Chris Christie to Heckler: 'Keep Quiet or Get Out'

The New Jersey governor was interrupted by a group of protesters during his town hall meeting.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Chris Christie to Heckler: 'Keep Quiet or Get Out'
My name is -- I didn't -- -- -- -- It's a long time permeated the -- get -- I -- -- I didn't teenagers need from Philadelphia for a better life. Three children here for schools and letting you know and I found out just a little bit ago my taxes were my state taxes -- 2000 dollars for this year. Which. Is hard for -- -- -- him. -- second. Listen listen let me just good good -- -- to do either sit -- to keep quiet or get out what are the other work done with you. -- -- What what it recently. Down out of outlet at school districts. And now I know they were put in place to help those in need but. Is there anything going to be put many students -- its -- -- because I know in Cinnaminson New Jersey over 60%. Our real estate taxes go to school district's young cousin this is -- anything funny happen. -- Was pleasure and it wasn't because I agree with you on every issue -- your priorities. But as someone who -- who grew up in New Jersey all of his life spent has been Harrison talks. IC lot of things going on -- just not right people accountable for things and that's why I voted for you. And I know that you can't talk about it right now because it's too early. But I like to be able to vote for you with third time. And the reason lies because IC was going -- Washington DC. -- I -- -- at a country level they need a wake up call. When they couldn't. As a recent retiree. I -- for me knowing knowing is always better than not knowing and we do a large problem with the pension fund thank you for bringing clarity to it. What kind of things would you like to see done to help alleviate the problems. For us to share the pity. Soon what is -- and a footing of sound financial stability. It's just hang -- -- one of the interesting things worthy of I don't get into the question and working its was when he adjusting things is. That I'd love I really love youthful enthusiasm I really -- -- and and these folks -- come in here today. On ginned up further wrote partisan purposes -- getting exactly what they want is what happens is they get taken out to get attention in the press follows the now. And -- interviews. Right which is exactly what they want they don't want an answer for me. If they want an answer for me it we could be called on it. They asked the question that give an answer people -- watched my town hall meetings now 113 times I've had plenty of people. Who were angry with me and don't like me who Caldwell believe -- I didn't call -- on purpose. I -- -- people randomly sometimes they'd like these sometimes they don't sometimes -- neutral. And when the scream at me you know some days likes it this taken in Cuba reasonable -- response after macbreaking -- updates yelled back at them. And you've all seen this so. Understand that I have no problem. I grew up household. -- Irish father and a Sicilian mother. Which means that I -- been raised on conflict OK so I don't public conflict but it there probably is -- like this like all of -- get a chance to ask this question. And an end you don't get a chance to here and then I don't get a chance to answer.

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{"id":22899691,"title":"Chris Christie to Heckler: 'Keep Quiet or Get Out'","duration":"3:00","description":"The New Jersey governor was interrupted by a group of protesters during his town hall meeting.","url":"/Politics/video/chris-christie-heckled-town-hall-meeting-22899691","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}