Christie Says the 'Magic and Mystery' of Politics is the Uncertainty

After the New Hampshire Republican Primary, the candidate is heading back to New Jersey.
10:54 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Christie Says the 'Magic and Mystery' of Politics is the Uncertainty
There have all were children we want to say thank you to our New Hampshire rambling. Very very. Here and I. Who have made New Hampshire home for us. In such a significant way. Four of the last nine months. We have won't be incredibly hard your has been so much and we know we're number one minute. One win we figured editor of looking bad old friends and new friends. Folks are taught how do you know. Who are so honored to serve with the United States attorney for seven years old he's will leave them. Do you think you always wash error by her side. It never hurts him. Sheriff Scott Hilliard who bark side. The writer has been as little friend supporter. Veteran Dan Danny Glover who have been extraordinary friends and supporters. The underdog side effect. And senator Nancy Stiles. Dynamic duo of supporters possibly we love them both we. For markers. There's so many. Bush who violence. Mr. Brothers. Sergeant major cause. You know the case. Solely folks who live so wonderful to us. We loved bear community cross country and we especially love our veterans and New Hampshire. They deserve much better treatment and getting across the car. We have a perfect child. CN we have adopted. Over the course of don't ask don't remind us. She had. It's early these. There is forward and came out here and sharing any disease no one. Work harder for us more we'll. Us Norway don't bring your dad that is our share when resolved waiting. Kate rhetoric masks. It was nothing more important state security younger people. An expert it must pay much more tests. On one pass. We came in ahead to save government. Needs to once again work people. People were approved. We came here to say. That education. Should not put our children. In Baghdad for the next twenty or thirty years or life and we have to better the vast country for the next generation. We can't say for our seniors. Sony's. Various Social Security system. Fix the Medicare systems. Bill that were bankrupt our country. And we came here to say. That's being your life matters. Experience matters the competence matters. And that it will open. In leading our nation. Was hurt. Anyway. Stood for my. Just. Not enough tonight. That's okay. For the people who go to fraud there's a lot of folks in this who have. I have both won elections. That I was supposed to lose. And I lost elections I was supposed to win and what that means is you never doubt. And his both. The magic. And the mystery. Of politics. That you never quite know wind which is going to happen even when you think. And so we leave New Hampshire tonight. With Al in the annals of regret. Not from his heart we've spent. After thousands of people tonight in New Hampshire will vote for us we thank each and every one of for the confidence that that vote represents. In the us. As people. And that's a service. You know. Governor Larry cogan. Covered all of page. Governor Charlie Baker. Are all people who understand. Boat Bergen the opportunity. Of having the final decision today in the basic state. And I'm so proud so proud to have their support the president of the United States because for folks who actually know what it's like to make a decision. And be held accountable for him to have their support as being an extraordinary. Display of loyalty. And friendship. So governor Hogan was here and cover of the page and government maker warned or watching. I respect them for your friendship camaraderie their understanding and I want to congratulate dolls for his victory tonight here in New Hampshire. No no listen you know what winning is never easy. No one ever given a victory and the people of new Hampshire Republican Party and he has spoken very clearly. That mr. trump is their preference in this election he deserves congratulations for that. The race will continue down the road South Carolina the other states we move forward but we're New Hampshire they have chosen their candidates tonight. I mean he deserves congratulations for that and he has both mind and Mary pat congratulations. To Kenya and Malawi and her family on their victory tonight. Mary pat and I so tonight we've decided that we're gonna go home to New Jersey tomorrow. And we're going to take a deep breath. Seem in the final results are tonight because that matters. When it was six. Exactly how viable to happen because so many New Hampshire residents came out to vote today. It could take awhile. These votes we want to see exactly what happens. And so we're at all New Jersey to wait much forward to market and we should know which you don't vote count is an and allows immediate decision. About how we move from here. In this race. But there's no reason it's in South Carolina in a hotel room to hear that we'll go home we have been home for two weeks. So here it is these books. QB and ice that. And that's right it's so so we will gold futures tomorrow morning. We will me a decision on our next step forward based upon the results that coming you can please your New Hampshire. But behalf of Mary pat. And answer Sarah. And pastures and Bridget. We want to thank all of you. For your friendship for your support for your for your confidence. It for you or hurt. We also thank. The rest of our family was here like that and his wife Fran micro talk. I thought why though is watching at home in those. That I feel her love as a stand and up here the way I always do. Officers who are friends and our supporters we have much work still do. And I look forward to a network and continuing to move forward our agenda for the nation. And for state that I serve and we will continue to both over the course time. We thank our staff. All members of the Christie campaign the campaign get more with less than any campaign. He ran a campaign Maria Comella had McKay. The focus yeah sure we'll. Finance chairman ray Washburn. And a guy who goes. More about New Hampshire than any guy from New Jersey I've ever met in my life. The throw remember my team's 2000. And I hope you continues to be one. So good people of New Hampshire people our country or watch it tonight. IC thank you for your confidence your support for your take your time to listen. These that we pass. You know me I won't stop talking. Obviously you speak out about the issues that I care about. We'll continue to work really hard together. And we'll move down the road from here based upon the results tonight. In what's best in this order. For my family. For my state. And for my country.

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{"duration":"10:54","description":"After the New Hampshire Republican Primary, the candidate is heading back to New Jersey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36826478","title":"Christie Says the 'Magic and Mystery' of Politics is the Uncertainty","url":"/Politics/video/christie-magic-mystery-politics-uncertainty-36826478"}