The Conservative Talker of Des Moines

Steve Deace called conservative bombthrower, but will he affect 2012 election?
3:07 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for The Conservative Talker of Des Moines
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Conservative evangelical talk radio host here and to Moines Iowa. He's controversial no doubt about. Really against homosexuality abortion. And on most nights Mitt Romney and today's it won't matter keep it GOP nominee. To me it's not so much about beating Obama. Because the reality is if we just replace Obama with another big government politician. -- changing. You know I don't I don't think the unborn babies and US debt because the Republicans killed it I don't think my -- that he must only because the Republican took it. But he's not just another guy ranting into his microphone into -- knee -- used his drive time slot to -- -- night after night. And promote Mike Huckabee who went on to win the caucuses even though Ronnie -- ten million dollars into the state. I don't really view myself as a leader I really -- myself if anything I'm an amplifier. I'm I don't leader group of people I'm from a group of people and I just happy to -- -- one person from this group of people as a microphone for face. We national ambitions on his mind he now has a nationally syndicated show. But with the increased profile he left drive time to go to prime time. And -- you've probably never before yesterday and now potential caucus goers can't listen to him driving home from work every night. Its influence may have -- but he's still -- where news. As I'm I would say that you know -- -- -- a regular basis with. People who had either like me to endorse them or would or would like me who endorsed a candidate. And it's because I think people understand the influence our show at four years ago. Steve -- says he's likely to endorse sometime between now and Christmas one person we -- -- -- -- is Mitt Romney. But even he like many GOP caucus goers in this state. Is still undecided. You would ask me for the -- what is that Ron Paul. You would have asked me six weeks ago eyewitness Rick -- -- you -- asked -- a month ago as I watched Newt Gingrich take a lot of the issues I sent him if you're -- muted -- in Michelle Bachmann. You ask me why today I have a different answer. He's been called a conservative blowtorch but you -- -- women who worked for him. Producer Rebecca Maxwell and co host Jay Greene who tend to agree with an almost as political stances. Dates of that same on the air -- She sees you and what you get is exactly what's on his mind especially about caucus. Politics. I want to make sure that the candidates get a thorough that almost to the point that they don't ever want to come back to Iowa yet. Because the questions that they were asked we're so challenging that there was nowhere for them to hide. Bet that the rest of the voters in this primary process from South Carolina -- -- Where there was a real -- of conservatives. That those people we did our job. Let's say hey we saw these people have closed for -- years ago we gave them an innocence and ideological moral -- colleges expect. In Des Moines, Iowa she Sean Walsh ABC news.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Steve Deace called conservative bombthrower, but will he affect 2012 election?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15118059","title":"The Conservative Talker of Des Moines ","url":"/Politics/video/conservative-talker-des-moines-15118059"}