'The Briefing Room': Roy Moore and GOP tax bill

ABC News' "Powerhouse Politics" team analyzes today's White House press briefing, including the latest on tax legislation and allegations against Senate candidate Roy Moore.
17:19 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for 'The Briefing Room': Roy Moore and GOP tax bill
Fairness tax should we. Parity between corporate individual later big corporations and regional corporate where they're treated well so the question is what fashion. The White House prepared. Senator Johnson. If you do make concessions and are you worried that other Republicans. Will defend their own concessions on issues we're standing up as a revolving door standards once. I think that's something for the members of the senate. To work through certainly not something the president is tied getting into them. The necessarily the back and forth of that conversation at this point in time again heat you spoke with senator Johnson. He supports the priorities he wants to work with members of the senate to bring them together to make sure that we passed. Historic tax cuts and tax reform. No that he did encourage him to get on board and support tax reform package. Thanks so much guys will be or accuracy afternoon. I. It director recline at. Filed today in Washington on a lot of Molly in politics in some comment from the White House that the Roy Moore situation. Joint here at our brand new table by capturing all this from our White House the White House correspondent. Carol pulmonary and also Tonya office our senior national correspondent joining us right now from Alabama and Tom. I want to start with you we didn't hear any change for the White House position they're still going with this qualifier. That if the allegations are true Roy Morse to go we just got some news from the state Republican Party. I just as that reading was I was going underway. Yeah that's right the Alabama GOP says they stand by Roy Moore I gotta tell you Rick. What just happened during the briefing room series Sanders essentially. Keeping the same point not changing its stance on whether what more should get out of this race basically the president keeping his position. That's going to be applause at an advantage to Roy Moore. Biggest wrapped up a really interesting news conference lot's happened in the last thirty minutes a levee to caught up first there were about 25 people pro life leaders. Who came here from all over the country to support Roy Moore they say this news coverage was not going to be about the allegations it was going to be about Roy Moore and his record. But every single speaker nearly every single speaker mentioned those allegations. Claiming they were false a lot of speaker say this election is much more than just about Alabama that the country. Cities like new York and Washington trying to influence the selection that the senate Mitch McConnell want to take over the selection would speaker before off way more spoke said. Alabama will not Bal they will not sell their souls to the double to maintain the political power. Now of course that way more to this the stage he spoke he denied all of the allegations and said he's not gonna stand down essentially until you put him into blocks so he's speaking in this race. Afterward she took questions but I had the second question I asked him if he ought categorically denies digging teenagers in high school when he witnessed thirties. That ended the news conference Roy Moore left after that he refused yet the question that let you. Are you to answer. What more can order right here behind me okay area could see their sir thank you. So anyways Roy Moore left out offside exit into the kitchen a company by what look like a security guard and there was a giants rumble reporters and cameras. And then what more supporters started screaming at the media call us a mob telling us to hush. At one point one when me and grabbed another man's camera a more supporters started shaking camera got really ugly the for a while that things finally calmed down but more refused to answer. Any of the questions about the allegations. Brick sales selling a wild scene a chase through the kitchen. How it was before we let you go Tom I disrupt what is this connect you've got an Alabama a couple of days and it seems like. The message from Alabama Republicans much different from that of Washington Republicans president trump. Maybe somewhere between Sunni trust the voters of Alabama what do you make it as though it sounds like. He still has a pretty solid base of support down there. Rick I think your absolutely right and this is a monumental moment right now interest rates because. Everyone was watching what the president was gonna do peopled under Alabama the GOP the Republicans. At least we'll run getting beetle here with senator Mitch McConnell once they think that the establishment Republicans. Roy Moore over Luther strange because they did not want establishment candidate. Now that the president. It is not changing his stance he's not essentially. A believing he accusers if you will he's seen if the accusations are true then he should step aside not change their position that's a major plus toward more. All right Tommy on us our chief national correspondent get back to let Jason down wherever you can buy them across the state of Alabama thank you doll. Taro added that this seems like it was a very much planned by the White House to not change the president's position and you gotta think that the president's own personal history at least slightly colors his responses arson was asked about that. He can not wait on sexual rats he has his own history and it is something that the way Constance money. Go in the air and they still are expecting more women to map out tunnel trapped some some and to me shocked that. More equipment and now so this is something that the president wants it our way from. We shouldn't expect to condemnation and Al Franken as while. Democrats or Republicans at the topic that trump can't hear him and water drinking water did you. No longer here at the if there's the top Al Franken animal but I want to stay on and one more one more each year effort because. We know that the that the national party is done everything could help the RNC the literacy they made clear that that it no relationship right now with Roy Moore soreness since president trumpets on. Here he's isolated. Even within its own national party in continuing to knots call for his removal from this race. Editions speaker Paul Bryan and McConnell on the hill who are also calling for him to step aside. The president is isolated here and encouragement to Terrell was saying about these allegations against president follow him into this debate. Sarah Sanders defensive that was that the president has more insight. You know into what he did and did not do I am from those accusers and really you putting some prime island here reckon you're talking a little bit about this before but this is. I'm broader it's a broader conversation. Then when more Al Franken and frankly it's. It's good for want to know president of would it now but it's more the national conversation that he well all I'm have to way not at some point. It's important point I mean now the scandals bipartisan. Nonpartisan it's bigger than Washington this is about. All American society you're seeing a lot of the response to that and Al Franken or that the White House talk about it at least at least if it looks like they'll be at its investigation and yup that's right so they support that this investigation which is a way to to not comment directly on how to think that this is gonna continue. Either Mary Bruce up on on the telephone on capitol well. I believe in the area want to start on Al Franken that's got to be the buzz of Washington we haven't seen senator Franken so far I'm struck by how quickly. His fellow Democrats at this is themselves from him. Yet acted like we have been staked outside about Franken profit after 10 o'clock this morning there's still pretty significant group of reporters out here. And no thigh edited yet but Al Franken did was very quick to come out. And apologized for this day those two words I'm sorry to Leann tweet and that she's the radio host to this morning. Came out and told her story have what happened on act this 2006 USO tour when they were in Afghanistan together. Saying that that Al Franken and a practicing for act did did he and visited they practically kissing scene he cashed his lips against her face theft. His tongue down her throat she also. Later at the end of the trip when she was. Falling asleep exhausted on the way home. Later discovered that a photo had been tainted taken that appears to be Al Franken groping her Rashtchy sleeping summer pretending to grope her. And it's. We've been trying to talk to Democrats about it all day at first it was that pretty. Agers in game of dodge ball actually fail lot of Democrats not interested in responding saying they'd let Al Franken speaks for itself. That they wanted to head to you know the hear your get the full story and now you are seeing a lot of Democrats say they wanted his investigation play out Mitch McConnell has said that he wants this to be taken about forty. Ethics committee they are going to be taking a look at this I talked with several Democrats and Republicans now. Who feel that that'd be correct course of action and they wanna get to the bottom of that the uniformed. You know age two becoming bitter afraid appear. They paid these allegations are true based on what they've seen that this behavior disgusting and have no place. In the US senate. And there are before we let you go big development today on Capitol Hill the movement on the tax bill White House we're celebrating. This development out this is the easy part what happens next. Yet I had celebrating because there's of this the part of the dvd yet dot and you did noted there. There that there's a vast about the fact that there is no Rose Garden ceremony debated to celebrate that the map because there's a lot. Of hard work still ahead look pathetic version that can hit a house version has now been passed. But this bill could be real trouble over the senate. Remember Republicans Fedorov and you can only afford to lose two votes in the senate and still have this past. You've already seen at least one Republican senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin come out and say that he's an out on the current bill he is huge concerns about. How did you know as he says benefit big corporations over small businesses. We think other senators like Stephen Collins of Maine a let's serious misgivings about the plan to include a repeal of the individual mandate the key portion of Obama care. In this bill she's content out what that could mean for your premiums and are a lot of other Republicans who are simply can't decided. About this bill so. The math on the that it had become very tricky and the range of issues here David that need to be addressed somehow an airliner on top of all of that you have to somehow conference the republic are the Republicans senate bill and the house bill and they are huge differences. Just between those two bills to begin let. And of course the Republicans alone clock is ticking here they base say they still. Think they can get this done by bike Christmas I was talking with. Senator cornyn and top Republican here on the hill earlier this morning that we wouldn't get any Arctic that would known to be this far. Eddie that well they're the reason it took two years the last time they tried to give it. And they don't have to years right now Republicans are up against their own deadline they are very eager for this when they wanna get something done it's the question now is howling then and if they can address these concerns coming from within our party. It doings of a capital though Mary thanks for being here it back to back to the B. To get that point of the sort of health of the White House in just the moment but that's how are you wanna wanna talk to little public hearing from Capitol Hill. I a former Al Franken app for this morning and she said that she found. His office to be one of the least hostile. Offices that she's working on Capitol Hill she thought it was safe and this is something different to here so perhaps in his previous life as a comedian he he had a different demeanor but she's that he didn't have experience but she did say she still works on Capitol Hill and other office and she called it. Quote a largely toxic environment for women and one reason I want to leave well so this is really an issue that goes beyond. A senator's office it's really a culture capital and I think we're in hero story. Right exactly as we are talking about earlier sign that we are getting almost everything plants come on his. Really not going away and frankly growing. Very big to be continued on that toward Phelps. Up to the White House an interesting day in everything it in about two weeks since our Sanders was in front of the cameras because you have a foreign trip. Wedge did they are it's interesting to me how that didn't come up really at all Levitt was talking about that market despite the president giving that that speech yesterday that your victory. Yeah added this speech it was a victory lap that turned out that just be hot lines about him drinking water and in at that we are quite question today. About Putin but at this topic and that accomplishments that the White House would like to cap and that portrait. This can't be it's fascinating has all of the oxygen in the ground is taken up by these allegations. Of sexual contacts. I'm and and what's really striking to me here rain. Is that acts that you have the leader of the Republican Party the president of the United States knew was quick to come out and support Roy Moore. I after he won that primary now basically damaged goods here can't wait and on whether he would even have vote of forehand so I'm. Really remarkable amount Hank here at the White House where the president the United States. I can't catch this it's buyer for this White House courts because of their own allegations of sexual assault against this president. Hot and and this something that's really interesting it was a year ago that the president then a candidate. I in October that he was going to see you those winning you know alleged sexual misconduct against ten. And so far we still haven't seen. I NEC that's come out against that. I that was my question that we can even get around to today's briefing because this topic is just so hot so many more active yet. Yeah and in of course remorse saying the same about his accusers as radon and out of that lawsuit. I what did you guys another headline today that another date might be a big story Bobbitt and death. As a mistrial. Accuracy your native Aaron. Of that that this is a sigh of relief for Democrats and the political consequence of this is actually pretty big right because this means that Chris Christie won't replace appointment does not aerial and it is going to be convicted -- office of silently. And hired power attorney who actually happens to rappers ice that presidents. Lock this guy. Well I'm talking reference to where it was in barricades on Jerry EE EE. In my notes the defense attorney that he leaned even mention that he be. Anything it or never people who were against them all the leaders he has placed there or outdoors let's let's let's wrap this up a lot going on today in Washington attendees some final thoughts. You after all he. Again. When it president's going to respond and how whether it's only Capitol Hill problem is it's part of a broader conversation and you know whether the president can keep winning this I don't know the key cam. It's going to have to come out and common about it at some point obviously is a delicate dance. Around frank an issue but really they can he can hold his tongue one and in the White House cannon that can. It dance around that topic that is something that the president is going to have to weigh in on its broader conversations prior conversation he had and also. Attempt. Clinton I interesting how quickly the senate Democrats were willing to you know. Throw Franken out really and start putting out statement immediately. You know and it basically saying there aren't they want they just they're done and so. I think it's that they want to take the position of the high road tonight when it comes up at a Republican has done the same thing that they can actually make us turn it so I guess. The different acting desperate. Republicans they waited longer it's been. It's been date before. They really got everyone on board we're Mitch McConnell came out when she's not witnesses and for many many years ago with defense is not as serious but yet the Democrats are saying. We'll always bring it to the ethnicity toward adults over the White House final thoughts are. Yeah so once it's next week air standards did mention that we can expect an announcement from the president. On whether to re designate north Cree as a state sponsor Harry sent. I sell it that's one thing that we come up acts you. At I don't I don't spot on today. It was striking to me how time describing the environment down at the Roy Moore press conference. Found it a lot like trump campaign when he makes team. I striking similarities there. I we saw that allegations come out against president front we got. You know he was had Dead Man Walking politically but he just wasn't and it seems like this painting might be going on down air and Alabama it will be interesting. Acting as if that same anarchy Harry throwing morning victory. I in this national action to. Great point Jordan also wrote the White House and and guys we've we've talked about this throughout the date today. This is not a political moment as the cultural moment this is a societal moment to moment to beat the leadership or someone. The president himself may not be guided do it based on his own pass on this that this presents and that's. But this is going to be that he is the beginning of this story we're not even close in the middle the last for for some time and it's going to be really is execute the example that Washington sex because. It's all tied together. This is happening everywhere. Cars. The tune in next immediately squeaky clean. That was the greatest nation at the briefing room please check out Ortiz it is not coming down with the needs it is not. Check out the note every weekday morning. We'll be back next with more for the review.

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