'Daily Show' Star Poked by RNC Delegate During ABC Interview

Jason Jones reveals what's funny at the 2012 Republican National Convention.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for 'Daily Show' Star Poked by RNC Delegate During ABC Interview
Joining us that a vote now is Jason Jones here from The Daily Show mr. emotional want to get but -- the goods cheeses made so much money -- very emotional. Atlas test this is -- which is -- hearing. We -- to this. Open. That's been active here -- -- show every night we've been around yes how's it been what do you think we feel it's exhausting yes as you know you do the same amount of work we are. Only less funny part. Hamas targeting them they -- -- Then that's your Buddy Guy but if you get it that well if you -- cut the funds are funny then. You are or. It's it's -- -- what is this a funny convention. Is that funny yet you tell me there's it does about. 70000 balloons of their relatives want -- just -- the 120 danceable that's. 140. Tonight -- tonight by individuals get our country is going broke and -- -- midnight will. -- that of course is money. I've heard a lot from folks are here and I felt this is getting in the net this convention has felt a little bit like. 1970s. Partly I mean it's like lot of guys with guns there are -- barriers everywhere at. -- feeling really being -- I don't know a military state would you get that sensor. I saw. Seven guys on horses around one Ron Paul supported -- today. I think he was. I think he was -- matched. The -- that Clinton stood at these things -- the Toledo. That was the funniest Republican candidate this year. Rooting for the daily show -- -- but the Santorum was that that's what keeps you this McCain and later. It's me. It's. 9999. It -- any simpler than that 99 no it doesn't make any sense. But nine -- -- It's simple. It simple for my simple parades on Austin that -- not a correspondent for you off. It is applied you he adds but. And -- the Clinton obviously -- Wow there are. There aren't really it's not funny enough or it's just. -- have you lost something. Sometimes there's such a thing is to funny. -- -- -- hats out there anything anything to the craziest. Katz is very 2000 eighths dissonant I think that it -- as well it's it's perhaps feel a little JV to me. So we're we're we ought to now I think we're onto buttons buttons definitely a -- -- CO2 1004 was -- -- -- every other year the buttons are back. I'm talking a lot of it's like you need you know fifteen months on -- -- really really sell your enthusiasm for these candidates. President come face paint or something like that is well that seems to be big to us -- people did telling themselves up. But it's not funny if I do this -- funny be looking at them having spent the whole day. -- defense. Yes well that's -- -- -- the chronicle their five sons is one funny -- and the rest. I think shovels pretty funny she sits -- his name yet I'm yes that's exactly right yes -- -- -- -- -- or -- His salary from -- Get it networks of -- -- I -- I'm not commitments OK let's that area so what was the broadcast been like here tonight you went to the stories that you can -- We have covered maybe -- a little bit of a discrepancy between the platform -- the the policy splits and that was funny. We've talked to people about. The multitude of different hypocrisy is -- could be found what's the craziest thing in -- spot on the hill and on -- Com I'm -- see all of it. This people don't like to read it to this morning here 9999. -- -- Keep it simple stupid but people in this room actually care about that document it. -- over what's going to be at they do cared who doesn't care -- five. It the donors the chess player to -- the folks up there the ponds -- just you know -- there accidentally down global funds from controlling missile thing I'll that is yet. Have been up there now the sentiment and market grew up there -- these Mexican chicken nuggets and -- so you did you get up there. -- what would have to look like that you or your drinking that built the -- gets where it's just -- token markers that there. We should note that there's actually no cocaine or -- of course -- discern that was a joke. That was the disclaimer right. Joke yes you know develop put up the -- -- -- -- -- -- government that we got him that if you're a little sensitive -- you -- that you leave Charlotte next week as well we're going to Charlotte yes what's the funniest thing that the Democrats. The Democrats. You know the -- and let's face socks and sandals and yeah Fanny -- Them they actually like. Some -- Just -- With. The there's there's -- present. -- It is it's it is documents is your right. Was an even with. It had been here that your in the box that was interesting interactive experience I've ever -- before. That's it's like FaceBook only. On the you know it hurts a lot more -- well. This forestry might just get poked -- -- when she was what. Seven year old woman you know sense that he should -- -- And I think of witches try to make look if you -- -- watch the -- we told -- -- online -- there on the streaming on the iPad abcnews.com. Yes Yahoo! News dot com or where we're bringing -- all this all night long we're trying to bring a little fun little -- -- Through an agency thinks we're talking a little about Charlotte. President Obama funny guy not funny you're now because he's been around a lot of people -- -- you can have some fun with them. When his teleprompters -- and the jokes are laid out for him he's very very funny he's got some good writers yes. Just like yeah I mean you -- it's. Joke -- to run the joke except it's a joke that we get the first Comedy Central interview with. President Mitt Romney. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he has to do it but -- -- win over that coveted -- central let me ask you this why would he do it. -- young people -- when -- hear the but -- -- -- they were the pencil and send it. They think they put on them that to go to -- -- -- mark it was on this he wants on the show trying to reach. -- politically. I think I think candidate Romney has. Little -- to go off message. And the show was very off message so I'm not -- to -- -- it would be great if we did but -- does. Here's what's been -- be accurate. It is the intent. When our president was -- just two candidates. He came on and and he took -- -- -- now. Can -- -- -- that it's he came on and we got him -- -- same day as Mario Lopez Ilyce it was a bit of a Elton. That is not that does not happen they -- who now many ways that states that was like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- first that it -- All right it's still some who Comedy Central we thank you for being here joke right burial Lopez Joseph -- Try to stay safe. Is -- -- -- -- I would go out this is a lot of pocono analysts aren't.

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{"id":17120882,"title":"'Daily Show' Star Poked by RNC Delegate During ABC Interview","duration":"3:00","description":"Jason Jones reveals what's funny at the 2012 Republican National Convention.","url":"/Politics/video/daily-show-star-jason-jones-poked-republican-national-17120882","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}