Children facing harsh, unsanitary conditions in detention facilities on border

The president's executive order also included sanctions impacting Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
10:39 | 06/24/19

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Transcript for Children facing harsh, unsanitary conditions in detention facilities on border
But the trump administration is going to do something on. He's immigration we saw the president in one of his fiery tweets saying that he was going to announce a plan with in the next. Couple weeks to actually start deporting. Families of undocumented. Immigrants are very rash move. For this administration then dialing it back. After apparently a call from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Where she asked the president to take a pause take a minute and now the president saying he was going to give Democrats up on Capitol Hill a chance to figure this out well. Can't he close he was asked about that today during a town hall in Queens New York here's that she had to say about the president's proposed plan. When I saw that the president. It was going to have these rate and is so appalling it's outside the circled civilized human behavior just be kicking down doors splitting up families. And the rest at that in addition to the injustices that are happening at the border we have legislation to go forward. To address those needs but in terms of interior enforcement to. What is the perk in what what's the point you know. Well I won't even go into what the motivation might be for that children are scared. It's scaring the children of America not just in those families but their neighbors and their communities. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking earlier today in Queens New York let's bring in ABC's llama Zack who's been reporting on this. The last several days are also joined by Clara long she's the senior researcher for the Human Rights Watch Clark great to have you with us as well I'm gonna start here in the briefing room with Lana though because Lana you in the team on the have been working on this for the last several days. You actually spoke to a Doctor Who went into one of these facilities down in Texas tell us what she had. That's part of I think what's so profoundly moving about her story she is a pediatrician a local pediatrician in McAllen Texas. And she said that if she hadn't if she had in her private pat and practice fifteen children in the condition that the government is holding these migrant children and she would call Child Protective Services that if she said it was worse than jail she's she. He tailed children torture facilities in the seat and she said that it that it was. That it was cut and with comparable to port terminal is not that CD key officers were torturing children just super clear about that let. But lights left on 24 sevens and children aren't able to sleep in her professional opinion that has an impact a lasting impact on the development of these young brains. They're also receiving inadequate nutrition and as a mother myself this is one of the things that really. Gottesman and I think would get to any parent the idea that. That dean beast in these facilities they don't have access. To running water they aren't able to sanitize and clean these bottles so a baby is drinking from the same bottle day after day after day with out them being washed without them being sanitized. In it is against. All the recommendations of the American academy of pediatrics and in many of the case is not having self not having basic high eighteen. Products not being able to base some of these children three weeks without being bathed eight it is a breeding ground to call that a key trinkets dish for disease and it in it is fundamentally beyond politics and is jumped about what is right and what is wrong in this case it is. Wrong and you spent inductees hurting we have a little bit sound mean true that you won't those take a listen to what she said you. I mean their I don't guidelines for basic sanitation for everything at church. You know promoting Health Department or day cares for schools. On. That's what it felt I believe. I believe. And we think America. I believe the conditions at these facilities are placing them at increased risk for infection. Disease and death. I believe the 24 hour lights. Are causing permanent damage to the development of their young Britons. And Lana she is nonpolitical but she said told you in the team's she wanted to go to see this for herself and was. She Coleen Rooney have a doctor right out there is she's not we heard from politicians and politicians we've heard from journalists we've heard from. Lawyers and immigration advocate she's a pediatrician what she cares about is the health and well being of children. And I and she initially didn't want to go on the record with she wanted us to know what was happening there but. But she didn't want to being part of this debate eager political debate that. In many times as in many cases vitriolic. Let's she what she saw was so appalling to her that she needed everyone to know what she. Let's turn that right now Rick Clara long's Claritin EU and the folks over Human Rights Watch I know I'm have been dealing with with these stories are so so long. What do you see. Right now is the biggest problem in this story that longer on the team and working on just to hear that doctor. And her firsthand impressions it is quite striking. And a doctor actually that facility hundred miles down in order that already knee and accident along with it's another. I'm not let very similar children not showers. Seem. And an insufficient through. I every day in their close to a month. With Barry young children have no spare time know when Ukraine's. You don't change a diaper companies accept the other. And older children Bernstein and over south and I agree it is is beyond. Politics it's it's a level human rights and use that the US history. And clarity is just based on your testaments right now how many children do you believe. Are still being put in these conditions could read the numbers have fluctuated so much hang on what we get. And the Department of Homeland Security but I'm curious just based on your team in your knowledge what are you seeing. Her act and her in order jails are reading or at least in another system Rodman rep you. This sent. It is converse accidents and number. Eight. In the number children be out of our creating or. Are creating new space slowed dramatically under this administration. As initiation. Test you investigated and potentially Iraq where people who or worse for children. And so that is actually driving force here that many children porter's you know. Initiation to girl after sponsors children comports Sharon. We know in mid may are late may never 2000. Doesn't 300 children awaiting placement. Border Patrol facilities. Things seem to be shifting rapidly that it's not mean that there should teens in the direction necessarily. Aren't policemen in our. Similar facilities in Iraq on Monday clean and taxes that where 300 each and there. I understand it recorded. At the Border Patrol is not out around but not necessarily shelters are centers Burks did. I'm on an. Alert order actual stations including on that I actually. Conditions worse. And and one of the other things that we heard clarity curious and if you also witness says would that there was hands sanitized her in the facility but. It was only for the guards. It was in for the UN for the children who were there they were not given access to it in the mid that's similar to what you when you found. In Clint Texas. In Clinton as we ends a debate at the hands and didn't sell. And they did not. Showers and you. Need kids. I mean being what are disagree dirty noticeably dirt. And had aren't in many. And Clark Kerr one of the things that we were talking about here the other pages as were seen to shift. Happening with that the president was saying on one day in between the next day it is just the constant fear. They goes through for any family whether its the parents Oakland no people that are currently in this situation. I'm curious you know just for an organization like yours what are some of the services that you have offered. Families thus far are those that are finding themselves in these situations that they're in these facilities or. Relatives they know they have somebody maybe don't want to this even mean is there are free for themselves what can you and the folksy Human Rights Watch him. Is primarily teens and documenting human rights abuses. And working together. Meet partners for the US attorney as a mother. I'm in Carson. River documenting conditions. Can't I just decided. And numbers. That we're gonna start trying to make contact protect and started using our cell phones you call in and do. Research to track I am in numbers. Cap on numbers are Stockard wraps. I mean when I spoke at chat. Plastic bracelet afterwards US parent and number written in permanent marker number. Topped an apparent he had no idea how. Well but think think they had someone like you and your team there to actually find that child called the number let them that. They were okay and that's part of what's really can. Earning about this that by some estimation is there are that up to 70% of these children actually have. A US sponsor somebody who lives in this country right now. That is willing to take them line what we heard from CD key they say that they are strapped they are absolutely taxed to the Max because. They have limited resource is they cannot care and for all of these children and their trying to do their best but yeah. They need to be moved out of these facilities and by law they're only allowed to be there for seven. I'm they sit atop even routine and done such great work on this Lana if you wanna go on her website you've got to read the story that Lana Serena and the rest virtually a done. The headline on the doctors compare conditions for unaccompanied children immigrant holding centers to torture facilities it is a really. We're really important Reid and Lana thank you thank you to us. Thank you very much car along with senior human rights country appreciate it.

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