Cohen testifies on Capitol Hill

The former Trump lawyer testifies in a closed session Tuesday and publicly Wednesday.
2:21 | 02/26/19

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Transcript for Cohen testifies on Capitol Hill
We're gonna head over now to Capitol Hill. And ABC deputy political director Mary Alice parks where. Michael Cullen the president's long time fixer and attorney arrived earlier today he's testifying. Before the Senate Intelligence Committee and that's one of those committees. That he and allegedly lying to you about that trump tower Russia meeting some Mary Alice. Are we expecting a lot of fireworks today I know it's behind closed doors but is he going to be able to talk about that. Lonnie you're exactly right that Michael Cullen learn the hard way did he really cannot lie to congress about anything. The Senate Intelligence Committee members want to ground Michael Cohen about why exactly he lied if the president directed him to do so. They want the whole story you'll remember that last year Michael Cullen pled guilty Ford explaining to lawmakers. That may have stop her suing a possible trump tower in Moscow early in the campaign. He admitted to the government later that that just wasn't true that they pursued a possible trump tower in Moscow well into the election just months before Election Day. And there's also or. Some speculation that he is going to lob some very serious allegations against president trumpet during his time in office. Tomorrow during that public testimony you tell us anything more about that your house. Yet even though today is behind closed doors there is C and journalists up here cameras everywhere trying to get any shot at him. But just buckle up because tomorrow's going to be a lot more intense tomorrow his testimony will be public in front of the cameras in front of the country. And you're right Collins team says that he is planning to deliver some blockbuster. Accusations. They put out a statement saying that he plans to talk publicly about president trumps quote history of lying races and and cheating. And not only before the election. A Michael Cohen is prepared to accuse the president of criminal behavior since taking office but. To be clear for our viewers this is not going to be testimony in which he really discusses. Anything related to the special counsel pro wide. Not publicly that seems to be a part of the agreement that was reached between Michael Collins lawyers. And the congressional investigators and a special counsel he does not want to talk about the Russian probe. Because it is ongoing and Robert Mueller seen probably doesn't want him to either.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The former Trump lawyer testifies in a closed session Tuesday and publicly Wednesday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61329513","title":"Cohen testifies on Capitol Hill ","url":"/Politics/video/cohen-testifies-capitol-hill-61329513"}