Congress backs measure condemning white supremacists

"The View" co-hosts discuss what role Trump might play in combating white supremacy.
3:06 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for Congress backs measure condemning white supremacists
In a rare moment of unity yesterday congress crossed the aisle to pass a resolution. Condemning neon not seize white supremacist and violence. In Charlotte. It's up to the current resident. Not just my. And that's quite it was criticized those initial response shell is signing this kind of chain and it. What's great about this though is that it's so hard to get anything done in congress we all know and this passed in the house and senate by unanimous consent. That is the almost as we now almost impossible so good for that I'm really proud and a popular not time and on something like this it should have taken this long frankly but I'm glad that it happen. But I just want to beets I'm proud in particular Republicans who are willing to call out their own. Their own represented appear as trump was a very poor represented about the party on this issue when he gave that initial statement on Charlottesville. Many people were embarrassed myself included other Republicans so thank you Republicans for standing with Democrats altogether and saying we don't condone this that we are not going to support a president that doesn't forcing him. Fee to the fire at condemn that. Up from minute that you have supports. Tourists the president of the United States to denounce. Racism no of course it. Didn't you just added trapped in traffic suburbia she can't come up but certainly this was good that I wrote an end what the caller general Kelley is gonna have to hold blue fingers. How do them yeah. Originally thought I risen. Only my first reaction that this could be a good thing the and I started to think about the fact that. It's good for people that party supported. You know it's to do it out right away with Charles bill but his base listens to his Twitter account and they listen to conduct has now they don't pay attention to some of these. We realistic things that come through or so I don't know unless he follows up with some really I'm asked why well he well he didn't say every time he's called out in an oppressor in which he loved him after the media he didn't like and that he's a paper what his so don't Sanjay how do you. And but isn't gonna just say I've already denounced the white supremacist already not done meant may not purposely did it is a joint resolution because it's what we. Wires the president's. Signature yet still the fact that they came together that was strategic I think what they. You better grab another union United States sign that they yeah I yeah. O'clock and a site and it shouldn't take him people calling you out. In a present them. That United States supposedly. Okay U nine kids stay do you not be up and I know and it's your job yet. To saying that neo Nazis are not welcome. My gram Bobby your Graham Bobby your grandma that you went to fight to make sure what that didn't happen here. Let's take. But the fact remains that the neo Nazis a part of his face and he doesn't want to alienate I don't I got that yeah sun is shining spirit.

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{"id":49823106,"title":"Congress backs measure condemning white supremacists","duration":"3:06","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what role Trump might play in combating white supremacy.","url":"/Politics/video/congress-backs-measure-condemning-white-supremacists-49823106","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}