CEOs to Lawmakers: We've Got the Jobs

U.S. lacks science, technology, engineering, and math specialists.
5:16 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for CEOs to Lawmakers: We've Got the Jobs
-- you stand down is a is our number one focus we are not in this country. Training our kids in stem science technology engineering and math forty states produce fewer US computing graduates than they need to -- the -- openings in their states that only ten states are graduating enough people. -- meet our needs and frankly and you're entered to my heart this story is much worse when it comes to girls and -- these fields. The number of girls who are studying computing has declined 13%. In the last ten years. And 2009. Only 18%. Of undergraduate computing and information science degrees were awarded to women. It's very disappointing for companies like mine when every single headline is about joblessness. Know that there are actually hundreds of thousands of jobs that are going without being filled. -- that need to be filled by people that we bring into the country. So for a new start if we could find computer scientists typically find software developers if we could find engineers we could find -- scientists. Here in the United States we keep up faster we can develop new products we can bring you more shows -- mobile phones. We can invest in the next generation of technology professor professionals. We need to get kids excited about stem we need to live job -- that we need federal assistance in encouraging children to join to stem. We need to make it accessible and available starting in the ninth grade. Especially girls ninth grade and on so critical that is -- when people decide. Whether they're going to go into science technology. Math and engineering and I could say go on and on about it but it. And our point of -- that is the most critical need get me get me qualified people and Robert Byrd taking applications -- back of the room. Because we never miss an opportunity. But again you've looked at the headlines and the -- to what's going on in our sector and it is astonishing.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"U.S. lacks science, technology, engineering, and math specialists.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15098242","title":"CEOs to Lawmakers: We've Got the Jobs","url":"/Politics/video/ceos-lawmakers-jobs-15098242"}