Carney on Romney's '47 Percent' vs Obama's 'Guns and Religion'

ABC's Mary Bruce questions Jay Carney on Obama's past gaffe.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carney on Romney's '47 Percent' vs Obama's 'Guns and Religion'
-- Into an election that the others get bigger than guns or religion like mr. -- Said definitely. After the -- Road trip without percent electorate they are large demographic palace restaurants I think. I think that. It happened four years ago and was discussed. In abundance at the time. What the president said four years ago what he said eight years ago what he says today and what he said ever since he took office here. Is that he's fighting for every American. That he firmly believes that as a nation we're all in this together that what unites us is far stronger and greater than what divides us that we're not. Read American blue America -- the United States of America. And I think -- That's a fundamental fact about Barack Obama's and it's been the guiding philosophy and principal. Behind. The policy decisions he's made. You know I think. Again citing some of the examples from what he's done in office. When he took action to ensure that our financial markets are financial -- sector did not collapse. He checked to see whether. The people who would most directly benefit from that. We're supporters -- -- he took a lot of grief for that. But he did it because he thought it was right for the American economy right for all Americans that we did not experience the collapse of an important sector of our economy. Same thing with the auto industry he didn't ask if auto workers were supporters he would ask if auto executives who supports he did what was right. What he believed was right for the country and that's been his guiding principle. You know anymore and I think you know we talked about this trial that he. The people who inspire him people who give him hope he doesn't know whether they're voting for him. The soldier he first met at Walter Reed who lost a leg. He doesn't now though that the gentleman who won the lottery. Kept working and bought flags -- -- -- These are the things these -- the this is -- -- essence of the American story that inspires in every day. And it does not matter to him. Whether they're Republican and Democrat or independent. Because we're all in this together. They're responsive to make statements that -- -- -- officers present parliament -- seen Rick the ancient. You interviewed me president that's represent all. Why anything. Not much -- -- what's the question again the question -- pressing him. -- -- he did you ask -- where he sort of offended alert. He made a remark. And directories are of course electorate and -- -- -- similar remark also fattening. Earth -- is under Obama never said that he did not worry about what not -- about 47% population. A lot of folks we travel around the country ask. Why the president is campaigning on -- bus in towns and communities and counties. -- -- -- -- -- -- He's not likely to -- the count -- Because he's there to take his message. About his economic vision -- his agenda for the country everybody because he firmly believes that. Building this country -- helps everybody you've heard him talk about that if that. If we do the right things for a economic policy. If we take a balanced approach -- Dealing with our fiscal challenges if we. Reduce spending. Reform entitlements. Ask millionaires and billionaires pay a little bit more that everybody will benefit including millionaires and billionaires. That's the essence it is. Governing philosophy and it's at the core -- -- -- You won't have to. -- that. Yes the answer different accounts the -- and outlast me there are reports that -- officials -- -- it reminds us that practically -- the -- not. -- right -- administration officials and this is just spontaneous reaction to -- You can reconcile us. Well I can say -- that we provide information about what we. Believe. Once the precipitating cause of the protests and violence. Based on information we. -- -- -- -- There is an ongoing investigation the FBI. Is investigating. Hand. That investigation will follow the facts wherever they leave. What we do know about Libya. Is it is a country that emerge from. War. And revolution. And you have a new government. Trying to assert its authority. As that country makes a transition to democracy. And broader represented -- a broader representation for all Libyans. And broader rights for all -- and in that environment there are certainly in this post -- -- revolution environment there are. Vast numbers of weapons and certainly a number of violent groups. In country -- is important to note however is that. The Libyan people. Do not. Understand a rather they do understand that the and that the United States. It was with them. In there. In their efforts to achieve their aspirations to rid themselves of -- Qaddafi regime and the tyranny that Qaddafi. Inflicted upon them. But it is still -- very volatile place there's no question about it.

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{"id":17264308,"title":"Carney on Romney's '47 Percent' vs Obama's 'Guns and Religion'","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Mary Bruce questions Jay Carney on Obama's past gaffe.","url":"/Politics/video/carney-romneys-47-percent-obamas-guns-religion-17264308","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}