Census showdown

Supreme Court justices were skeptical of President Donald Trump’s bid to exclude all undocumented immigrants from census count.
2:53 | 11/30/20

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Transcript for Census showdown
For president trump Hampshire before the US Supreme Court today not to challenge 20/20 election results but. To challenge a 20/20 census the president wants to exclude millions of undocumented immigrants from it she count before he leaves office it's never been done before and if he succeeds it could have a sweeping impact on our politics and allocation of federal funds for more than a decade are Devin Dwyer covers Supreme Court has followed today's oral arguments he joins us now DeVon remind us about this Jason what's instincts year. Get the census and he's about so much more than just counting how many people live in the United States has used to determine. How many votes each state gets in congress how many tax dollars each state gets for things like education. And health care the constitution says that's supposed to be based on how many people whole people are in each state the president however once this attract. Undocumented immigrants from the count as you said it's never been down before three lower courts have struck that down. And now the justices have to consider whether or not that can happen here so much on the line for states like California. Florida New York when big immigrant populations they could lose seats in congress and billions of taxpayer dollars it as well. And were there any clues about how the new conservative majority including three try to appointees might roll. You know the court was so skeptical including at least two of the president's appointees of the president's plan in fact I was struck by justice Amy coney Derek and newest member of the court she said that the history and text of the constitution do not appear on president's strong side in this Nicholas in which you dissect. A lot of the historical evidence in a longstanding practice really cuts against your position. And you know there's evidence and the founding there an inhabitants was into Weller. Who lives are resides in a place. There's nothing usual are settled about your residence if your presence is violating federal law. And the summer hasn't agreed to let you stay. But if it's an undocumented. Person has been in the country for say twenty years you know even if illegally as you say. Why would some person I have it is such a person I was settled residents here. So a lot of skepticism of the president's plan to exclude all undocumented immigrants Lindsay but there are they did seem to keep the door open to perhaps a more tailored approach. Maybe the president could exclude some subset. If he revised his plan opponents of all of this said they would bring this back. In court if that happens but for now it's a race against the clock. Both for the court to decide this am president trump they're under a deadline by law to deliver that critical census count to congress. In just days before the inauguration in January when he saw a lot at stake in this critical case very usual for this to be decided in such a quick compressed manner radar taking place at the eleventh hour okay Devin Dwyer our tanks and war.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Supreme Court justices were skeptical of President Donald Trump’s bid to exclude all undocumented immigrants from census count.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74471840","title":"Census showdown","url":"/Politics/video/census-showdown-74471840"}