Conservatives Mock Obama on Twitter With #DebateTipsForObama

Yahoo's Phoebe Connelly explains what users of the popular social network are discussing.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Conservatives Mock Obama on Twitter With #DebateTipsForObama
One of the most interesting things about and we've talked about this after each debate is how. The how it's laid out in the echo chamber of the Internet and we of course -- -- -- watching that closely on this last -- person than. Assigned to do that -- may have -- yourself to this -- -- her name is Steve Connolly and she's a senior adhering avenues and she's monitoring. The entire Internet for us here. -- -- so I don't look at a number of things today. Putting search -- we're gonna kick off its search so he college and quite well on search. We -- seeing more searches for Candy Crowley -- suffer any of the debate moderator prior to the debate went from Martha Raddatz more than project there. And then borne out by Twitter is -- that are reported yesterday that they had seen a significant spike around turning since social and search are telling us. There's a lot of interest -- a lot of areas and in her and what do we expect intend tonight in terms of tweet volume. Comes to volume that -- looking to is the record that was that for the most tweeted US political -- with the first presidential debate. That winds ten point three million tweets for the course of nineteen so. Will they break this tonight the vice presidential debate not break that tonight we'll concede that will break -- and we do emerging hash tag that is actually popped up before the debate and started. Which is Obama debate tests. It's trending right now the signals and talking with -- our folks have their finger on the pulse of what's happening professional. -- we're seeing conservatives -- sort of mocked Obama and the expectations around I was gonna perform tonight. -- way to -- which hopefully we'll pull up from an account Republican girl problems when my favorite. Remember -- will -- -- teleprompters. It's time for them bothers China who just.

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{"id":17494183,"title":"Conservatives Mock Obama on Twitter With #DebateTipsForObama","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo's Phoebe Connelly explains what users of the popular social network are discussing.","url":"/Politics/video/conservatives-mock-obama-twitter-debatetipsforobama-17494183","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}