Candidates on OWS

Herman Cain and Ron Paul go head-to-head on the Wall Street protests.
3:31 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Candidates on OWS
How do you explain the occupy Wall Street movement happening across the country and how does -- relate with your message Herman -- I got asking you said. Quote don't blame couple do we series that don't blame Wall Street don't blame the big banks if you don't have a job -- not -- blame yourself. That was two weeks ago the movement has grown -- you still say that. -- -- -- -- -- -- I still stand big man in his mind. They might be frustrated Wall Street and the makers. But they had direct and anger at the wrong place. Wall Street didn't put in failed economic policies. Wall Street this penetration novels -- didn't do any good. Wall Street isn't going around the country trying to sell another 450 million dollars -- automobile in front -- the White House taken out -- -- -- Even critical of governor Romney -- for holding fund raisers with with wall streeters. Do you think He understands -- the protesters about. Do you understand. Well I think. Mr. Payne has then blamed the victims there's a lot of people that are victims of this -- business cycle we can't blame the victims. But we also have to point nine go to Washington as well as Wall Street -- code the Federal Reserve. Create the financial fumbles and you have to understand that you can't solve these problems and you don't know where these bubbles come from. But then when the bill I came. And supported by both parties yet to realize 08 Republicans were still in charge of the Billups came from both parties. Guess they bailed out the big corporations are people who were ripping -- the people in the derivatives market. It makes it all the world's gonna come down analysts would bail out all the -- -- the banks were involved in the Federal Reserve was involved. -- -- -- -- The middle class that stock. They just like they lost their jobs and they lost their houses if He had to give money out you should've given it to the people who are losing their mortgages. -- -- -- -- Okay. He referenced here is if you want to respond of 32 -- -- -- sales. That. Representative Paul is partly right but he's made some problems here that is more than one problem -- the people the Maine yes the banks. And that the business on Wall Street yes. The way that was a commitment -- it was not right but my point is this. What other people who protests and want from bankers on Wall Street to come downstairs and write them a check this is what we don't understand. Take -- and get to the source of a problem is all I'm saying. Good -- -- White -- and then whether governor Romney. Yes the argument isn't said the program was OK but it was mismanaged. But I work on the assumption they governments not very capable of managing -- almost anything crazy. You have depressed the market place when the government gets involved they have to deal with fraud and how many people have gone to jail. Either in the government's Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac -- participating isn't. Nobody suffers the consequences. All these investigations. And yet the people who lose their jobs and lose their houses. It's their fault according that's what I'm on Wall Street and we can't blame and we have to blame the business like time. And the economic policies that led to this disaster.

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{"id":14766322,"title":"Candidates on OWS","duration":"3:31","description":"Herman Cain and Ron Paul go head-to-head on the Wall Street protests.","url":"/Politics/video/candidates-occupy-wall-street-14766322","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}