Capitol Hill Reacts to First of Trump Cabinet Confirmation Hearings

ABC News talks to former Ohio Sen. Mike DeWine on Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump's attorney general nominee.
15:29 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Capitol Hill Reacts to First of Trump Cabinet Confirmation Hearings
It is day one of Donald Trump's cabinet hearing senator Jeff Sessions inside it's been there all morning he gave his statements. Very busy morning want to bring someone that's been in there and you also known senator sessions for awhile might want. He currently attorney general of Ohio he also served as senator and the Judiciary Committee with senator sessions. Tulsa we think things are going in there for your friend and former college. Well I served with Jeffs continues percent rate together on the Judiciary Committee so I think I got to know him. And always hard. I used in a very good job. You know with the questions that are being asked keeping the Democrat side had few issues work. The questioner in the center may disagree with what. Positioned senator sessions is taking a pass or they may disagree with Donald Trump. But I don't think anyone's. Gotten too. He traveled Jim an argument he's not qualified. He turned general of the United States and look at his. Ask me is not only twenty years on the Judiciary Committee US senate when he was US attorney. For a number of years and use the attorney general of of the state of Alabama so amazing background and I think. Eastern Iowa and Michael wanted you to talk about the mood inside that Regis you've been here there were obviously some. Eruptions that rattled senator sessions and old TV got stole some of those beginning. And you know statements that. Colleagues gave up about senator sessions praising his war. You know I think he was very well prepared and I think. And recession probably thought it was when demonstrators who shall. Every time it started some started shouting and wait for the police to take them out. Time to stop his testimony which I think. Right thing to do. They there's been I think about five or six eruption so far. Unfortunately more and in the future he use humor album Lana thought he did a great job with a big moment so far. Was when. Secretary Clinton. It's fraud and Eisner's options it would recuse himself from any investigation. Grizzlies what you think about. Obviously. Jeff Sessions spent a lot of time on the campaign trail discussing Hillary's record he was campaigning on behalf of Donald Trump Judy that is the right. For senator sessions I think was the right thing you'd be clearly thought long and hard about it. If you look at the news today that's probably the news. Recession says. Recuse himself from the work through the formal processes a formal process and do as an attorney general. Recuse yourself I think it was correct not just because he's republics. But because you threatened falls in the company. We've been detonations I think that's the right thing for him. And one last question for you listening to. The question statements from Democrats in the protesters. Peaceful home. In their hearts seems seems like believe that. Senator sessions on some questionable things. Over the years dealing specifically with issues of race and immigration. What do you think it's. This understood about Jeff Sessions which. The public view on the did you believe any of those statements you think it did a good job of backing up his explanation why he made those decisions in Alabama. You know. Haitians are talking about Alabama. US it. And you know decades decades ago and he's been United States senate for twenty years as a wave of bad bosses really nothing new of these things went wrong. When yeah. Jeffs had not what's known here as well from that experience I have this easier news. So I don't think you know this is no evidence. Of that as far as I'm concerned. I know you nine Billy's heart and don't see it or twenty you know for tea period ten years when she invited. The many motorists in the town committee met. There's no indication. That's good news. Analysts think Mike to Wallingford attorney general for the state of Ohio and we're certainly Jeff Sessions on. Judiciary Committee and a former senator from Ohio so thank you so much for your time. You enjoy the rest your day and hopefully we can catch up with you a little bit later isles won't bring it ABC's Mary Alice parks. Here else you've been spending a lot of time on the hill leading up to. Hey Mary Alice Trixie. You've been spending so much time on the hill leading up to. Covering trumpet the administration covering these capital case. Wouldn't feel like Sanders. Congressman. Congresswoman yeah they're the most worried about it today. Obviously there's going to be disagreements. But they also want to send a message that they're doing their job because we knew the approval ratings so low. He was really into seats in the senate Democrats are asked this question about some of the delays just yes thanks. And the Indian point saying that they really do believe China is entitled to this cabinet that was the land means that it was important that he would house. A team staff ready I mean like especially some of those they were not national security issues like we'll see this afternoon. For homeland security's. Democrats want some point anyway it's being. Rain and in those. No it's not probably. Race issues that are important that there be an evening breeze. Civil rights issues voting rights issues women's issues. And done more importantly they can make sure that people are properly vet and there's appropriate threads. Due diligence and even ask friends or you know really focusing on the headlines in the news was made gains wrapped up. Thought it was interesting that conversation. Mike winds still hanging out right behind us yeah. Nobody Bonilla on hat. Senators former senator accidents. And not I thought it was interesting that he was seeing that a lot of the criticism. Of Jeffs action Jeff Sessions. Deals with decisions that remains. It doesn't seem like Democrat. Mayor as to when this past. They feel like he knows what he did something twenty years ago thirty years ago it reflects on your character. You know what I think the Democrats attack catalog house thanks balance between being on defense and being on offense. Acting living in an act as you remember Democrats. It's almost thinks it's not like Bernie Sanders thank you thank you I'm Bernie and I got that on time but it's shocker Mary Alice is the product Bernie Sanders. And that's the reason arena next. Is that he's got a flexible right Democrats wanted to go even further collapse right. Talk about things like these before our hands. There's right transgender people and any issues work on the right and and easy. Greetings rates further and further you don't release the ends up case and review the department's. And now the police station where they're eight Tony it's nearly half platform from going. Further the President Obama but they're totally trying unsuccessfully defense. Any attacks the road or the President Obama did so it was asked seasonally them arms experts person sitting here and he's the first chance to. Paths today they don't want an average. She that they wanted to look forward even further and so it doesn't matter Magnuson. Event is this comment. Then and it. Looks like we will prove to be taken out. So that's hurt again but actually attack. It's stop you preach incitement on the scene and Democrats worry. And Jeff Sessions me immigration. Hope. Reader and sanded. Oh victory in Alabama snow that seems like immigration. Along with some of its. That he may be decades ago. My mindset and so far in the main issues. And there's another protestor. Is you saw were the protesters. Into the elevator right here and then on some names of black caucus. Cheers and applause and said we agree with you we feel he's seen in your feeling. I'm. I think the congress and really being protesters to not only supporting witnesses are here but it alone. Their own axe defiance and really working. And in idols sing hey Derek not flavor. Like Mike DeWine from. Step but it definitely seems like the majority of those were in a hearing. Those in the audience have been protesters are Democrats or people that want. Jeff Sessions to be challenged up there they don't want him an easy pass I also wanted to ask Mary Alice you know today's about Jeff Sessions and it's also about Donald Trump. And you've been covering veil and a big issue is of course the replacement. And repeal of obamacare does not replacement happened on the scene days for repeal hiding things work with the latest reporting you have for a. So me and I think all that and you can imagine a lot of it is rather want to eat some senate house procedural stuff Eric speeding and arguing about. All the time especially this week. We're switching service. It's different at. Don't know. Paul Ryan just in a press conference actually today where he talked and had to really answer some questions about the fact that at number. Republicans are on the senate side have real concerns and hesitations about the idea of repealing. Obamacare without ever place and we know that added to it isn't really unpopular he average voter not only once. And he averaged Larry yeah he's saying that if they're going to make an effort seems fun parts of the plant and parts of the law. That baby needs to stand something or at least present legislation to replace the bill. Asked the same time the speaker tried to say that that was going to be able to do something. Currently out but we just don't know him I've seen them. Bill not a problem. In leadership there's been different bills that are not ask not what they're able to sort of say here's the plan today. That's bringing a lot of seen letters from hospital. And insurance company's name. Asking for abstinence on issues. Ryan real teeth on the news. He'll block apparently hours without something sinister cover a lot of. Parents are. And they also wanted you to update us on Ben Siegel our colleagues reporting. What happened last night some big members of transition. Of administration. Steve advantage here Kushner they were here big man. We've speaker Brian in what they talk about what exactly happened in the building right next. So Mike issues. That's your rent is and it. Would be. Front and center in it is ten year. Here on capital this year with anti time performance and excellence and once you for a long time it's totally their bread and butter. And since you're consumers here to talk about tax reform speaker Bryant that he talked about all issues of taxes or entities that all of them. It was controversial meeting because Niger this is sort of a controversial character items out. All in the White House whether or not break any anti nepotism lives. Whether or not it's. Appropriate if he can't keep thinking quickly and efficiently and asked himself from his own business thinks his life. Pocket dot daughter CNN's Ed West Indies are raising a lot of those questions that administration leaves Democrat. Here on Capitol Hill senate. Sound any alarms and pulled shouldn't be any sort of meeting yet. And let's also not forget. I believe it correct that Donald Trump's avenue. Wealthiest. Cabinet ever picked. You look at small Mike Jared Kushner who's very independently wealthy he's just had to. Resigned from certain positions and separate these this is interest and so I've even heard today some people say. We'll give you. Will be deciding. Our future taxes. Or lost on people that need don't feel necessarily represent them. Not only that resentment but. Could deep benefit financially from that kind of information or influence that's the first question without concrete plants do. TD tangle themselves from their own business access. If you're making decisions on Capitol Hill you're influencing White House policy meeting and that your own your own financial gain those are some really fun and out I asked him. Lot of laws he teaches that doesn't happen and Democrats want to make sure that the air heats up the you know the other pregnant is that. Just how fast they. Constantly hearing him. Trump's cabinet picks. Serves in government for not only guarantees well and they haven't gone through regular. FBI backpacks Paxson and financial disclosures before and it. Assuming some of that diligent. It's imports and but it speaks Hines and so that's adequate hearings into an accident let's make sure government time to bet every one. We're gonna take you guys a little walk and second we signal. Polls were on one end of the Russell office building when it take you by the hearing room. Through the rotunda where it's eagle merit Bruschi or other colleagues are but I thought it might be good. Time to read countless. Mary Alice we've just been standing here for about fourteen. Minutes we've seen two protesters. Correct dragged down. Taken into these elevators. In the black caucus lead we also interviewed Mike DeWine. What struck you during that inner beauty. A friend of Jeff Sessions what he's seen so far today. I know you're brilliant but does. Statements entire day. Is just how much it just varies from all senators. Two to really understand Texas is saying about some these fundamentals count trump proposals. Would he back a special prosecutor to look into Hiller excellent. Sent it like geese and turkeys something back. Town in an interview tent that was the right decision there's going to be more questions about immigration what that would look like an attack sessions. Department of chest at. We have all this growing sort of frustration around the country on the issues of police reform. Those are real fundamental policy stance think that senators just want the answer to them behind them. Obscene or just. He's long he cares milling about talking to each other talking activist and talking to reporters. Brainstorming and thinking about ways to gain from these past crop.

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