Celebrities at Inauguration Day

Sirius XM’s Mike Muse talks J. Lo and Lady Gaga’s performances at the inauguration ceremony and Amanda Gorman, who made history as the youngest inaugural poet.
9:49 | 01/21/21

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Transcript for Celebrities at Inauguration Day
In addition to obviously the president the vice president and leaders from both parties were also a few celebrities in attendance at today's inauguration let's bring ABC news contributor. And serious XM radio host Mike muse for more on that part of the story. Lady Gaga Jennifer Lopez Garth Brooks say all performed today and they hit it out of the park but based might Twitter feed that big star of the day. Was Amanda Gorman who what did you think of the day's performances. I think that meant it was actually fantastic I loved everything -- said in my most memorable inauguration and Muslim mine Angelou what's the court for President Bill Clinton asked to remember her call one to this day it was ranked in risks with the beautiful metaphor is now laborious. And I think a man says poetry took on a different lanes today. It really tick on this lanes of unity was her steam it was beautifully written in great metaphors. But it was so relatable. To the actors person who may not do deep dives into port street. Could relate enduring language she really capture the language of what Seoul many Americans are feeling on this day. This date was full of tension this day was full of anticipation a how this day was full of music anxiety. And the language that she created was look all of us needed to hear. In particular has again to bring these two worlds a gathered out Bob that there is a mine and her poetry where she said you know we're steeped in the Pastor Wright is a really talking about the past and how the past. Can inform us moving for it ends are I thought she captured it beautifully she looks fantastic in my Indians are blowing up. Really something special win the Latin girls watching television when Hamas followers said he just had to send it to me. He semi starter who Lilly was sitting there and raid similar to Amanda was watching the screen and he says she stopped now the first time GS stock car days. The power of that and that power of his representation. Vice president how my parents and what that means a young girls across the country and across the world order. This symbolizes what is possible but there's something special about when a young black girl can start writing a center early age you're gonna focus on K 212 now. Not a doctor Joseph Biden is an office education going to be. And it's and it's that's who we are as American people. So the fact that we can now see this young black poet laureate Ted you know now showing young girls a power of the pen. The power of writing them power web journalism and how it can bitterly heal a nation and I think that is what she did. I think these are the symbolism of this a Levy that was there and I know we wanna talk about the entertainment portion but First Lady Michelle Obama. I means she looked. Incredible and deceit Twitter and so should media blow up. What this exuberance this celebration and it reminded me of right. Celebration have a good time. Right when America felt good twin democracy felt good I no one here guess earlier Diana's that if she wants to get back to board policy but. I don't think is aimed to going to be boring yet because we're still resists and excitement of our democracy means. So then you had. JO begin to speak Spanish I really can't bring calm. Inauguration when he had Spanish spoken so poignantly. How when people are paying attention and again representation. As particular as our president Biden had a decent Santa myself as began to sign executive orders and we know immigration is going to be at the forefront of what he's thinking and on terms of policy so that was just such a great complementary is almost like as a curatorial moment inauguration committee did with. Having GAO had that moment a sticking a Spanish. As vice president assume that has him tied it begins a sign executive orders around immigration and they had lady got back up perform it and Lady Gaga kind of represented. This is subject in this Abbott the progressive wing of the Democratic Party if you will right so you saw all these four fronts coming together but the news are Garth Brooks. Garth Brooks represents country music and sometimes you think nine world we do about country music. But looking don't realize is what brought Georgia blue was the rural black south. Everything about the role black south you have to think country music. Country music with birth through the black rural south the downed adults the Mississippi. So you saw somebody origin stories. At the policy of music. Our culture. Of history. All coming together some of Garth Brooks is doing it did her realize he was doing gates was bringing together world. Why that's a we thing but Ridley world is also black. Coming together for unity so the mentally up on those performers and Amanda's words so brilliantly brought the whole and arteries and. Home and I want to follow up on the Garth Brooks element of it because you're talking about. You buy it and voters from the south but we heard irony that Silberman Deborah Roberts for five reporting on how trump voters from the south. We're telling them that scene Garth Brooks perform but really packed full for them and made them feel that Biden was clearly reaching out to including. Roll Americans in today's celebration. Absolutely but that massive power of music the power of music as universe so right but the power of music and as you know that's mascots as he is using music and pulling back the social circle constructs of that. So here you have the unity of Garth Brooks and country music. But yet you have and the white world trump supporters embracing and being excited so why to listen to Garth Brooks. At the same time with Garth Brooks that's so old into the black world south to as well in terms of history and origins so you had two different identity groups if you would come identity politics to different idea that he groups. Coming together underneath one clause that unity was what Amanda was talking about it in her speech was really with the theme of our entire inauguration. But it's through that lens of the music music was able to bring it and then bet that that healing that we're looking forward I think Healy Neeson the accountable. As a need to make sure that people were held accountable for the atrocities. That was done to our capital in January the sixth. But music has up as a part of that. And rigging these two Ross together in ways that made him realize it and I think that was a power. Today Garth Brooks and Amanda and have zillow now Lady Gaga. And vice president come on Harris of course made history today as the first woman the first black American the first Asian American vice president. From a cultural perspective. What are those milestones represented. They represent so much you know as a member myself was part of that. And I remember the fraternity kappa alpha psi fraternity incorporated music we're paired together pretty girl's pretty wars that's kinda joke amongst. The black cultural community it's Alicea AKA. Via the White House. To be the first seed now AKA's men's first they were found in 190 wait they were the first black sorority. That would that was found in our nation act. At Howard University was we saw. The band performing she brought her whole self to the inauguration today so not only was she standing up for the divine nine for a black Greek organizations and what that means our country and what black Greek leaders have mix of the civil rights movement. All the way from doctor moral decay into who gave us central board not to date who is the preacher at Ebenezer Baptist church of Atlanta the home insert tomorrow they king who is also a member of alpha phi alpha topic turns incorporated. Then you saw senator Thomas terrorism bring in HT CU marketing at our university. Really bring in culture and bringing black Condace into the floor this there's often some times that. You know black American back identity is kinda sometimes seen as other but what she did is she brought the power of the White House. The power for soared victory and brought them and us into the forefront. And made it we didn't need any validity at one be very clear but what she did what she put it on display for the rest of America to say. This is something specs so this is unique. This is powerfully embedded in our society in our Pulitzer. It needs to be protected it needs to be sustained it and it needs to be not lift its it'd be city given the weight. Obtaining great institution academically here in the country and to be a South Asian descent. This is the first time that we have seen this is that what it's doing it's as allowing Americans to learn. About the culture it's America allowing that Americans to learn Arctic -- (%expletive) and so what's important and that is she's bringing all that with fare. And to the vice presidency she's bring in our that identity she's being an all that holds her into the Oval Office so would seize that situation room when current president Biden have multiple conversations she's gonna bring her lived experience. But it HT CU. Other DeVine nine AKA shadows account officer Patricia incorporated. Are they lived experience and HTC youth. All the experience over South Asian heritage into that room to make decisions. That's a wet diversity really means it and DNI of this term that we use to loose leaf right. But that is what it means to be inclusive and be diverse mr. verse adding hours of experience as. But also to go to get a confused sometimes. It's about representation. How do you show what. How are you appearing frank. Heard just being in the room just fills totals are gonna go around the world. And see a black woman and a South Asian woman being great and sitting at the pinnacle of American democracy. That is the importance of it I cannot wait to see the policies. They'll be informed that cousin. Who she is. Aaron Mike me is always great to talk to you thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"9:49","description":"Sirius XM’s Mike Muse talks J. Lo and Lady Gaga’s performances at the inauguration ceremony and Amanda Gorman, who made history as the youngest inaugural poet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75390535","title":"Celebrities at Inauguration Day","url":"/Politics/video/celebrities-inauguration-day-75390535"}