Cecilia Vega on the Debate Moderator's Role at Hofstra University

ABC News' Cecilia Vega joins the conversation on debate night at Hofstra University.
6:27 | 09/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cecilia Vega on the Debate Moderator's Role at Hofstra University
Cecilia Vega has been with the Clinton Campaign she's joining us live. Right now from Hofstra University affiliate thanks so much for being with us he got it Alice. What's the mood there right now we just a few times we're not too far away from the start of the debate what's going on there. What's it what time is and I got to get in this debate they don't want our I don't know bluntly now we got our way. I get excited as I mean I don't I talked down this weekend you know by had the best to get with victory here but pretty it's now. The mood here. You know I. Hey I. It has its a couple of days ago I would've told you that they were really excited. And they are excited but they're all really nervous today I was just talking with Clinton Campaign aid and top Clinton Campaign aide said. You know how is Hillary Clinton feeling today that all you know she's great she's fine as an issue here I think that how she actually is feeling really nervous how could you not be nervous. Given the amount of eyeballs that will be honored tonight not just that the pressure that has is on her she's. Perform tonight you know we talk about this all week but I think so much of what that but the campaign has been seeing is is ballad. And that you know that there is a different bar for Donald Trump's Nike really have to show what he's got to perform you better not mess he's got to keep it cool. I think presidential course and all that it got a lamp and ultimately those of the big points the F did. For Hillary Clinton she's got to do all that. He's also got to appear the word that her campaign hates hearing. Likable got to not screw up this answer on email again you know that's getting hit her you've got to figure out a way to. Not Donald Trump off of his game you know they expect him today to show up and beat this. Very boring candidate that's one of the words that a Clinton Campaign aide told me today he's going to be boring today. They got to get Donald time to not be boring. While keeping Hillary Clinton still on message so you know I think the one thing that is guaranteed is that going to be it's going to be good standard. The city are really curious you know much of the campaign for both sides has been about. According to the other person is saying this is wasted like this person. Do you expect Hillary Hillary Clinton to start talking about why usable for me as opposed to what you should not vote for him. She certainly needs Q and I would imagine. That that was a huge part of the debate prep has been happening over the last few days you guys have been talking about that. Tonight you know Hillary Clinton has been just. Feverishly preparing for this debate down two studying. Videos of Donald Trump they her campaign interviewed the ghost writer who wrote a book. For Donald Trump. And they are they they did these mock debate that in these mock debate. They they were practice scene today. In the weeks in the days in the weeks leading up to this. Tips it sort of race for two Donald Trump. But not just that. Fix it Hillary Clinton on message that she gets on her policy that's it and not just seem like she's on the defensive which is unfit to get if he's does start throwing out personal attacks. He's a figure out a way to act talk and talk to America about the issues that she wants to drive all of get these undecided voters. To convince them that she's the one who's got the plan on the economy for example I'm so they have been practicing for two different Donald Trump and in that they've been practicing for two versions of Hillary Clinton to how she can. Present her message it's basically get. Her for some of the newly. They say we got a question from FaceBook cool. Is team Clinton bringing into the debate tonight. Wolf the biggest name of all is mark keeping you guys know that he will be sitting right there in the front row and that is he. Huge strategic move on the clintons part the for the campaign aren't they wanna they might get under Donald Trump's again right and and these are two. The ad and nemesis of Donald Trump another reality TV the leaner and that some of the Chelsea Clinton. We'll be here in this the audience watching her mother tonight we know that Hillary Clinton traveled. From her home in chapel what to Long Island. With former President Bill Clinton we don't know if he will be here in the debate hall watching the debate tonight. And we also know that she stacking the audience with some other friendly faces. Longtime supporters people that she's had. Special relationship that one apparently that's religion it's with. And one of whom is okay nine elevenths survivors so. Images and stories of people in the audience as well number of those I that they are women that that might be pretty obvious aren't. I think they wanted to think that always happens before these as little bit of like a working of the rats right through them like setting expectations. We've seen it from the time campaign. Them talking about a lot of different things are saying the whole thing is rigged and saying the moderator is brilliant to kind of keep everybody on their tenth. Wouldn't even think of the Clinton Campaign in terms of and it's setting the expectations. For tonight. How they have been blamed the rap working the rats and working victory really you know they are they've been. Completing an essentially about moderator and fact checking for the last few weeks they are insistent upon moderator needing to act factory over the course of these three debate that will happen starting with tonight. And you know that the Donald Trump campaign is opposed to that they think it moderator should just be there at the questions and the but the campaign has been very well. What about that they've also been pretty critical about just the coverage leading up to you that they want to make sure that journalists. Rate Donald Trump at the same level that their rating Hillary Clinton on the if that they don't believe that you look at the same set of questions that she thought because. They don't like the bar is lower for him were talking about that earlier I think he'll. Like Donald front just have to basically show up and be presidential. And and not lie and that he will be graded on a curve and that outlook for Donald Trump will essentially be a win. And if that's not fair they think she's gonna have to be a commanding have to be likable he's getting have to win arguments of Vatican basically more than he does on that. Tonight at Herrick. And we see and hear senator senior senator from New York consumer walking the hall behind him and John Keane did you see that John King he's here. I don't know it's quite nicely done him because. Some say they headphone. Grindstone jacket it is yeah. X Ali Agha one of those in home. Thank you sincerely appreciated we really appreciate having you around when love's top U afterwards of course.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"ABC News' Cecilia Vega joins the conversation on debate night at Hofstra University.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42376179","title":"Cecilia Vega on the Debate Moderator's Role at Hofstra University","url":"/Politics/video/cecilia-vega-debate-moderators-role-hofstra-university-42376179"}