The Briefing Room: Trump narrows SCOTUS choice list

Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees narrows, and the Department of Justice asks for more time and guidance on reuniting immigrant families.
16:09 | 07/07/18

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: Trump narrows SCOTUS choice list
Either block of ABC news live on ABC news political director Rick Klein joined here by Mary Alice parks answering a Marshall and we've got. David Wright standing by Al a New Jersey where the president is hauling up for the next couple of days. And even when he gets you in a moment first Mary Alice we've seen this list of finalists we've got these these warnings are so the president says he is. Narrowed it down to. He's choosing off of the list is that a lot of furious lobbying authority going on on both sides all of among Republicans and with Democrats are taking their fire. Because there's a certain list advocate seekers on both sides. Can have really targeted at and we're seeing that eats heal you today putting out two new ads going after. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins really trying to push these potential swing votes. Two buck their party and maybe reject a nominee especially if it's one that is. Not what they like on and on abortion issues on roe V weigh in on all these top social. Issue and the president dusting that he's got all these great candidates he is he's choreographed thing the public auditioning of a lot of these candidates at least by the vetting process you see them out there getting a lot of coverage right now David Wright joining us now from outside that insert New Jersey where the president is at its country club for the weekend we understand he's got briefing books. That possibility although he says is not likely that that that one or more of these folks. They touched base with the president again over the weekend what are you expecting for these next couple of days as we near Monday. Well the president's clearly meeting with his advisors among them vice president pence is expected to have dinner with tonight. Who will no doubt expressed his views on and direction that he should go in. As so far as we know there are no. Candidates scheduled to come in for additional interviews however. That could change this is a very important decision the president himself has said that. Picking a supreme court judge next to war and peace is about the biggest thing that a president can do so he is weighing the considerations now. And and says that he will unveil his choice Monday night. All right the animal moving it back to you a few moments as we as we hit around some of the topics but on the politics of this Mary Alice up. There's a lot riding on this for all sides the president obviously has this opportunity to remake the court. The left the Democrats do not have the votes but they are geared up suit to fight this nonetheless. I'm struck at the Republicans can't really bring the conversation it isn't about a social issues I think there are so many other things in a lot talk about picking a Supreme Court justice. It's politically risky for them to focus so much on Roe vs. Wade and some of these social questions. You know Republicans ran on a pro life agenda but we're struggling right now with women with independent women with moderate women. And it's not popular to overturn legal process there is a Kaiser poll that said that 67% of Americans don't think Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. I I hate you could hit. Out of the park if you how come I you know on a Grand Slam all your words the puzzling is using right he wants this and best best best justice ever. And yet they seemed bogged down on these topics that are really politically Ice-T LC wants the and a nominee at that scene does it begin and begin to tell the difference. If he's gonna take of humor on that request nominate Merrick. And yeah they the Republicans filibuster I think until they awaits us below yeah we we can this one is not gonna have. Targeted at when I hit some news on immigration now because today was supposed to be a deadline is a couple of deadlines that are important pose now to try. The reunification process of these separated children president's executive order was a couple of weeks ago Serena but that obviously didn't solve anything. Eighty just now asking for more time in this part of it a blowback about how this is being handled. Yet so wrecked there are three deadlines that they acting according to that court agreement today was the first one and that was making sure that the parents and the children could connect. At least once I found the secretary of HHS says they are meeting that minimum requirements. At least when it's feasible sometimes with parents and the Bureau of Prisons are nice custody and makes it not diesel but there. Their meeting according to him the second deadline is Tuesday. Now that's the one could possibly be pushed past the chizik deadline is me and until mandating that children under the define than their parents. Our reunite but it. Agents just today went to the courts and said you know while being able to me especially when it comes to making sure these parents are actually the kids' parents. And making sure that they're being released into a safe environment when the arts. In government custody so some of these parents are still an ice custody or in DHS has custody and so they're able to identify and quicker. And reunite those families can more quickly. But when that feeling has already been released into the interior denies states that they pending asylum claims. They might not be able to guarantee that is the parent and that these children are being released to a statement and what's so interesting Rick about this is just yesterday and a call with reporters. Secretary a's are was saying and working this deadline even if that means we're changing our protocols on insuring the safety of the children. And it's it seems like it's become obvious and you're seeing a budget democratic senators are on a conference call with HHS to basing there really is no plan it's obvious how. They never fit had this figured out and they are keeping records. That's frustrated lawmakers on both sides had asked her to eat they want to let who are these kids how older they have their genders where are they and they can't get an agency. That's frustrating it's really evidence of a policy that was ruled out by this administration with Al. Fourth otter plane. More than anything because when a child it's and HHS has custody they've only been set up to deal unaccompanied minors and the fact that they were tracking which children went in to their custody. Whit whether a child with unaccompanied or company when he entity has its custody. Is that what they're dealing with now as why they're asking the court to pushed back this deadline for them and so it really just shows. The there's no cord nation among HHS and DHS when it comes these family units now another thing and that legal briefing today that was pointed out. Is it DOJ is saying that if a child is reunified with their parents the floor as agreement that requires children are released after 28. No longer apply and they'll be able to keep that child with that parent and ice custody. As they move through the immigration court cases which. According to Syracuse tract calling some of those cases go averaged 700 day. You're talking about two years of detention of families with no facilities and no process that surrounds that there are planning legal except under legal fights continuing on this entire route and Serena you mentioned ice ice has been a hot button political issue over the last couple of weeks vice president Mike Pence. Today addressed the issue directly met with ice agents and had this to say about the politics. Of the abolish ice movement. Just when you thought the Democrats. Could move farther to the left. Leading members of the Democratic Party including candidates for higher office. Are actually openly advocating. The abolition of lives. An agency that protects the American people in our community service that. Senator Elizabeth wore. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. And the mayor of New York City. A bill to blogs you have all already called for rice's. Abolition. There you have it this is this is gained quite a little traction off on the lefty C Mike Pence now out their previewing what's going to be a continuing Republican argument that Democrats are broken borders. And running I think he has a point it is politically risky for Democrats to take up its mantle of abolish it. Yeah I think the Democrats have been saying is that the agency is out of control in some way it's lacking oversight it's gone too far too extreme. But you have a president out there and my pants accusing. Democrats of wanting open borders of wines like gangs and and while I think that's those are false claims and on the there's evidence the Democrats want that at some point where's the line and where does democrats' own messaging start to play right into their. And this really is an issue that motivates the trump bass weighing more than the democratic base and so by pushing this issue they are going to be motivating the opposing party to get out and vote more than probably their own part. Via I eighty I remember all of the abolish the IRS chance these Republican allies it rallies he didn't have any Democrat saying no save the IRS it's on Parker and could still. It is the politics of this are a lot more a lot of exactly that's that's regular daily. So we talked a little bit about Elizabeth Warren and that last sound bite and she came out last night as well the president in Great Falls, Montana and when he goes out with him. Can't he tell you really never know what you're here certainly White House needs don't we put together. Some some of the greatest hits from last night my. I'm glad to help members of vote to let. And as thirteen run wild and market news. Want anarchy they really do they don't know who you're playing with us. I said the other day yes she is a low. Low IQ individual Maxine Waters I said it via I. She's somewhere in the mid sixties I believed. To affect how god is that won't. Now it's causing a problem you know that it good because that would even the liberals they take it that's. Take it that's. We will take that can't get antsy but we have to gently. Because we're in the may two generations not to be parents don't. And we will very gently take back yet and we will slowly tossing. Hoping it doesn't hitter and injure her arm. A lot to unpack lie there guys that last reference was to Elizabeth Warren earlier. He repeated this law are calling it referring to her as this Pocahontas and saying he would not apologize was warm but it would have apologize to the historical Pocahontas. Over this guy's what do you make of this and he took to mocking the B two movement. That's serious stuff. It's if there is my. And dismissing it weighing and we now know what the president thinks that he's essentially on the need to movement which was started by women. Exposing. Sexual abuse. Harassment in the workplace. He is. Calling it political correctness gone wrong and politicizing politicizing a movement that was centered around equality. About enlarge a big picture in that speech I was struck how he continues to try to weaponized the year. It's a constant conversation about Democrats landing. Criminals and and how no one can be trusted. The government can't be tested the Justice Department can't be trusted Democrats can't be trusted media can't be attracted only he can be trusted that's a really extreme. And going to that point is first opening remarks on them montage. About MS thirteen continues to be false he's repeated it over and over again but according to the FBI the number of MS thirteen gang members in the United States has not changed and it. A twenty year as Democrats don't paper anarchy. No hope more open court whatever you say that's not that's not the policy democratic part I've never heard no matter what else in the air and annual by the way he also. At one point dismissed the thousand points of light. They're going after our members of his art and that's George H. W. Bush is they are very famous line became the foundation still operating very successful. Not for profit foundation just. We're that count on it to stick. It just popped into his head that. Even mocked John McCain made the list goes on and on and and also just the back challenged Christie and it. He just seems to have no qualms. Essentially making up statistics and numbers or at least providing no evidence or backing or sourcing. For some of his numbers and statements and that that is Iraq look at notching I'll ask you to trust. About 24 hours. Oh we got the surprises that that administrator of EPA Scott Pruitt was offerings resignations since then we've learned a little bit more. About the circumstances there's been some reporting around how the White House was eventually that up with this I want to turn back to it to the right if it the White House. The White House view on this is that this is over and shot there's quite a few investigations still out there. That the Pruitt it's gonna have to answer for and of course the question of what took so long. For the sort of accountability Pruitt answers to the president directly that lands at the White House or what what are we here for the White House today. Well Rick. Through it has been the focus of thirteen separate investigations. And everything related to him. Ranging from his lavish travel. To the installing of that of 43000. Dollar soundproof Booth in his office. As well as his efforts apparently. Two we've they'd transparency laws by having staff. Covert Lee go about the business and quietly meeting with lobbyists. Outside of the prospective. Sunshine laws. That invest those investigations some of them will continue even though Pruitt has stepped down. Meanwhile his deputy. Will become the acting director he's a former. Coal obvious. The White House. Dug in its heels on Pruitt and refused to acknowledge despite. Headline after headline after headline. The president. Had praise for his Pruitt even as he accepted his resignation. So. To some extent he does seem to be playing to the base there. All right David Wright thank you for joining us out like you'll have an interesting weekend there was so my high stakes things going on out of that mr. New Jersey executive at. And I do want to get this briefly on Pruitt because as David mentioned enter wheelers and who headed EPA it's not like the EPA as likely to change course that got a much lower key guy. Low profile person hasn't held elected office he. Work for senator Jamie an awful famously said that global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people we're gonna Salinas. He does that's right he. EC BP policies we presume just with a guy that doesn't live as flashy lifestyle. I'll write probably is not as prone to scandal part of the reason that Scott proceed in the job as long as he did but because he was getting a lot of work done. He was really efficient at. Deregulation. Dramatically changing and cutting clean air standards water standards trying to. Out fast track the green light for new chemicals and potential toxins to be used and Republicans alike that they wanted that at a deep and wanted to cut red tape. I don't see that agenda changing oh. Finally guys next week is shaping up that very date want the cup presidency said many times but there's no slow summer here he's got. On Monday the Supreme Court pick he's gonna make this in prime time and then he's off to Europe. NATO out a meeting with with with NATO member countries. Talks with great Britain and of course the summit. With flattener food and a lot on the agenda a lot of moving pieces. What's your sense of the of the balance that right now for the present help in control use of events vs responding to events. He's totally in control you gonna have a scotus pick on Brian back. Now it's hint classes he he it's his reality sort of TV country we see that again and again. He's announcing cabinet picks certain resignations over Twitter and he's. The locking up Monday night for us all to tune in for his supreme Clinton. Later in the week I think we'll have to see holly his visits in these countries play out will they be protests at liberty heard accounts how would you respond to those. He's not going to London on his visit to England which says something given it's the biggest city and where most presidents actually does it when he had over there. He will be meeting with the queen. And so how would those visits all go could actually tape the conversation out of his control and into our. Allies. In plot to work with a lot of play Serena Marshal Mary Alice parks thank you for watching Lou back next week with more AD BC news live on ABC news political political director Rick Klein thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"16:09","description":"Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees narrows, and the Department of Justice asks for more time and guidance on reuniting immigrant families. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"56416103","title":"The Briefing Room: Trump narrows SCOTUS choice list","url":"/Politics/video/briefing-room-trump-narrows-scotus-choice-list-56416103"}