'Daily Show's' John Oliver Weighs DNC Comedy

The English comedian shows a preoccupation with Rep. Steny Hoyer.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for 'Daily Show's' John Oliver Weighs DNC Comedy
All right we're pleased to be joined now by one of the best correspondents in the business I think it's fair to say right is no threats are not benefit that all right John Oliver from The Daily Show -- -- I've struck by something you've been doing around town you're asking people. The right. A new slogan for the Obama event that we have a clip that we get it really up to it. Yes we can -- the whispering words -- -- -- -- -- From me. -- When -- then bugs and yes we. But this weekend -- yes we -- what. Yeah well above. -- Nobody yet it so that's -- -- it hit like -- thing I'm. That's what we low enough a flock but will it. Bumper stickers printed out the -- -- really just the compared that would be easy just need to -- that. Jesus the bus that you slap a level -- four years ago Braly -- environmentally friendly as well that's right but. But really important what difference. Is that why. You're talking on the streets of Charlotte -- with -- lows. Dated partisan Democrat in the country yes. -- not give you a better slogan and but it's not so -- Not only do it -- of the DNC is only deal if fuel comedians -- and now. That's not for them on -- I -- not pleased to hear that from me -- -- could not cost anything more than. -- there's there's any enthusiasm gap clearly but it's also just the the he was last night its market it's really that's what comes through immediately talked to don't have a new cost medal on him anymore but and so it is much will exploits -- -- people really. The atmosphere here is much much more formidable mystery -- if you if you -- getting it's -- reaction for us evil yeah right. This. Is -- thing not knowledge one of zaeef he's not -- Jack. What importance that you'll come out orca books -- music blaring everywhere the Arctic showed that people a little over shook it and over its elected bases Steny -- with token -- we looked at and we -- not saying we don't -- the let me. -- yeah well that's certified. Let's let's admit it these are all people who think that. They are secret -- it at that red. -- -- -- might -- Right. Here. Not with ideas. That -- You -- -- -- -- Bush in the sense that they -- that was in the bucket behavior are currently only you know regularly unbelievably. Did mention that the -- Obama doesn't have the new -- -- what does what's -- -- out. Do you think moderate I don't guessing Condit seat of woods' and -- oak Doug on -- not sniffed him to be on if you don't get backlogs outlets have deployed the Secret Service joy of -- -- delightful -- -- so he's the leader of the free world. What is next for you -- Actually that we have upon him -- diet -- until recently we've got two more shows down. And then we've gone back to new fuel -- -- to be literally all you get -- what -- the crowd like it is you know isn't it right now. It's real getting people into it yeah. If they -- -- -- violence in the count -- you can you can probably rely on the but -- going to be -- you know that being very incredibly accommodating we will very friendly. That we couldn't -- when. It. -- -- -- the tumble was small monkey is it was intensely physically and emotionally uncomfortable. -- -- -- -- on -- I cannot cope with those on the temperatures in any capacity. That is too much heat from the huddle among body shuts down at that point we haven't been now holds -- -- a concrete -- of India. -- -- It's not -- both. -- area. A not yet learned about it this regard the transition appointment with the alcoholic it's -- -- the need to ask you though. Would have been funny here. If Barack Obama got rained on hard times -- just as a bucket for what happened four years ago -- nodding to a whopping four years ago bought and it easily the queen's jubilee celebrations in London -- thousand -- from Germany to write them -- to wrangle and there is nothing funny from the West Point. -- didn't cancel it we might get -- Week -- it's a -- as we talked the president place. We can't we can't let that happen he should've been out getting right on it the cooling completely -- in -- get. It. And I'll show tickets to any oil from mayor's seat beacon -- adds that. It's it's late for that now. I don't know if you heard about what happened at our Booth last week your colleague -- don't think -- that you did. Well I have a message I have a message from him -- for at for the delegates you have to take it up a full frontal OK you got it you -- -- Yeah like I said but didn't get poked or something including a wheel well we do what we're doing our best to bring it -- -- it. The surreal moment I have to -- we hear a lot of bodies throughout the event -- Seattle so you'll little bit about what happened last week with with dates. Now some of that is that discovering new and -- -- puts it. But. It is -- it is. Documents in the right. Was an even listen it's. -- -- What to him and he is -- politics -- -- actually -- -- was telling the ones on the bill that will who's coming out now. Actually something look what you know life you know it's all of what does it want to only it is not -- Overlooked dot -- predicted -- -- -- -- we were doing that but you know as part of a split up anywhere from mowing. -- Remember -- breaks -- I think. You vote for much more polite in your reputation would would have you believe. -- animals so. Oh all the -- -- -- But that's how we get around -- -- of the British a very short elections -- -- go off and running yet well it's not a year and a half but it doesn't cult. Trillions of dollars -- That we I think the happy meeting between -- weeks which Lemanowicz and draw on aids. A eighteen months it's that we don't succeed in front of now like I don't know if you're actually have to be as long expensive. You know we've got a 2060 already today she ought to note that you. The device that's about it but -- -- month -- Yeah. Aides spent. I think it's. The -- money which speculates. That it -- but. -- it is not an -- It's not been changed its present the things out on the wrong track. -- -- about me not. Yet. -- -- -- Tokyo -- and not with the music -- if -- Make -- Well it but what -- I don't like to see how they going to spend the amount of money. I have the capability of spending between now and November because that is not long -- might have oodles of money in social -- just acting point two million billed as people with guns like Obama. That is what democracy is now. I don't know how they possibly can spend much all right John Oliver diligent thanks for stopping by we appreciate it would. I should what -- -- -- very funny in what you -- like it share with you right now it is extraordinary. What I just can't tell you which -- yet but it's it's a -- our rights of the -- lost something funny -- -- your colleague was hilarious that is very general adult residents upbeat funny -- that would is that it's Africa. -- at telling. It pointed to look -- what is an -- but it's election. You can help although it ultimately good for us -- regular. If you.

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{"id":17165743,"title":"'Daily Show's' John Oliver Weighs DNC Comedy","duration":"3:00","description":"The English comedian shows a preoccupation with Rep. Steny Hoyer.","url":"/Politics/video/daily-shows-john-oliver-weighs-dnc-comedy-17165743","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}