Buttigieg and Warren battle it out on the debate stage

The sixth Democratic debate in Los Angeles brought seven candidates together to talk about impeachment, health care and taxes.
4:20 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for Buttigieg and Warren battle it out on the debate stage
OK we begin in Los Angeles at the six democratic debate last night a smaller less the birthdays with seven candidates making their bid to the American people for the last time. This year and things got heated take a look. We need to restore the integrity. Of the presence of the officer residency if the president claims. That he is so innocent then why doesn't he have All the President's Men tests that. Where I live folks are measuring the economy by other Dow Jones is measuring the economy by other doing we got a government. Boortz rate than those with money and doesn't work for much of anyone else the issue now is whether we save the planet. For our children and how grandchildren. We see among our allies. And among our act users chased after case where the world is making plans on what to do. Ignoring the United States because we're no longer consider reliable warrant. You would be the oldest president ever inaugurated like you to weigh in as well I'd also be the youngest woman ever knocked her. Why my the lone candidate of color on this stage you don't you need to donate to political campaigns. Disposable income. IRA so when a ring and Molly Nagel who's right there on the ground in Los Angeles. Molly I just let me hear your feedback what are your biggest takeaways Winston out CO. We talked about a lot of fan in that introduction at good morning Kimberly where I am one of the biggest things that was obvious from the beginning was this is a much smaller stage than we've seen with other debate it was seven candidates only on the stage and that really allowed fork. Asked everyone to get into the conversation and really fruitful way so he saw people in Andrew Yang an Amy Klobuchar getting a little bit more talking time and they might have gotten in previous debates and I think that that time that they were allotted on the stage what might really help them especially in the Klobuchar when you're looking at Iowa she could be somebody who somewhat of a dark horse in that state a lot of the voters I talked you really like her midwestern sensibility as. When I'm on the ground there another thing that we tell. You had on there was the lack of diversity and that was something that was really felt in the conversation at one point Joseph Biden in the debate was asked about reparations and he committed to talking about immigration. I doubt that he would have gotten away with doing that had Cory Booker ban on that stage last night that was something. That was really missing but one of the things that I think was the biggest take way for everybody last night was the clash that we saw. Over fundraising and billionaires and it will wind cave is which I'm not sure that we thought we would've heard about in democratic debates I have before a last night on. Keep me to judge came into this a good debate really with a target on his back he is leading in Iowa which is the state where all of these candidates are putting the majority of their resources right now. And it showed he he was really under fire especially from Elizabeth Warren. On after he opened his fundraisers recently I'm going after him for how he's raising the money to run his presidential campaign. Yes that was a big moment and you mention is Joseph Biden he is the front runner but did things change at all last night. You know I think it's safe to say that this was probably Joseph Biden's best debate. To date he came out of this with no dash no headline about a mistake that he made during an. In fact he had some strong moments during it at one point I was talking about unity senior advisors to biting told me prior to his said the debate. That he was really gonna make a hard pitch for why you need he was necessary in order to lead the country. And you saw him say and that's aides that he was the person who had the most reason to be upset with Republicans after they've gone after his son. And his Stanley with impeachment but he still believes that they should work together and perhaps may be the most notable thing for Biden last night was not even something that happened on stage but when. Former Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Went after him when he talked about how he connects with young people and and people on the trail who suffer with loss and with starters as he did and dies. Currently Ann's. Because she as she attacked him a little bit for. His Saturn seeming to mimic get on Twitter she he called her out warranting its and that it looked it up she later apologized so that was kind of a big moment there for Joseph Biden. Yes indeed and as we said this is the last debate for this year Molly Nagel right there in Los Angeles thank you so much for those update.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"The sixth Democratic debate in Los Angeles brought seven candidates together to talk about impeachment, health care and taxes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67854843","title":"Buttigieg and Warren battle it out on the debate stage","url":"/Politics/video/buttigieg-warren-battle-debate-stage-67854843"}