Buttigieg and Pence in war of words on religion, homosexuality

Amy Sullivan, host of the podcast "Impolite Company," discussed Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vice President Mike Pence's differing views on religion and homosexuality.
7:37 | 04/12/19

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Transcript for Buttigieg and Pence in war of words on religion, homosexuality
People who judge. Someone who has skyrocketed into that higher company and now. Is having quite an a moment taking on the vice president of the United States over issues of faith. And politics and homosexuality and had this to say yesterday on Allen pickles. I'm not critical of his faith. I'm critical of bad policies. I don't have a problem with religion non religious to. I have a problem with religion being used as a justification to harm people. And especially in the LG BTQ community so many people. Even today feel. Like they don't belong. Help you can get fired and so only parts of this country just for who you walk. And that's got to change and if they beat VP I'm on interest and feuding with the vice president but if you wanted to clear this up he could come out today. And say he's changed his mind that it shouldn't be illegal to discriminate against anybody in this country for who they are let's. And the vice president shortly thereafter was asked to address those comments. By CNN here's what he said in response to me. I think he's corals with First Amendment. Or all of us in this country. Have the the right to our religious beliefs on on the Bible believing Christian and his belief that my wife and I my wife on our Bible believing Christians. We cherish her very. Who put their trust in God's words. As do tens of millions of Americans. And I think as he seeks the highest office at the lamp. As he seeks to be that person that takes the oath of office oval the constitution to reflect the importance of barbed respecting freedom of religion of every American. So lot of politics to discuss here but also. This whole question of faith in the Democratic Party is an important one as well for that part of the conversation want to bring in Amy Sullivan she's the host. Of the impolite podcast also author of the party faithful. How and why Democrats are closing the god gap joins us now by Skype Amy thinks so much for being here want to start with you and ask you. To get your take on Buddha Chad she we heard him talk to Allen there about being a religious person. What it means to be religiously conservative and a liberal Democrat he seems to be someone trying to bridge the god gap as you read about your book. Yes you know he's really taking it directly to Republicans witches kind of unprecedented. Tour national Democrats at least during the primary season. And you know when the vice president who describes himself as a Bible believing Christian what you leave it's. Tens of millions of Democrats including murky are believing Christians as well that just hasn't really the end the frame that we. Used in national politics and so what's surprising here. Is well running for the democratic nomination. Mayor is scary out there talking I'm really just you and not being defensive. Not saying I'm out religious as the vice president but saying and facts. You know we should be judged. Fire fire fruits you shall know them in his element here lines and scripture and he is charging that the vice president's. Fall short in terms of his face when you look acts of the policy is that you sported as part of this adminstration. And Rick used to lead observed earlier today that this could be is really an attempt by people digits to punch up. To draw some of the spotlight and take on my pants and I've been surprised that pence has engaged yeah. It is it is striking I mean there wasn't much known in the national stage about mayor Pete he's from Indiana he's gay so who. Mike Pence is kind of a big deal in that world because of what he is said about LG BT Americans and about what is his stance on. On equal rights particularly as governor of Indiana went when Pete what did you as talks about his personal experience growing up in Indiana with leadership like Mike Pence it means something. But he knew exactly what he's doing to meet at least it shows a political savvy in identifying an issue that he can personally relate to. And then they're looking tough to find a way to identify and your right. The vice president has seems caught on or off guard that he seems almost offended that time that that mayor Pete would take him on like this he says he was a friend before where's this coming from. I where it's coming from is mayor Pete trying to make a political point about himself and represent Americans. Well Karen Pitts is made that point that she seems to think that voted judges trying to lift his profile here by association so I it's no secret they're the pens people think this is wild but. It makes an awkward situation for vice president pants we see him. How to walk this over and over again when the leader of Ireland comes every year. There's a breakfast at the vice president's residence and the leader of Ireland I is Goudie and he brings his partner with Penn their married. I'm and so he has to walk this over and over again and it's just awkward teens during the. Responses to bigoted mayor Pete it's who are this familiar ones that energized the base on the right but I guess a question back to Amy is is there really a hunger. For Democrats. I T here is this religiosity in this religious speak from somebody era candidate running for president at a time when so many younger Americans. Liberal Americans are unaffiliated. Running away from religion. Yet you know Democrats are in a really interesting position right now because as you say it fastest growing segment of the democratic electorate. Are Americans say they have no religious affiliation butts. At the same time. People of progressive Fay had been at the four appearance of so many of the resistance movements. From what reverend William barker two sisters non Campbell announced on the bus. There is spent. His ability to use the religious less than it was pretty much missing for a couple decades AptarGroup mayor Pete I'm that. And in some ways that credit goes to Donald trauma. Because street decade is progressive religious that's had been arguing. That it's not a matter whose religious and who's not but. What your faith leads you to support and they've been saying that there's something rotten in the marriage between the religious rights and the Republican Party. Now everything they've been saying this and this puts. And tribal nation because an on going really very consistent support hum. The religious right and conservative you can just uncles for this president and for the administration from the travel ban. Tito's I'm a separation policy and everything in between. It Emmerich final in this that the politics of faith. And religious language sort of resonate in Iowa more than some places on the coast obviously particularly in democratic circles in the do you think that that. Gives Buddha Chad something of a leg up that he's wearing this on his sleeve in talking the way he is. In that particular first in the country vote. It is key to the appeal of people measures that he Helstrom middle country that is a small town mayor from Indiana that matters a state that's pretty rat. See this very close I want by the way and yes there are a lot of Iowa Democrats were deeply religious and they. They may be offended by aspects of the of the of the drug administration maybe up to including Mike Pence that is making your religious or anti religion and politics so I think supple way to marry those views and talk about your own faith in that way as and a meeting. Your own life an important joint experience is a very important thing in key to the appeal. Of this this man is having a phenomenal moment he's going to be a local formally launching his candidacy we've leave just this weekend. It's up in Indiana isn't even actually a candidate yet and he is had a heck of a first couple months. And raised a lot of money as well also our thanks to Amy Sullivan again host of impolite podcasts and author. Of the party faithful thanks Jamie for joining us and Rick thanks for your Smart analysis.

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{"duration":"7:37","description":"Amy Sullivan, host of the podcast \"Impolite Company,\" discussed Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vice President Mike Pence's differing views on religion and homosexuality.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62366985","title":"Buttigieg and Pence in war of words on religion, homosexuality","url":"/Politics/video/buttigieg-pence-war-words-religion-homosexuality-62366985"}