Congressman's Backside Slam on First Lady

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner was heard discussing Michelle Obama's "large posterior."
0:44 | 12/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Congressman's Backside Slam on First Lady
Well first it was a Rush Limbaugh and now wait another less than physically fit Republican is criticizing the first ladies figure yes congressman Jim sensenbrenner was reportedly overheard on his cell phone saying that First Lady Michelle Obama lectures on eating right while she had a quote. Large posterior herself. Deep conversation reportedly took place at Reagan national airport and the first to mrs. Obama's let's move fitness program. As you might remember earlier this year Rush Limbaugh commented that it didn't look like the First Lady was following her own. Dietary advice -- -- that would ever heard of different folks have different kinds of body types that he's very disrespectful to say that about the first meeting I. I think that's just never ends does it.

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{"id":15213464,"title":"Congressman's Backside Slam on First Lady","duration":"0:44","description":"Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner was heard discussing Michelle Obama's \"large posterior.\"","url":"/Politics/video/congressman-jim-sensenbrenner-comments-on-michelle-obama-large-posterior-15213464","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}