Crowds Gather in Cleveland Public Square, Police Try to Keep Peace

ABC News' Linsey Davis reports from Public Square in Cleveland where police are gathering.
3:24 | 07/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Crowds Gather in Cleveland Public Square, Police Try to Keep Peace
Certainly in the days and weeks leading up to the Republican National Convention people talked about an hour and Sunday money we didn't really see but today just last hour it and we're starting to see that exponentially there's been no need for more security. In this area which has public square. Which is up fifty million dollar renovation project hearing completely. We initially refusing maybe dozens of protesters and now we're starting to see hundreds I would estimated Armenia's. Many as a thousand people in this area but a number of them as you can sing. Are actually police officers. What's. Interesting as the layers that you see here so closest to this right here is black lives matter okay. And then you have kind of a ring around them the bike patrol then careened around them that continues to get progressively. A little bit more are upping the ante as far as the officers that you see her just earnings and trying to look over here to the right. For the first time in the last. Three days impersonating police officers to have full on riot gear they have zip ties prepared to make arrests now. There was one arrest Dave Morgan that was just one arrest already today we've heard about. Several arrests. So people aren't prepared the police officers that is are apparently aren't that there was fifty million dollar federal grant giving hugs and going police didn't make sure that security was beefed up. They have. Believe that's 3000 police officers who comes in and when I can't say exactly. How many of them are here but certainly a large amount of police presence is very impressive lately oddly some on foot. On ice police who are on worsens and what have again here's that sits. Black lives matter. And chanting about some your sandwich courses. Particularly closed hearing here to other residents of Cleveland. That youngster who was killed. Having it done. And then over your wickedness kind of cancer that right. See the signs over there now that's Westboro Baptist Church. They've primarily seemed to be protests and number of things but it particular. Homosexuality Salem NC. Some clashes. Between them and some different people from the community have been there's been protesting against that. And right over here we see signs saying confidence and ego mania hit him in nine opportunist. I'm sitting out front on air he'll people who were anti trump here we've also seen earlier about a dozen guys were arms. We've got there were just hoping carried demonstrators who said that they're not political. Incentives it's not about being for trump or for Hillary Clinton was simply about their Second Amendment right they were here just below them. Where their guns publicly because they can't. But again this just seems to be atmosphere it's certainly more intense than in the last few days. But perhaps not certainly to the police have been able to defuse. A number of potential. Figured if buyers. Very easily could have broke don't sound. Still given that you see this. Intense. We police presence. At this point I think it's safe recently that the protests from. My accident peaceful.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"ABC News' Linsey Davis reports from Public Square in Cleveland where police are gathering. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40711620","title":"Crowds Gather in Cleveland Public Square, Police Try to Keep Peace","url":"/Politics/video/crowds-gather-cleveland-public-square-police-peace-40711620"}