Cory Booker Fires Up Convention, Gets Standing Ovation

Newark mayor leaves the crowd in Charlotte cheering for the Democratic platform.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Cory Booker Fires Up Convention, Gets Standing Ovation
Bart platform. Is crafted by Democrats. But it is. Not about partisanship. It's about pragmatism. It's not about left. Or right -- about me. American up. Our economy for war. Our platform. Our president. Stand for and the conviction that America. Must continue to Al bill. Out innovate and out educate the world. You -- this platform and a clear choice between economic pathways. For work. Inclusion or exclusion. -- to gather at the nation at war. The country of savage disparities that favored the fortunate few. Over the greatest driving force of any economy any large and robust middle class. Really must move forward. We must truth -- inclusion. We must choose growing to gather. We choose -- American -- and American muscle standing strong on the -- -- of the American ideal. -- it's wrong and empower. An ever expanding and ever growing middle class. -- Our platform. Emphasized. That a body -- free and fair market is -- essential to economic growth. We also. Must -- from our highest ideals. Of justice. And fairness to protect against those bills could destabilize. Our economy in recent years. Like predatory lender yet over leveraged financial institutions. And the unchecked avarice of the past -- prompt fairness. And common sense. Our platform. Calls -- significant. Cuts in federal spending. Our platform. Calls for a balanced deficit reduction plan where every one. Everyone. -- elected officials to the wealthy and the super wealthy pay their fair share. And please -- -- -- because. When your country. Is about cost legal war with -- soldiers sacrificing abroad. And -- our nation. Is facing a debt crises that home. He asked to pay your fair share it isn't class. Warfare there's. Patriots have them. Yeah. -- -- -- -- Really all know that it's common sense that poor economy built to last we must -- bat. What will fuel. Our economy for generations to come. Art history. On the transcontinental. Railroad to -- Hoover Dam. From the dredging up ports to the building over almost historic bridges all our American ancestors. I wore -- growth and investment in our nation's infrastructure. And today. All our businesses. Industries. Aren't -- -- source. Economy real lives every channel on those investments. Let us not all price. To the rhetoric that seeks to -- investment. And -- our nation of critical. Common -- building for -- our future. And investment must -- clues. The real engine of job growth in America. The American. Small business. That's why this platform committee. -- proud. That -- our president. Has made a profound. Difference for people and businesses in New York. And New Jersey. And our nation alcohol. By cutting taxes for all working families and giving -- all businesses. Eight is he different -- -- -- There -- presidents. -- I love the low grade are not. Just the last words -- -- National Anthem but also open up call to action. This is why the president's policies and our -- Form include incentives to train and hire our troops returning home not only. Not only because it's our moral responsibility. But because it makes more stronger more secure. American economy. What investing in people does not stop with more troops. -- -- And -- our president make it clear that would be most. Critical investment we couldn't make it may 21. Century knowledge based economy yeah. Education. -- -- All our president have already. Double pell grants raise education standards. Invested in research and development at -- universities. And early childhood education. In our neighborhood. It. Because our -- and our president stated clearly. Our nation. -- had not continued to -- the world's number one economy. If we aren't committed. To being the world's number one educator. It is plain. That our platform. And our president. Or not -- -- in petty little -- arguments. Instead this platform. Of big and practical ideas. Export. And emboldened tapped away towards the historic -- which has driven generation. After generation. Of Americans forward. It is our -- governmental national aspiration but no matter who you all. No matter what color. Or creed how you choose to pray or who'll huge shoes don't love. You are a citizen of the United States of America. Our American -- first generation or 51. Who was willing to Warhol. Play by the rules and apply your god given talents that you should be able. To find a job that pays the bills you should be able to -- heart health care for your family use. With the dignity and -- back. That allowed them. Madrid even been. Could go -- inside the please call. Visited our platform. It is. Our platform. This. This is our -- listen. This is the other dreamed of our fathers and mothers. -- says that the -- -- next generation. -- all to our continent's. Poorest of conviction and classroom from state to shining city. From -- out when our children probably broke crying. Those sacred words from our most profound pledge -- we are Mason. With liberty. And jobs to its -- There. But the real soon. -- president Barack Obama. It. This generation of Americans. Wants. -- -- -- Agreed -- truth and I promise of America. And -- moment. Every single member for every single state in -- united state. We are pleased to moon for the adoption. Of the truth -- events well. Democratic. National platform. It.

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{"id":17153170,"title":"Cory Booker Fires Up Convention, Gets Standing Ovation","duration":"3:00","description":"Newark mayor leaves the crowd in Charlotte cheering for the Democratic platform.","url":"/Politics/video/cory-booker-fires-convention-standing-ovation-17153170","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}