Climate activists take a stand; Saudi official on tension with Iran

Activists participated in mass walkouts in major cities around the world, demanding action on climate change. New images emerge of the damage to Saudi oil facilities after the attack.
26:52 | 09/21/19

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Transcript for Climate activists take a stand; Saudi official on tension with Iran
Yeah. They're pretty welcome two degree Fairmont Devin Dwyer ABC news in Washington great to have you with us happy Friday a lot of headlines were covering. I today starting with news breaking all over the world right now millions of young people turning out in the streets of major cities to draw attention. To the impacts of climate change their calling it. The climate strike students skipping out. On school workers. Off the job today is these large scale demonstrations. And everywhere from Australia to the Philippines to Belgium to New York. Ought captive Haiti in our viewers with these images really extraordinary scenes. Including in the city of Seattle in Washington State and that's were I'm joined Obama Monica Pedersen their affiliate ABC affiliate Como she's been tracking. Those developments harmonica great to see you. Give us a sense of the scope of the protest you're covering and is unlike anything seen before. Yeah I you know were pretty well known for a protest here in Seattle so this when his zest as well attended. As you would expect there are thousands of kids here. And I don't know do you guys know this wet Seattle public schools did not excuse these students but they showed up anyway even some of the teachers are here parents are here kids of all ages are here and they tell me that they are just fighting for their future. You know one of the organizers one of the student organizers that I talked to. She told me that kids her age sixteen and seventeen have climate didn't anxiety that's what they're calling it climate anxiety. And some of them are so upset and Salma. About their officers that they're thinking about not even having children I don't want to bring them all moral. Shin have these major hurricanes every here so they're really. Just here so let everybody know that they want their voice and their voices heard even though they're not old enough to vote yes. While we see the we see the science behind U we hear the chancellor Monica. It we serve we sure can you tell us are they demanding anything specific car the protesters there in Seattle. Calling for any specific concrete action. Well you know Seattle has its own version of the new green DL so what they'd like to see is climate pollution. Eliminated or decreased by the year 2030 and they want to create thousands of green jobs they believe that this is that the way of the future and these jobs will be necessary they want people to start getting trained her for them right now so bad there asking for the same things that everyone around the world is asking for but particularly here in Seattle. They want to eliminate climate. Pollution. Carla Monica pierce thanks so much for your reporting great to have you in the show moniker from our affiliate Como. In Seattle remarkable scene there protesters also spilling out into the streets. New York I don't know if we still live picture of the happen extraordinary march are under way in that city is well done a battery Park City just look at those crowds students. As you've been seen skipping out on school also is trying to draw attention to this issue of climate change its policy neat and makers to. Prepare to meet in New York City next week. As part of the UN general assembly to meet to discuss a global response to the climate crisis. Well next to the deepening mystery here in Washington involving a phone call earlier this summer between president trump. And a foreign leader in Ukraine the message president trump delivered to that leader I was so troubling to one US intelligence official that he file they. Whistle blower complaint with the inspector general of the intelligence community we don't know yet. I just exactly what was in that call that the whistle blower found so urgent in troubling but the president today defended his conduct on the call scene it was a beautiful conversation. Entirely appropriate checklists. It's a partisan whistle blows. They shouldn't even have information. I've had conversations with many leaders that always appropriate. Think Scott can tell you always appropriate at the highest level always appropriate. And anything I do like fight for this country I fight so strongly for this country. It's just another. Political hack job that silliness. The president guide to crime politics here for more on this sort of bring in our senior. Justice Department producer Jack dots they also are investigative reporter. Catherine fathers is over at the White House Jack a lot of people have been seen these headlines over the past 24 hours kind of a lot to digest here should. Arm but let's just take a big picture look. At a whistle blower complaint of this kind is this common for these sorts of things to be blown in a presidential communication or relatively rare. I think it's exceedingly rare for it to be sort of you have to have a with Obama president I can think of another case where that has happened but it's also exceedingly rare that they can tell congress about it. So there's often whistle grower complaints and those by law. Reported conversations are told about it or the what's blow themselves it's a path to tell congress in this case though the Director of National Intelligence. Sort of throws everything in place and said this whistle blower story can't go to congress number one number two. That it's there's food no recourse for this person could you not to approve that this person can go themselves. Outs and capture folders without. The ability of this whistle blower to bring. The information to the congress which has survey. Check and balance power on the White House without. The public getting this year transcript of this call it's really difficult right to know. And for all of us to judge whether this was actually something nefarious or really benign like the president sets. And the exactly we don't know the contents of that call we haven't. The scene a transcript of that call we know that that. But the president as you mentioned as saying that. It wasn't a big deal what was said on the call he said it was a very pleasant call of course after saying that he didn't know what call. We were specifically asking him about in the Oval Office but that's right seven with with the White House and other stepping in. With this effort to is she old bill whistle blower complaints from reaching congress there's really no telling unless we. See that transcript what was actually said on this particular. A Cong question. In a number of members of congress Democrats all starting to sound off on this concerned about the potential the president. I may have broken the law here senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut a short time ago. The president keep his resume he wants of course but there are consequences. For world. The actions the president may take it is in contravention of the law or use its. Jack the president has a good little Lee way as the leader of this country to conduct foreign relations we know that from the supreme courts and the constitution. What though crude. Potentially be a line that would be crossed and a conversation like this generally. Boy. You know mr. To be constitutional violations of bribery and things of that nature so. You know if it crosses we pro pro some right corrupt offer exactly is that thank you pondered sort of high crime to mr. meters but the promise. How did we ever find out. We don't know that we don't know and frankly the actions of that stricter national intelligence. Are protected under the loan situated it's not even reveal will by the courts in the statute says. That there is no judicial review for this kind of action so if it were were really stuck it in an uncomfortable place on the. Im still don't know yet in other words how serious this actually is although there are some tea leaves as an added layer of complexity that will touch on quickly here. Because we do know Catherine. That the ukrainians. Put out a statement following a call that the queen Ukrainian president had a president front said the two men talked about investigations. In that country we also know. That the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has been talking about wanting to go to Ukraine its asks the ukrainians to investigate. Presidential candidate Joseph Biden of course we don't know if any of this is connected to this particular phone call just yet but the president Catherine won't answer questions about whether Joseph Biden came up in his call. Yea he lot of news asked specifically is Biden camp in this them on he said I'm not going to talk about what. What came up and that call but I think people should be investigating it Joseph Biden was what he set in the Oval Office. Today DeVon but as you mentioned still we don't know exactly what was said on the call. But I think you're one other thing we can't you sign up. Now the inspector general that you hoots of intelligence professional Mazzone really it made a determination that under the look at this is a series or break Clinton. Play Kurt problem abuse or violation of the law. And in the law it states in that definition states. That it does not include differences of opinion concerning public policy matters. And that might sort of neutralize whether or not this is somebody who who disagreed with the policy that if it. That can't be considered in this and so you know it it has to be sort of top line of a flagrant abuse. And he made a determination that yes this was and we should not excited. Chris the president insistent that this is politics we shall see as more details come out. On this in the days ahead of right now that really pass the smell test and has a lot of people asking questions Catherine fathers at the White House thanks so much Antarctic. I think you for that reported never great weekend you guys next. I now to the deepening standoff with Iran president from convene the National Security Council this man this afternoon at the White House to consider actions. In response to that strike last weekend on those oil facilities. Inside Saudi Arabia earlier today the president announced that he is imposing new sanctions on Iran what he calls the toughest sanctions and any country ever. In US history meantime the Saudi government you're seeing pictures here is giving. ABC news a closer look at the damage. From those strikes at the oil facilities which created the largest disruption in global oil. In no you in their global history short time ago I spoke. With a senior Saudi official about the attack who's responsible. For what it might mean for US involvement in the Middle East. The president president from tweeted immediately after he said the US is locked and loaded. In his words I don't know if you saw the tweet he said he's waiting for the saudis to tell him what to do when it comes to some sort of military response. Did you. See that we do you what do you make of that in do you want anything from the United States in response. For as well as you mentioned that Denver and we content you process as as. When a follow up Verity historic come. A lie yen and we also rely on on on mutual election. Bonding between the two countries. I think so that'd be also is usually doesn't want to it creates any war is in the region the region is ordered the full loaf of before. A hall style events. How about we don't want this event to. Costs and and on and that. Audited than also. The action knocked from Saudi Arabia from the international community you wouldn't think there needs to be your response to some well the slums of some kind. We do not to actually. Called for awards but also we do not accept. That people will violate tea. That the country. Angles within panache and on the policy and Saudi Arabia. We do with TX two prevent its. Borrowing that is an also. Lawyer no production sites but. That careful assessment and also in consultation with the UN and an international. Community including called friends and allies. What do you say to those. Critics here in the United States who want the United States to simply stay out of this is that something that we should do. When a Saudi Arabia is part of the international community again and it. Picking the orient. Production so that it is actually be an escalation against the economy if the world it's not a peculiar sort of rupiah. And we known that feel this is is it's sort of come friend and ally. Saying that week with the allies in the US however. That is a statement by the parliament's two and also by the government of southern India. So that if you will defend its its there. Country if it needs to be. You're here in the United States to visit the United Nations next week to announce quite a large humanitarian. Donation on behalf of Saudi to Yemen tell us about that 500 million dollars. Well demands that it has always been to and honestly amendment for decades for more than four decades it's. The top don't know what vehement for the use and Abbas and in the last forum Hopkins has been. Number one doughnut TM and we can't volunteer many people did its historical bonding between. Donations of Saudi Arabia and the nation of Yemen and they've gotten so what happens in him and we catapult him. The in the UN has been at least the human rights council's been quite critical. The saudis in its in its bombing campaign in particular. I'm sad and very high numbers civilian deaths to talk or care for them via. For the people it's not Yemeni people it have there been too many civilian deaths at the hands of Saudi bombs went. Is it worth it. That they've and we have that he killed from actually. Again I'm not new to the person but the continue as a humanitarian so that it is very careful not. In the target can go process we coordinated to we've. The UN agencies who could if it would be. Office of the coordination of view and how about I cannot deny that any conflict are mistakes which happen so that it via. It is subject to a mistake but when that is and stick. We do not shy from investigating it. And also putting it to the public and if he needs to be we would compensated those who have been. Affected. Our thanks to a Belo lobby or from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for joining us and I'm joined on the phone now by ABC news. Riyadh Saudi Arabia producer sue hill wood in. Who was among the reporters they got to see firsthand the damage at those oil facilities sue hill thank you so much. For joining us on the phone you've got a firsthand look today what did you see. At that facility. Mr. clerk earned all Iran Kurd Arab Arab terror crock. Our primary art few their great Christopher orbit but. Places that would hit by. Unity Iraq piranha curtain to extra charisma carpenter former hit that place. So we so basically what we got to Corey. Say is that the remnants of more important. The ball. Things like this and so the damage or sort of saw. They're in the participant in very competent. That they will be able to repair the damage is some sort of was so you know oil out to order was to coordinate. Simply saw a lot of damage. It was a very long days since the unit in the city and our men who work in. Theater divers. It was an inside the net and under what movie look at around there's. But what it is and we are told throughout the day that justices we don't even let members of the public and president crack and even people who work. India around capabilities. They're not even without the use and development basic he did about illicit. This was more and an embryo cripple its hook up there to be about it. Do you have we're seeing those pictures now see hell of of this stuff that you shot there it does look like they're already beginning to try to rebuild that. Did you get a sense of how long it's gonna take them to restore the output I think I think they said the loss of 50% of their oil output right after the attack. Yeah well in and then losing about five point seven barrows. As Dave which has a lot with my you know the future. Then and internationally. Markets. Hitter profitability. That are there has been hit very badly and her. These C local authorities were thing that's you know just how great the people who are responsible. Been rebuilding. Preparing to be structured. Our and I think it hurt to restore everything by the end of the month for their routines very very quick to me but that it has by the end of what they'll be but he's. Levels of production Burton school. Or hurt your alarm code so important that. Asa heal before we let you go everyone here in Washington is talking about the possibility of a US response. To this attack what are you hearing there in the region are is there any talk of a Saudi. Response imminent. I think we you'll get is that very cautious or think they want to avoid conflict. What are knows and the Israelis yet that they that they've written property said that. You know that the attack will weird certain indications. That word in piranha back toward Iran in front of the pack ticket that the petition with which submit. Lab didn't you hit the target. We're so perfect but it wasn't something that they hoot heat rebels would be capable of doing. Senate papers you come out says yes this user is Iran's. Three short but from the direction of McClellan yeah accuracy but you're are you look at the next step is that we can put these inspectors. The comment and let me inspectors will make their equipment and then there'll. React accordingly or however they look there is a lot of quotes from because you'll get that matter at this from the front ms. hook people up broken equipment. Separate they say they're more and more concrete than this week and that it won't be involved in anything else. And I think Peter Iran is different kept looking. There are Berkeley PRI. I doubt it very clear. He got caught who pretty clear sign their to their try to dial things down there we heard from president trump today as well us who viewed in. Are ABC news producer in Riyadh Saudi Arabia thank you so much so he'll stand up late there are no the hours later and it was very long day appreciate your reporting great to see those images. Our thanks to him nine out of the race. I exits 4020 and a new sense of urgency in the democratic presidential field as we head into the fall New York City mayor bill the Bellagio today allowing out. Of the presidential race after seen it clearly is not his moment meanwhile. The remaining contenders are shaking up their team's starting to throw some sharper attacks at their rivals certainly have a little bit about Hunger Games feel our political director Rick Klein is here to talk under games Eric thanks let's talk there's three kind of big headlines that have popped of Dallas when he flowers you talked about it in the note this morning but I wanna start with Bernie Sanders. He sort of struggled to create the recreate the magic his last term shaking up his staff and now we're seeing he insert to question. The electability of Joseph Biden in a unique way let's take lessons in the sense. Actually I like Jordan though many many years the truth as he is against trouble in my view not a strong candidate Joseph will generated. Very little looks. In order to do it trump you're gonna need a massive voter turnout but that means brigade young people into the political process. Working people who in some cases don't bode well people. I just don't think there Joseph was adjourned up. It is an agenda that's gonna creek economy energy and it's like in need to have dislodged or return. He's not the guy that can win and we've heard and in some reformer variation from the other candidates that this is pretty direct more direct birdies on I don't know much excitement Bernie Sanders is generating with the delivery on that line ergonomics and it's a precursor what's the com I mean this is. If this is one of the critical. Questions that Democrats are confronting and we got added our debate we -- yesterday only a piece ago. Believe it or not is that a month ago and it literally. But this is where Bernie has to go in part because he realizes that Joseph Biden's. Stiff has gone wire wires a front runner. And in part because he has seen himself eclipsed as the Biden alternative amid to the rise of Elizabeth Warren so a lot of emblems waiting for this moment. When does Bernie start naming names and come out and say. I don't think this guy can win that is a critical thing it could be marking when this. It do you see this is being perhaps that moment Avery harper joins us from New York she covers the senator's campaign. It's not just to changing their rhetoric every he's actually shaking up staff and some of the early key states because those poll numbers a stagnant. Tell tell us about that what it what are they doing on the grounds. Well we do know that these sanders' campaign has made staffing changes in both New Hampshire and Iowa. When we speak to the sanders' campaign they say they're going to continue to make. These changes that they need. To make sure that they are in the best position to win in these early states and you can talk about. That instead ran video we're really seeing eight a shift in how. I'm Bernie Sanders talked about his swings we rivals. Typically when asked Sanders talks is asked about Joseph Biden he will limit that criticism to. Our policy he will say look you know Biden and I don't agree on the bank bailouts and didn't agree on the war in Iraq. We have different views one how to move America forward this is definitely a different vein and you can see it we will continue to be watching that as. I'm Bernie Sanders fines to stay at the top of the pack in the polls. All right Avery harper thanks so much for that meanwhile Rick as Elizabeth Warren sort of starts to rival Joseph Biden is front and different she sticking on. A some new heat now from mayor people who did you choose. Sort of sticking it to were on her answer over this question of our health care plan and whether will raise taxes. On the middle class here's a little bit of mayor people who judge going after Elizabeth Warren. Senator Warren is known for being straightforward and was extremely invasive when asked that question. And we seen that repeatedly and I think it's up puzzling that when everybody knows the answer to that question. Of whether her plan and senator sanders' plan will raise middle class taxes is yes why wouldn't just say though so and then explain why you think that's the better way forward. And he lived near eighteenth and so you don't I have stepped. Up big part of my life talking about why families go broke. And here's part of dad is health care costs. Add I think we need to face head on what's happening with health care costs today. Ingesting Gomez joins us now from Iowa he's been trailing. People to judge around and has followed this back and forth just and so was with the mayor simply was this just him responding to a question about Elizabeth warm receipt dated there is this actually part of a new strategy by people who judge to to be more aggressive going toward after the front runners. What stuff like the most aggressive every scene to. He's so far this campaign I think this is a going to be a new tactic for him we know his campaign is saying that they're now in phase three. Of this part of of their campaign so this could be something that we see from the mayor from here on out where he goes after his competitors by name and directly. Q I was also with him in South Carolina earlier this week where voter brought up Joseph Biden in how he differed from the former vice president. And booty just also went after Biden a little bit saying that they differed on foreign policy. So this could be something new that we see from the mayor coming up for the rest of these months leading up to the first caucus in Iowa. Are just and thank you so much out on the trail richt this question now. Is not new are not unique to people to judge this is something that Joseph Biden product and yeah greatest and pericles does it hurt her that she doesn't have a direct answer she's gonna have to get a direct answer and DeVon she got the question from Stephen cold air. This week she opened or Stephanopoulos we feel right she is not answering a she's been asked many times will this race accident middle class. The true answer me mayor Pete's right if Bernie Sanders plan is her plan was she says that is you'll raise taxes on their assets as much he says is much now be. He follows that up right away with saying but also brought to go out and that to me is the missing piece we are rushing afraid to connect. Institute to do the same thing he's doing as it is she doesn't want to sound bite on tape you're gonna go back to Walter Mondale 1984 saying that Todd that he would raise your taxes and that was something that was used. A consistently against him I think there's there's a concern in a lot of democratic camps. That'd that they don't get exploited not just by the Joseph Biden in the mayor Pete the world will I don't talk to take she wants to raise your taxes. She's gonna have to though explain it because now we're rivals are beginning to say. This is not swearing you have to be honest going to plan doesn't doesn't do. So watch her and her acrobatics on that question Rick let's finally talk about Connell a hair senator from California she's been struggling. After the second and third debates sliding in the polls are some new talk in the past 24 hours about her going all in in Iowa what do you make of that. Well it's it is not just it's not just talk around that means she said I'm -- thing moving time in their car hop my cell on T shirts around isn't any fundraisers around around the around the F word is which is another tricky things in our politics these days. But it's all in on Iowa and in look he PP it's a recognition of the importance of that state and of the importance of her find some kind of a fire. The biggest concern the Kabul Harris has is that once that early voting starts if you're not part of the conversation in those first couple of states. You don't really get to Super Tuesday where she hopes the California as the B fish on that day. Can deliver for our much less South Carolina few weeks earlier so I Woolsey I've seen a lot of candidates basically moved it to Iowa Chris Dodd comes an example we don't have that cut and Aaron up working out so. It'll be interesting to test but this is an Ely a weekend I cannot tell you when you talk to block within like it when someone says that Iowa is all important so he's doing anything moving their work. The fifth IRA or climb out of there with a pitch for the T shirts for the campaign season a collector's item yet perhaps Rick thank you so much have a great weekend them. I thank you for joining us here at a briefing room on this Friday we'll have full coverage tomorrow. The funeral of our friend Cokie Roberts of course one of the greatest political minds in this town you can tune in to. I tomorrow at 10 AM eastern time for that coverage meantime have a great weekend join us here Monday 3:30 eastern time on Devin Dwyer Washington. See that.

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{"duration":"26:52","description":"Activists participated in mass walkouts in major cities around the world, demanding action on climate change. New images emerge of the damage to Saudi oil facilities after the attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65757821","title":"Climate activists take a stand; Saudi official on tension with Iran","url":"/Politics/video/climate-activists-stand-saudi-official-tension-iran-65757821"}