Carney, What's Negotiable in Shutdown Fight? Not Much

ABC News' Jon Karl asks White House spokesman about compromise possibilities.
4:40 | 09/30/13

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Transcript for Carney, What's Negotiable in Shutdown Fight? Not Much
-- These three -- you continue to -- and -- We obviously believe it's important that the American people be apprised of what's happening here at the White House and we will. Endeavor to provide that information as best we can with a -- staff. -- are you confident that this will be well disaster. I wouldn't make any kind of predictions and and I. That hope that that suggests that we're looking for an outcome. I'm not I mean I don't know at night and and I honestly I think it's important to know that. We don't care about the politics of this the president cares about making sure that the American people are hurt by it. Because. You know we talked about this and when -- went with regards to the comprehensive immigration reform. Legislation that passed with a strong bipartisan majority in the senate and some questions about whether you -- secretly we didn't hope that the Republicans in the house would block it because it be that continued bad news for the Republicans when -- came to their. Ever worsening relationships -- relations with Hispanic Americans across the country -- and the answer is no. We would love them to take advantage of the political opportunities available to them by passing comprehensive immigration reform and -- improving their standing among Hispanic Americans by doing -- and we would love. For Republicans to do the right thing. And maybe. Improve their standing among. The American people and congress is standing among the American people by simply. Not shutting down the government and not defaulting on our obligations. Very quickly someone -- helped -- -- the -- what's. The desolate nothingness. Right correct. The idea -- repealing. Obviously. To lay off for a year now as part of every first of all the answers no and nothing is negotiable when it comes to the deaths -- And as the president said. Recently when it comes to extending the governments like he's willing to talk about ways to improve the health care law if Republicans. A lot of the portable care act is designed. It's is essential elements were designed by Republicans. You think -- I believe that there -- Republicans out there who. Probably -- have some good ideas although that. Most likely afraid to talk about them in. Party circles but the you know the president is eager to do that what he's not willing to do is have those. The negotiations under the threat of shutting down government and certainly not under the threat defaulting on our obligations. You're playing this tax cutting this tax on medical devices so now my answer that would netter at that that's that's the not that you look. Congress has. Throughout that this time -- the opportunity to consider and pass legislation. To try it. Get majorities big enough in both houses to achieve it compromise between house and senate and senate to the president that's the way it worked it it is supposed to work and as you know the house Republicans in particular have done little else over the past couple of years an attempt to. Legislate ways that either. -- -- repeal or other ways. Negatively affect. The affordable care so that they they can certainly endeavor did keep doing but to have that. Attached to the simple responsibility if on the government. It's just not acceptable which is why we've seen really -- negotiations going basically everything the Republicans out there is not a time here's securities it is not a it it is not a concession. To keep the government it is not a concession. To pay America's bills that is a responsibility. And as I email with a reporter out here it is enshrined in the constitution. Congress has the power pay debts congress has the power. To authorize funding. If if if it -- otherwise the president would go about it and there would be no drama no -- Washington. What is the president doing over these next apply to try -- government. Again it is not. Unfortunately within the president's power. To pass legislation on the hill the president said it'll you well what's he doing things the president said just moments ago that -- he we'll certainly be he expects having conversations with leaders in congress. But it is. Pretty elemental here. There's an option to keep the government open as an option to shut it down for ideological reasons and he would not presume. To have. The power of persuasion with in the House Republican Caucus that perhaps John Boehner does or perhaps other leaders in that conference rather -- --

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{"id":20423571,"title":"Carney, What's Negotiable in Shutdown Fight? Not Much","duration":"4:40","description":"ABC News' Jon Karl asks White House spokesman about compromise possibilities.","url":"/Politics/video/carney-negotiable-shutdown-fight-20423571","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}