Clinton Wins Nevada Caucus, Looking Ahead to SC Primary

ABC News' Rick Klein talks Hillary Clinton's win in the Nevada Caucuses and tells us what to expect in the South Carolina primary.
13:26 | 02/20/16

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Transcript for Clinton Wins Nevada Caucus, Looking Ahead to SC Primary
I thought couples like they stop at personable he's on message right I don't know. He does nothing but he's not gonna change effort tonight he didn't seem defeated tonight and we talked about the next contest up somehow forgot about South Carolina and that's the next. It's not about Super Tuesday where at least you have more states for you can potentially be competitive book this is loaded Bernie there's no doubt about that. But I think the point he makes about being able to be competitive anywhere is true. And he's able to establish that in Nevada by at least making it a contest by making Hillary's weaponry in a world war. And he shows that there's a potentially different portrait of a very Sanders Miller didn't win tonight. But eat it suggests to me have a long haul loss slot and it went somewhere. But he if you really believes he's competitive in where white not mentioned South Carolina. Quite obvious project in this that this is still quite white automatic communities in terms of the rhetoric conceit of. Rating was gonna get blown out at me that's the reason it's an is that it's a political reality but I I reveals the I mean I think. If you wanted to go all in on this next contests didn't that that's a different message that you hurt right now they're trying to kind of late in the game a little bit play it out over a longer period of time because they realize. That this you know who's getting on a winning streak right now. And in this race just few is gonna feel different when she starts winning contests even if she's not racking up big numbers of delegates which can't happen for a while. On the democratic side she's gonna start to win and it's gonna com a lot of the concerns a year out there in democratic circles. Today when a predicament is that it's going to be around for awhile right at this how he did today or how heat up next week that's right. That's right and and you know declare victory by just being close which it's hard to do its that it does that doesn't necessarily translate but enough. Another needed chip away at it pretty huge leads she had out in the battle alone out at a loss and textiles which we thought was up all Hillary that's credibly about eight point victory among Latinos have blown out among African Americans not an enormous fees the Republican answer that amount of our deeds which will keep you your Nevada residents of the drugs. Colorado the other worth I eight. I think I see numbers here which are critical and I think we're I think with Bernie Sanders he's gonna have. When black voters where he can't do this just light colors you can't get to just lets you know what is either not the Democratic Party you. The win yeah. It's our initial that you can do it. That doesn't and that that's Kennedys are asking anyone with takeaways three forced Bagram our voters still going for Hillary Clinton is at long history. Of support among the clintons for black voters in this really not a history there percent. But are they young voters and not because that's the other group we've heard about this really pulling for standard here. Black white Latino whenever that first time caucus goers first time callers. They are turning up for standard they need to move forward. Know that he gets is now we meet you here's an example of me in in tonight's contest 45. And under voters went went. Three fourths 76% I think it was right Sanders blowing about it among among voters under thirty is close at 90%. That doesn't win you contests in eating more than you really can't he hasn't shown that Obama like abilities and to change the electorate in primary he hasn't done it yet. If he can do that then you start to change expectations. But it. He's just got a lot of unfavorable rate coming up a lot of traditional democratic base voters in the states coming up Super Tuesday. And that's why it's when it's of the for Hillary because she has a pretty of playing field. Right now I. Also have to knock that development decision while waiting other but we just sort of look at the history that you mentioned. When Bernie sending out photos of him from 1960s and almost the only photo you have what you actually do if you let he. Did it it is as speaks to your longevity but it doesn't speak to your consistency in terms of being president a black community that you get jobless coming out because that I ever met the dude. We don't have to be a two striking blows that not just being traditional backs not actually have anything. You don't have receipts yeah so to speak that's right about you actually do anything with black people beyond what you've been doing a press as right Reza. That's right it'll be so interesting to see in the industry the -- how does among younger. Voters because the ones that don't have any firsthand memory of the clintons in office if there isn't that natural and this is nothing to my mind. That it is disqualified his message. That he's not saying anything it's offensive to right it's not ease the history. This is where it opens. This week be. Solved all sorts. About a little bomb goes Obama because he's properly with the black right the vast product grew more out. But still want temper and it isn't every. We we talked earlier about the scrutiny that comes on him now this is going to be unlike he's ever seen before it is serious presidential candidate gets what a serious candidate. Admittedly around for awhile throwing hats and women under this kind of scrutiny about let us yeah. I ask you about the Republicans yeah here yeah. LV one thought about this too we talked about the legacy of the clintons the legacy of the bush hosts in South Carolina. How it back going to help can it house jet today. The polls there closing. The walls are in this. There's what a it's embarrassing if if he finishes out running this you know outside the top three. Distant fourth or on US mommy and robbery and it was super pac. Outspent everybody on this this was the statement deliver rather thousand. There's a lot. Of rounds. Donald Trump went out attacked this brother. Instead he went lied us into war and he still finishes are now he's factories. Nobles is you can't expand its can't say. Well this is favorable and this was pleased that he went all had it on C. The way to bushes are written out. South Carolina Paul and politics South Carolina. As always prided itself on picking nominees like the only wrong ones. And Gingrich Paul optical and they had a perfect record. Are that there could look at the point is think about the psyche how many times you've had a bush on how. I mean it's it's almost every cycle like this is a new name new. And to reject. Jeb Bush is is really strike if that's what we see in the results are rejecting which are the reasons yeah I mean it is a great question you know. We've got some of the facility exit polls here and one of them what's what question that we asked in all the states apart which about the Muslim. Out only one candidate. About the muscle man the post. I think it was two thirds of voters supported it in New Hampshire this is what is right or. Support temporary ban on Muslims to get. Only one candidate rockets onto the radar screen he was alone among all of the candidates espousing that view. And yet of course you know the if you believe that case you Leppert but not overwhelmingly so yes that means competitive. In tankers and Marco Rubio and this is but. Indicative of the three person race that we've seen. The route and you know that's that's the the split this one of the Muslim and you weren't that surprised paid out. Are you surprised at all to see how poorly Johncke six seems to be doing of these idiots it's night. He comes out of self. North Hampshire where modest. Party hats and really go public appearances that viral video of him hugging the guy Djokovic. Actually it really sensible person a lot of voters I talked to. Say it like out of vote Republican vote in case it. Yeah I don't think in enough time in South Carolina or not the right kinds of voters to break through I talked to his chief strategist. Today and I said. You know. What you guys come in sixth tonight how he's been that what you capitalist west in anyway but. If that if the if the feel this is smaller as a result of this is Jeb Bush leaves they're gonna top that up as a victory and it to their view. Doug Casey has the potential to be the last governor spent is used to be. A field full partners everyone Rick Perry Scott Walker's Opel Walton count Martin's a gavel losses under all the way through Chris Christie in Everett and of course you happen. You know if if Casey is the last one in that bracket. Of the of our of our field alive in this race then they liked that those chances and there are some midwestern states in March. That that start to potentially deliver for him but. You know you still seem to split I mean I you know I think one of the stories. I did tonight could be awaited this has become a three way race and if you're not part of that conversation with those three you meet you have a problem. Well certainly a lot coming up Hummer going to be following that Republican race and see what happens. In South Carolina control room where she got an act and tonight that meant only. So this is a this is a great that's I want outrage about I've wanted to get this up on the streets out. The issue for now. Was. That fact that Ted Cruz a liar and unfair to you know dirty campaign rain and it's all at once called Atlanta this is the question in the most un air campaign. From equal on this that you don't want to win this this is what if you don't want to. The trial was viewed as having. Running a more air campaign. Actress not a cruise where you wanna say about him we know about the dirty trick the principal in Iowa. We of the Photoshop that image of marker revealed shaking hands with President Obama we know he's doing on their stop. Trump you know you kind of expect that he's doing a pair the voters got your and that's and he is number. And you're Donald worry that or will be people that right. Released was honestly you know privilege so he exactly you. At least he's not that he's got out of that I think he's. We talk also about three way race and look at this and in the trust on the issues you start to customers. As well on the economy. Split Europe trop is the most trusted. Chris rubio blinded human donkeys aero. Yeah he's he's he's he's in the mix at least as little digits is amazed at the New York Times had a story today. Talking about tribes and US well you're but I don't get copies idea to defeat that I I'd I interviewed her walker that a couple of problem it looked but ultimately. It. What if you looked over that yeah they're prepared to be followed her that's right there after a wholly. Accurately you can. Yeah when people talk about the number of our bankruptcy while president the these are apparently destroyed only northeastern kids. Here you're there let other people people on that also got something on international crises and and and this is this is interesting to me weakness. That sent Chris Wright is for real I mean that's that's. You can put yourself as part of that conversation alongside. Trump and had a rubio going long waits or answering critics again he would reveal old first term senators and trump is built this on you know on the guy that's the great negotiator. And I think it's it's is really increasing. Data point protect crews. That is fascinating not much of a difference there really between the top returning to in the top two there yeah but. And I think we don't I think we don't want more out of the examples of we want one of flesh this out to the US Supreme Court nominations this is of course a surprise issue just out of last weekend. Ted Cruz that the former Supreme Court clerk and has made us really the issue up their patrol boat right behind. Now you know cruises made everything about you can't trust dropped because he's a closet liberal he's a he's a secret liberal he's gonna go. You know appoint someone who's gonna keep Roe vs. Wade intact by frank Garrity is you know uncle. And it. And each W. Which is contentious we and it's you know running mates got now. Rhodes. Who do economics it's the higher the worst liar ever comic that the worst ever. Until you do you're gonna name the worst liar Everett running mate. Right there or from properly I think that. Asked how the heart of the order back humiliating vanity maybe. He went eighty dad won't even ride. I upward path and saying hey we're camp and it really mean and that's the game politics now let's put it back like cells. And yeah it's not to say anything and it turns up his supporters. I don't understand why people will be turned all to be decided spin it one more time grooves give support he's. But you can be your choice that never happens again cumulative stimulus. Out on the record it's it right here. Songs these sorts. Well was that was the presidential nominee. Why aren't out. That you. What's a little decency Mike Bennett sushi. I pray that I'd that is there's. It is really be. And they're not. But you. Here's the part of the republic of the buzz about its case that's the one that has some potential there rubio of Florida case that Ohio governor and sent there. Geographic also. The fact. That that's one. Island. Ruby or merges. Also reveals cut their birds and I think he felt emerge. As the nominees the up I don't think he's going to be a VP choice I think he has to be the nominee who chooses someone. Yeah I could see it happening on the view the biggest question to me out of tonight whatever happens in South Carolina is now how fast things we know for the Republicans because. Donald Trump is taking ownership of his party guys rate weeds stop them is you find someone to do what you can't do with five guys he's the one on one at some point and and how quickly that happens I think tells you everything about. Whether trump is not your.

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{"id":37086155,"title":"Clinton Wins Nevada Caucus, Looking Ahead to SC Primary ","duration":"13:26","description":"ABC News' Rick Klein talks Hillary Clinton's win in the Nevada Caucuses and tells us what to expect in the South Carolina primary. ","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-wins-nevada-caucus-ahead-sc-primary-37086155","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}