Bruce Springsteen Stumps for Obama

The singer says President Obama has the strength to move America forward.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for Bruce Springsteen Stumps for Obama
Welcome to both you. -- Forces and American music. For the last fifty years. -- ridiculous theories. And -- -- reflects. Our real. American values -- comparable close friends they -- After President Clinton. That's like. I'm going on -- after Elvis isn't. Voting matters. Elections matter. Think of the events. Of the last twelve years and try to convince yourself and don't. Visual hand in -- the kind of America her kids want -- -- economic data got three kids I'm 63. -- galvanizing moments. In American history. Civil rights for world peace movement times -- you could field world. Shifting under -- -- -- remember personal -- election night. Was and he -- you could feel. An evening when you can feel locked doors of the past finally -- home. -- -- Then comes the hard daily struggle to make those possibilities -- -- world that is. Brutally resistant to change. We've seen -- -- at this point -- forces position tires. Because I'm thankful. -- for universal health care. The lack of witness. Lack of which was for so long an embarrassment to our country. I'm thankful for more regulated Wall Street and thankful GM still making cars. When it's what I write about me. -- job. Because I'm concerned about women's rights -- I'm here today because that live long enough to know that despite those galvanizing moment in history. The future is rarely a time Russian. It's often slow march -- time -- day after long. And I believe we are in the midst of those long he's right. Here because -- -- president won't feel those days in his bones. For all 100%. Got the strength. The commitment and vision to live. To -- these days witness. Kerry stands for. -- country where written opening perhaps nobody knows.

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{"id":17509252,"title":"Bruce Springsteen Stumps for Obama","duration":"3:00","description":"The singer says President Obama has the strength to move America forward.","url":"/Politics/video/bruce-springsteen-stumps-for-obama-17509252","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}