Church Members Share Moving Tale of Son's Tragic Death

RNC 2012: Pat and Ted Oparowski detail Mitt Romney's kindness toward their terminally-ill son.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Church Members Share Moving Tale of Son's Tragic Death
Unit boats. My wife and I. People of modest means. I made my living as a professional firefighter for 27. Years. I. Prior to moving to. Randolph Vermont's. We lived in Medford. Massachusetts. -- was there we met. Mitt Romney and his family. It's been over thirty years since we have lost our son David. The memories. Are still vivid. And painful. Only wanted. To share them with you because. David -- -- As a part of -- story. And America deserves to hear it. Back in the early 1970s. Mid visited our home. Numerous times. But his oldest son tank. Tagging along. He was in the bank -- -- support system. Wonder -- received the news. That no parent is prepared to confront. You cannot. Measure a man whose character. Based on the words. -- -- -- before adoring crowds. During. Times that -- happy. The true measure of a man is revealed. In his actions. During. Times of trouble. The quiet. -- -- -- Of a dying -- -- no cameras. And no reporters. This is the time to make that assessment. In 1979. -- tragedy struck -- -- When -- -- on David. Diagnosed -- Hodgkin's disease a long. It was a cancer. Over a period of seven months he was in an -- of Children's Hospital in Boston for treatment. Throughout that agonizing period and it took time from his busy schedule to visit David. They developed a loving friendship. On one of his visit -- discover that David was very fond of fireworks. He went out and bought a box full of big time firework that had to sit on the closet -- Because they couldn't be sent off in the city. We waited until we were able to go to a gun -- -- -- we set them off on the zambians. With permission from the fire and police department. Through that simple but thoughtful gifts. -- brought joy to a young boy who had experienced. Any. Had not had not experienced any for too long. He also gave the rest of -- a welcome relief. On another visit David knowing that had gone to law school at Harvard. Asked -- if he would help them write a will. He had some prized possessions he wanted to make sure were given to his closest friends and family. The next time it went to the hospital. He was equipped with a yellow legal pad and pen. Together they made Davidson will. That as a task that no child should ever have to do. But it gave David peace of mind. So. After David's death we were able to give his skateboard. Is model rockets. And his fishing year to his best friend. He also made it clear that his brother Peter. -- -- is -- 22 rifle. How many men do you know would take the time out of their busy lives to visit the terminally ill fourteen year old. And help him settle his affairs. David also helped us plan this funeral. He wanted to be buried in his boy scout uniform. You want to admit to pronounces eulogy. And it was there to honor that request. We -- only ever grateful to admit but as. -- -- Wish that god will continue to bless Mitt Romney. And Paul Ryan and our efforts. In doing so -- He will bless the United States of America.

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{"id":17121123,"title":"Church Members Share Moving Tale of Son's Tragic Death","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: Pat and Ted Oparowski detail Mitt Romney's kindness toward their terminally-ill son.","url":"/Politics/video/church-members-share-moving-tale-sons-tragic-death-17121123","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}