Congressional Dogs: Ultimate Insiders

Snuggles, Dakota and others attend secret meetings and roam Congress.
2:10 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Congressional Dogs: Ultimate Insiders
Sensing the halls of Capitol Hill it's not easy some of our colleagues in Washington can attest to that but we have some new details this morning. Also not elected officials who were free to roam the halls and -- do and you do. As they please are some of the Miller bring us a story everyone is. Barking about us. Congress really -- be going to the dogs. Meet their low level aides many of these -- show up every day at the US capitol with their masters and -- but it. They are the ultimate insiders he -- secret meetings he -- and roam all over one of the country's most powerful buildings. Oh and I goods steeped in the chairman of my community. From review it's -- So he was walking always move is this. Senator Kent Conrad says his dog Dakota is more popular than him. We've even gotten to this the point where senators. When I am going to meetings call up and ask if I could bring to court. Home phone with me. -- angles and -- give senator Scott Brown protection. During fierce negotiations. People -- very serious issue and there are here -- my head and I -- him -- you know. Dakota and Lego table we can't go on this -- get mad at. Members of congress have been bringing their dogs to Capitol Hill for years since the nineteenth century. It's a funny tradition for a very serious place but members say just the presence of these dogs help still lower. Then it tends to. I think have everybody. Take a calmer approach to what is a very intensive business and and we need to once in -- to step back and and take a look again and he's -- in connection with that. Members of congress say they take themselves too furiously to began went so to help with that a. -- often seen picking up group. We have an -- troops times practically. Excellence. A clean up. Point -- ms. senator -- he's picking up quote cleaning up the mess around here comes with the territory. Some -- Miller ABC news on Capitol Hill.

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{"id":15960537,"title":"Congressional Dogs: Ultimate Insiders","duration":"2:10","description":"Snuggles, Dakota and others attend secret meetings and roam Congress.","url":"/Politics/video/congressional-dogs-ultimate-insiders-15960537","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}