Congress to spend $25 million on gun violence research

Congress is expected to pass a funding bill that includes allocating money for studying gun violence for the first time in 20 years.
5:26 | 12/16/19

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Transcript for Congress to spend $25 million on gun violence research
You know congress does not want to end on this impeachment vote this year we've heard from house Democrats that they want to close out. The 2019. On a different note we seems a big push for some bipartisan bills. In particular congress has a massive funding bill they're expected to pass by the weeks and we'll have to pass it by the weeks and there's a big. Deadline and that grand funding bill there are two possible policy changes that I think pretty significantly want to break down those. Right now I can see on the screen 25 million dollars expected to be included in the funding bill that would go towards. The federal government studying gun violence from a health perspective and some of the health research agencies the government. Seconds there's talk that this big bill will raise the federal minimum age for purchasing all tobacco products to 21 years old. Now that would include beeping and artists in many states have already passed laws raising the minimum wage and his interest in the biz is bipartisan legislation. Bipartisan legislation. Indeed had a self. That is supported by leader McConnell. I think that that is going to be quite Fuzzy once people realize that that is and there are going to be voted on just later this week some joined again by bank to help me XL. Me talk to two experts and break down. What some of this means ought to bring in those two experts as well we have doctor Jonathan that's all professor and director of the center for medicine health and society at Vanderbilt. And he's written a lot on the gun violence epidemic in America Heather your professor thank you for joining us. And also Matthew Myers the president of the campaign for tobacco free kids. So let's start with idea of federal money going torts federally funded research on gun violence and this is interesting blog you'll might understand it is historic. So professor Michael talked to us a little bit about why there has knocked in more federal research on gun violence. In the past Democrats accused Republicans of basically banning ex. Tell us about why this is historic. That that's in fact true I mean we've had this ridiculous situation in the United States where and one hand. Gotten violence and gun death and gun injury have gone up exponentially year after year. And in the meantime we've had a federal really is effectively a ban in place since the 1990s in the mid 1990s. There is a writer attached to the to the congressional budget and basically said that congress was. Prohibited from giving any kind of federal money to places like the CDC here the and I H or other places that study that said he. Gun violence and so what we've seen is that over the years. Got an injury and death have become just dramatically underfunded in relation to the public health risk that they that they pros. And every couple of years there's been an attempt to basically say we need to overturn a stand. And I think it really it should be a bipartisan issue we have about 40000 gun deaths a year in this country and many market injuries. It doesn't matter you know Republican Democrat everybody's suffering from nests but year after year the congress has basically maintain this stand out of this kind of faulty idea that gun violence researchers somehow partisan. And so as a result gun violence and gun deaths are one of the most under studied causes of death in the United States and it's just really fantastic to see some movement from congress on this. She knows what kind of studies are you imagining the CD's here and I H might be able to. To get going nine in the new year. Well I think there're couple things that are important here number one as of course the United States is a very unique society on one hand we own a tremendous amount of a fire just more than one handgun per personal Muster in this country. And sure I think what we've really lacked so far are major databases to basically say what kind of gun violence prevention efforts work in a society where there are guns and people what what are the most effective ways to prevent to prevent gun injury I think that's one. There are courses mass shootings have been underfunded consider what what are the best measures to stop the step that the flow in the trend of a mass shootings instructors like that and I think they're just bigger questions just about. And I mean when you think about it as I just mentioned we have about 40000 gun deaths a year and in this country but many many more guns and so I would also like to see studies just about. You know what are the characteristics of guns that are never fired out of people live safely with God's instructors like cats or think the take home point here is. We really lacked a big kind of studies that we've seen with in her seat belts and smoking and baiting as you were about talk about how are really think that you know these the kind of studies that we really need to do in this country to assess kind of what what are the best practices in a society like ours. And I think it's notable too that Democrats. They have the house this year this is one of the things they brought to the table. When these government funding goes a usually hashed out Republicans in the house and the senate bring some under the table the other chamber bring something to the table the president also brings his demands this is one of the demands that Democrats in the house insisted on having in this in this government funding measure. Now it's across the finish line and a big win today for. For a gun safety advocates and of course Democrats who think that this could as as sacramental set help shed light on on on some of the questions surrounding gun deaths in this country. And another anti I'll start answering ads and then. I just say it's remarkable I mean this is really decades in the making that this has been an issue Purcell loss of the fact that the Democrats in congress. Were able to push this act to start three part million dollars purse the server that the national in this race. I think it's as really really momentous and just a huge win for the Democrats in congress. Well doctor metal front and early university thank you very much for joining us.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"Congress is expected to pass a funding bill that includes allocating money for studying gun violence for the first time in 20 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67764685","title":"Congress to spend $25 million on gun violence research","url":"/Politics/video/congress-spend-25-million-gun-violence-research-67764685"}