Colorado Governor: Gun Bills 'Make Our State Safer'

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed legislation placing new restrictions on firearms.
9:29 | 03/20/13

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Transcript for Colorado Governor: Gun Bills 'Make Our State Safer'
One week. As a community group tried to process the shootings that took place last July. In a dark movie theater. We spent a great deal of time. Thinking and talking to people trying to look at what could we is. As a state do through over these issues. We did -- the -- last fall. -- I had. A couple dozen conversations around various parts of the bills we're gonna -- today. What -- -- obvious things was. The issue surrounding mental health and let's go we -- a package. The -- the aggressively faced. Some of the challenges that we haven't -- health I think. The general assembly has taken that -- is that his push to get on -- and farther. I think we're making real progress tonight. But we're looking at what else to be done and what we're gonna sign we have signed today but several bills that. That materially. Make our. Our state. Safer in the long run. And allow us to. Begin to address some of these issues head on. A leader today we're gonna release. A signing statement. To provide. Some additional clarity this is at the suggested attorney general southerners. How -- all the all of that would be this moment but we will get to later. What are the things we saw. Almost everywhere the save almost everyone I talk to -- Republicans independents Democrats. Was the value of universal background checks. When we begin talking about -- background checks there was -- -- A groundswell of people -- very concerned and agitated at -- about certain parts of it. And we did not. We're not creating a centralized database were. The gun dealers has historically been doing these background checks and continue to do them that they will maintain that information. Background checks. Have great benefit. You look at it -- people say to be well what's this got to do it is. Into the discussion. -- criminals aren't stupid they're not gonna sign up for background checks. -- no one told the criminal -- And it turns out that many criminals are stupid. Last year and in one year. Lou -- and 2000 gun purchases -- 5000. Background checks -- that went through it and stop transactions. Of those. 38 were two individuals either accused or convicted of homicide 133 were accused or convicted of sexual assault. 600 were accused or convicted of of burglary. Over a thousand had a felony assault -- convictions -- accusations were accused. 400. Individuals had restraining orders against them from a court. And we're trying to buy -- gun. Indeed if you want any proof positive that the criminals are not as Smart as some people give him credit for. 236. Individuals when they showed up to pick up there. They're newly purchased -- we arrested them -- -- outstanding arrest warrants for them. I don't see how you could argue that this is -- significant value over 2000 people. Worst who -- violence. Street. Were stopped from buying -- weapon. In addition that in this. A number of other states -- -- it's almost a dozen states that universal background -- now in those states if you look at the level of suicide. It is roughly half. Of what. The national averages. And it. If we break down some of that data. Their -- many people jumping off buildings are still as many people. -- taking. Over doses intentional overdoses of drugs but there are dramatically less people. Being killed. Using handguns and however many hot homicides. We have -- -- handguns we have about 20% more suicides that number drops significantly when you have universal background checks. And often times that person who wants commit suicide at that moment. When they get counseling they get it professional. Attention they get their lives back together and by avoiding that moment. Where. I had don't seem so attractive to those individuals. They go back and have. Successful. Constructive. Lives and our community. -- to most contentious bill dealt with. High capacity magazines. And -- -- on that. In the beginning in this it's hard to both sides. Out but I think there. Some basic facts we should we should keep in mind. This bill does not confiscate any firearms. It allows people to it continue existing. Those magazines that they already have. It doesn't. Banner. Prohibits. Any individual who's eligible for cursing a compliant -- -- magazine. What does it was a bands. The future sell firearms and magazines. The can be readily convertible to -- more than fifteen. Handgun -- to 28 inches of of shotgun shells. And it's. It's that simple. These high capacity. Magazines have potential to -- killers and -- and -- killing machines. Back in 1934 this country decided. However use -- sawed off shotgun which has a wider spread than a traditional shotgun however useful I wasn't defending your home in the darkness. But there have been -- bank robberies in and sawed off shotguns used to two. To to do crime crimes that. As to -- agreed that we -- sawed off shotguns and automatic weapons. I think this ban on high capacity magazines is good news of that same built. It allows us to. At least contemplate that it's -- in certain circumstances. Someone bent on destruction. Even if there -- slow just for. A number of seconds about allows. Others to escape. We know that high capacity magazines. Are used in roughly thirty to 40% of the police officers killed in line of duty. We know that it. Of the 62. Mass killings over the last thirty years. In in in after the hike -- magazines were. Crucial. There are a number of -- -- seven other states that -- Similar magazine bans. A number of other cities and most manufacturers of a commented that and and -- lawfully sell. Those. Those magazines -- comply with with our new statute. What's what's clear is that there is. An inconvenience we don't deny that people who are. Shooting range shooting recreational -- -- certainly regret that but the the potential. For for damage. Seems to outweigh. Significantly. The it to be -- -- -- would -- When you look at all of these bills I think when you go back and look at. The -- -- you go look at civil. Civil unions. What we are each of these bills is about. Community in some way. Rural and urban. And we have bill urban areas of the state depend. Deeply on our our. Our rural. -- Agriculture certainly helped lift us out of this recession. But the same time. Both rural has to recognize. Core issues for. Urban residents and vice Versa and the urban. Residents have to -- recognize importance of our rural. Partners as well. So I'm gonna. You know continue to push on this that this is -- an effort to build a better community Colorado and the dot. That better community is is going to. Include. All of our residence.

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{"id":18773408,"title":"Colorado Governor: Gun Bills 'Make Our State Safer'","duration":"9:29","description":"Gov. John Hickenlooper signed legislation placing new restrictions on firearms.","url":"/Politics/video/colorado-governor-gun-bills-make-state-safer-18773408","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}