told me overnight it. They think they could keep finished their case by me Friday or Monday what's the latest you're hearing. He Elena prosecution still has to wrap barricades and if you think about it in terms of witnesses. Witness list is about 36 people long right so we don't know if they're going to call. All of those witnesses we don't expect them to but they're on their seventeenth witness now Rick gates was their sixteenth has so if you look at it. And those sermons you say am I Dennis were almost halfway through here but. The bottom line is the prosecution said that they. Think that they will wrap up their case by the end of the week so we think that the fence as you mentioned would just be into early next week maybe a couple of days and it could be wrapped in just two and a half weeks. John as you know they called this district but rocket docket for this judge also wants to wrap it up. Watching all for us in Virginia cap or falters thank you as always we appreciate it coming back inside the bureau now. We do you want us how about another story that is. Creeping up into the top of the headlines and that ease a long time trump ally he was the first member of congress to actually endorse president from the nets in New York congressman. Chris Collins and then you've been watching this. What exactly happened her story. Well today he was indicted and charged with essentially insider trading and concerns that he was using his position in congress and inside information he had. With the Australian Biotech company. To basically save money and and and and and and save him his son and his. His son's future father on lost some money in some trades and I guess the users these allegations that followed Collins for a long time great he's been investigated for this. On the house ethics committee they've been doing that our investigation on the hill so far all we've seen is that his lawyers say they're gonna fight this. House speaker Paul Ryan has taken him off the relevant committee that deals with health care issues right now and I guess the big question that everybody in Washington has is does this mean we'll have another special election is personal Collins stand has seen. And if he doesn't is this another seat that Democrats could pick. NNN and you and I were talking earlier because if you look up in buffalo where this district is he's already told local papers that they that he intends to stay. But definitely difficult when you have this hovering over read so close November and you're pre election. Well he's obviously innocent until proven guilty if he wants to run again we've seen congressional districts in the past deity. You know second or a third chance to you congress people senators who have made mistakes now this is a district that president trump performed really well and in 2061 a by. About thirty points I believe so still solid Republican territory but if Democrats really hammer the issue here in this new constituents up there in upstate New York are kind of aware of the alleged wrongdoing it is something that suddenly can be into play. We have got to keep an eye on this one it's developing just broke earlier this morning we do want to stay on a politics though because last night in other primary night America's some races still too close to calling you wanna bring in our political director ABC's Rick Klein for that Ricky when the team including Adam who just got back history off the plane Ohio. Although there watching all of these races show many Rick still too close to call. Now that's right Jon in DC and in the it's it's a night to give us lessons and almost every direction and we saw some primaries where Democrats. Didn't seem like they wanted to go quite as far left as a lot of people assume we saw some primaries where Republicans like in Kansas even if he had the trump endorsement that necessarily which over the top. The main event of course is that one that Adam was it was I was covering and I'll tell you eat even though the Republican appears to be had and it's likely that a Republican is that when he that. They had to sweat it and the ease. A major issue for Republicans if they have races like this is red as that district is that are that close I've been talking to Republicans or Democrats all day in. At least privately they acknowledges a heck of a lot closer than it should have been. And it confirms what we've known all along that that is a Biddle wave common. And and and we were just talking about the presidency tweeting victories saying that it is because of him overnight. That Ohio did well in sudden respects but we're not there yet. Right well let's let's read this tweet for everybody when I decided to go to Ohio for Troy bowler since he was down in early voting 64 to 36 that was not good. After my speech on Saturday night there is a big turn for the better. Now Torre wins a Greek victory during a very tough time of the year for voting he will win big in November. Now those early voting numbers aside because those are always you know explanatory or as explain to raise the presently and to be but there are some questions about whether or not president trump really helped over the weekend or actually hurt the idea being of course that he's a motive meter for Democrats as much as his former public. He was out there and crucial that Delaware County area there is big turnout at that rallied that the Democrats in that district saw they were motivated him to the polls and. And it's a machine you you were out there I mean just the mood last night when you were hearing while you are on the ground there I mean. Did you get the sense that it was going to be as close as it was. Yet we are anticipating a race you know. Right now it's it's a less than 2000 votes mir's anticipating something that was going to be within about one percentage point and what we've been hearing all day long and Rick alluded to in a little bit before he's even though it might not be win for that Democrat out there in Ohio Daniel O'Connor is silly symbolic win for Democrats and everyone's been pointing to the number eleven points that's how many points president trump won by in that district and 2016 actually think the better number is 35 points and that's how much the Republican congressman pat tiberi one in 26 teachers so hearsay and yet even larger there are already some folks who disliked. President Donald Trump on the right side. In that district fact that the Democrat Daniel come market closed eat 35 point gap in less than two years in major sign of. He's come very interesting and Rick before we leave I mean I know you in nineteen have been tracking all of the races that have been happening over the last couple weeks I mean where we stand is in good as far as we're heading now into the fall I mean it feels like it's all this really should be having any more primaries is that some of the special elections. But I mean just coming attractions would look for the next couple weeks. The biggest one of maybe remaining on the calendar three weeks from now Arizona and Florida we know all about sheriff Joseph in his is attempted to try to get into the senate and in Florida. A very spirited governor's race the president constant evolved and I have struck so far guys that already now. All record number of democratic women are running for both the House of Representatives and for governor so we still have a whole round of primaries to go in the rest of August and and all the way through September but already they're able to say they have this record number and you look at some of these women. Is enormous diversity both in terms of I ethnicity and background sexual orientation. I'll not a number of military veterans it is an impressive array that are making up the face of the so called resistance the president trump. A we know that they're gonna try to make congress look a lot different than it ever has. In the Paris. It's going to be a very interest in November in U in the team are leading the charge on at all Rick Klein in New York thanks very much we appreciated my friend. If you are on the looking for any updates say you wanna make sure download BBC news app we've got tons of stories breaking right now as he said from Mueller and the special counsel in the matter for trial following each and every one of those right they are the app or always For Ben Siegel Adams healthy. I'm John Santee chief thanks for joining us you're watching ABC news.

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{"duration":"13:40","description":"Rudy Giuliani says negotiations with Mueller over a potential Trump interview will be over by Sept. 1 and New York Rep. Chris Collins is arrested for insider trading.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57116215","title":"The Briefing Room: Giuliani talks Mueller probe, congressman indicted for insider trading","url":"/Politics/video/briefing-room-giuliani-talks-mueller-probe-congressman-indicted-57116215"}