Chris Christie: Senior Aide 'Lied to Me'

The New Jersey governor fires Bridget Anne Kelly in wake of lane-closure scandal.
3:00 | 01/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chris Christie: Senior Aide 'Lied to Me'
I have come out here. To this office where I've been many times before. And I come out here today. To apologize. To the people of New Jersey. I apologize. To the people of Fort -- And I apologize to the members of the state legislature. I am embarrassed. And humiliated. By the conduct. Of some of the people. On my team. There's no doubt in my mind. That the conduct that they exhibited. Is completely unacceptable. And showed a lack of respect. For their appropriate role of government. And for the people that -- trusted to serve. Two pieces. To what I want to talk about it. First -- I believe this. All of the people. Who were affected by this conduct. To surface -- policy. And that's why I'm giving -- I also. Need to apologize to them for my failure. Has the governor this state. To. Understand the true nature of this problem sooner. Than I did. But I believe I have an understanding now the true nature of the problem. And I've taken the following actions. As a result. This morning I terminated the employment. Which -- Kelly. Effective immediately. I terminated her employment because she likes it. I brought my senior staff together. Thing about four weeks ago tomorrow. And I put to all of them. Challenge. If there is any information. That you know. About the decision to close these lanes in Fort -- You have one hour. To tell either. My chief of staff Kevin no doubt. -- my chief counsel Charlie in the -- I told them. That an hour I was going to go out a press conference. And if you don't give -- other information to the contrary. That I was gonna say that no one on my staff was involved. In this matter. Over the course of the next hour. Kevin and Charlie interviewed each member of my senior staff. Came back and reported to me that they all reported that there was no information. All -- that what we already knew. -- been testified to by senator Bologna. Regarding this. Incident. I then. Questioned. Kevin O'Dowd and Charlie -- directly since they are the only two who report directly to me. And they assured. That they had no information. That would change my ability -- -- -- say that no one. Response to -- -- question. On my staff. Was involved. In this matter. That was obviously a lot. And the emails that I -- for the first time. Yesterday morning. When they were broken. And I believe the Bergen record story. Proof that that was a -- There's no justification. For that behavior. There is no justification. For ever line. To a governor poor person in authority in this government. And as a result. -- terminated. -- its employment. Immediately. This morning.

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{"id":21475589,"title":"Chris Christie: Senior Aide 'Lied to Me'","duration":"3:00","description":"The New Jersey governor fires Bridget Anne Kelly in wake of lane-closure scandal.","url":"/Politics/video/chris-christie-senior-aide-lied-21475589","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}