Deadlock on Capitol Hill

Congress continues negotiations after the expiration of weekly $600 unemployment checks.
2:55 | 08/03/20

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Transcript for Deadlock on Capitol Hill
We still have a long way to go that's how White House chief of staff mark meadows a summing up negotiations in congress over another stimulus bill. Weekly 600 dollar enhanced unemployment checks have now expired. But while both parties say they want to extend enhanced benefits. They can't seem to agree on the details senior White House correspondent to city of Vegas here with more on that. To see you both sides say they want to deal both sides say they want enhanced benefits so what's the holdup. Yet it seems like there wouldn't be one given that everybody seems to be on the same page about what they want but you just edit the holdup is essentially. These stimulus checks this 600 dollar amount that expired last week the Democrats want to see that continued they want the 600 dollars Republicans on the other hand. They really want to see this trimmed back what they're saying is they feel like this amount has been a disincentive for people in Philly people are making more money in some cases. We this check then they would have had they actually gone to work so they wanna see this pared down to about 600 to about 200 dollars other. There was a big week weekend's meeting abs and negotiations that happened on Capitol Hill both sides said that there was progress made. But we are at a stalemate now over how big this stimulus package should be going forward. What are the options on the table is a possible short term relief outlook the White House would like to see at least at extend these benefits for another week or so but the Democrats. Led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi they're basically saying no dice they don't want this to be. A piecemeal solution these talks are expected to keep going to date Diane. But you said at the cheapest after the White House mark meadows he said that it doesn't look like he's very optimistic about progress that's being made and then on toppled all that. You're the clock is really taking this senate is expected there are scheduled anyway to go out on a month long leave starting at the end of this week. And this is Syria where are just learning now that the president may be considering some sort of executive action on unemployment. What's happening with that and how might this that affect what's happening in congress. Well we're not even sure they would be an executive action actually this is something would be done unilaterally. At the White House and I gotta say this is according to all the sources that we're talking to in the very early stages at this point it's unclear. Exactly what the White House could do on its own when it comes to being like. This stimulus check or a moratorium on evictions for renters in this country. And so again very early stages one idea that's being at least advocated by some white outside White House economic advisors is to. Have the IRS essentially put a halt on payroll tax cuts that would give the president this tax cut he's been pushing for but he doesn't have ion. On congress but again Diane is also on the very early stages in the sources that we're talking to inside the White House say that the first goal is to cut a deal with congress. Again though there are stalemate on that once so remains to be seen how they're gonna get out of this mess a lot of moving pieces here's the city and we appreciate it thanks.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Congress continues negotiations after the expiration of weekly $600 unemployment checks. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72146541","title":"Deadlock on Capitol Hill ","url":"/Politics/video/deadlock-capitol-hill-72146541"}