Chad Griffin: GOP's Platform Is From 1812 Not 2012

Human Rights Campaign activist discusses the issue of gay marriage in the 2012 election.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Transcript for Chad Griffin: GOP's Platform Is From 1812 Not 2012
That has been. Very very talked about it certainly on the podium here and speeches as well as constant round C. Around Charlotte for this convention. The issue of gay rights joining us right now -- New president of Human Rights Campaign. Thank you thank you for having me sure you know for so here's the issue of gay rights -- used as a wedge issue. Against Democrats and three. Not that far back 2004. A lot of immigrants -- we lost the race we lost Ohio because of the -- rights issue now it seems. Democrats want to use it against Republicans. How that -- well there's there's no question about the ways that we see in this country move on this issue it has moved lightening. We have seen by the -- Republicans and and Democrats across the country stands up for marriage equality but -- think what's unique at this convention is that marriage equality we didn't. Didn't have one speaker talking about it was it. Integrated throughout -- conviction you heard it every day -- heard from virtually every speaker and as the country has moved on this issue. Now a majority of Americans support -- to while. Is that it's happened so do so has our elected officials moved and so has the party -- and I -- Back someday in the not too distant future. The Republican Party to will be in the same spot that the Democratic Party is on this issue -- -- the voters on this children of very state of North Carolina went right where earlier this earlier this year over the summer. The voters here voted overwhelmingly says that gay marriage every time it's been before voters has gone that direction how long is it going to be before that date is why do you think that voters don't seem to be where the democratic party for first -- all this November I think that. I think this November we have opportunities to win on marriage equality in me. Minnesota and Washington three of those states get -- marriage equality and I hope -- suspect we'll win. It wasn't a lot of pop up public. But not so much do you think. -- -- -- Well -- The the differences in these two candidates -- it's black and white on this issue it is black and white the Republican Party. Is ads right wing -- -- compete when it comes to equality and marriage equality. In many ways I heard someone else say it looks much more like the platform of 1812 at -- close to 2012 but that party platform. It's not only out of touch with with a majority of Americans are it's out of touch with the Republicans. With Republican voters are. It is they're moving like lightning. On this issue it's lightning pace including young Republicans if they want to expand the base of the Republican Party they're gonna have to come along and come along quickly. And not let those. Far right activist. Rights as part of the party platform for. We just heard behind us such Joseph Biden stated that it adopted nomination for the vice presidency Joseph Biden wiping away -- -- gonna hear from him a little bit later tonight at 9 o'clock hour there and his family -- -- his grandsons -- -- his wife doctor Jill Biden as well he's going to be. What does that what are the warmup acts for the president to insult and jet before we let you -- Remarkable to you how fast things have moved on this I -- John Kerry stood up there as as a as a candidate who oppose gay marriage -- Obama ran for election the first time for the candidate who oppose gay marriage it's not just civil unions that you have the higher reversal this party platform. Has now moved all on this issue -- Quick more quickly that you thought obviously it's gotten what you wanted to be but -- Speed surprised. That looks I think the -- surprised a lot of people -- every American whether they know it or not. This past someone close to them someone in their family or a close friend or colleague at the office. Who is LG BT. And what the research shows it's when you know someone you're not going to with karma -- them you're not going to want their families did not have the same. You know rights and privileges as you do and I think that that's what to move this country so far so fast. And I expect the pace to continue I hope and believe that this might just be the last time that we have a difference in the two major party candidates on this issue first all right. British -- Jack Griffin of the human rights -- all right thank you that you did sign in. On our iPad we're having I did we get aren't -- -- -- doodle I think this is that here. He think they all go at Eagles signed OK that Eagles they Jersey logo that is our right -- all right well thank you thank you -- -- -- here.

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{"id":17176489,"title":"Chad Griffin: GOP's Platform Is From 1812 Not 2012","duration":"3:00","description":"Human Rights Campaign activist discusses the issue of gay marriage in the 2012 election.","url":"/Politics/video/chad-griffin-gops-platform-1812-2012-17176489","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}