Decision to relax guidelines will be based on 'hard facts and data': Trump

The president continued to lay the groundwork for rolling back guidelines during a coronavirus task force briefing and pointed to Easter as the possible end of strict measures against COVID-19.
47:08 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for Decision to relax guidelines will be based on 'hard facts and data': Trump
This is an ABC news special report. Now reported George Stephanopoulos. Good afternoon we're coming on the air right now because president trump is about to hear appear in the White House briefing room with the White House corona virus task force on a day. When the number of cases has accelerated worldwide DC members of the team including doctor factually. In the white has briefing room now more than 400000. Cases around the world and a 169 countries the president approaching the podium. Let's listen. Thank you very much. They're very busy day. I want to thank the American people for the incredible sacrifices. That their Macon on behalf of our nation. And I want to encourage everyone to keep following our guidelines and social distancing. Avoiding large gatherings in hand washing and all of the other things that everybody knows his supposed to be doing. Ultimately the goal is to ease the guidelines and open things up. Two very large sections of our country as we near the end of our historic battle with the invisible enemy. To go on for awhile but we win when. I sit earlier today that I hope we can do this by eastern. I think that would be great thing for our country and we're all working very hard to make that a reality. Will be meeting with a lot of people to see if it can be done. Easter is a very special day for many reasons to me. For a lot of lot of our friends it's a very special day. And what a great time line this would be east jurors are timeline what a great time line that would be. My first priority is. Always. The health and safety of the American people I want everyone to understand that we are continuing to evaluate. The data. We're working with the task force and making decisions based on. What is best for the interest of our fellow Tennessee country. In order to defeat the virus we must continue to be very strong. You're resilience and spirit has been aspiring to everyone. Right now this virus is attacking 149. Countries. But everybody looks to us in there watching us. And I'm very proud to be a president. Can tell you that. There's tremendous hope is we look forward and we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Stay focused and stay strong and my administration and myself will deliver for you as we have. In the past. So let me provide you an update on critical preparations and supplies. In a war on the virus. Through FEMA the federal government is distributing more than 8000000. And 95 respirators. Fourteen million surgical masks and many many millions of all are underwater. And they'll be arriving soon. 2.4 million face shields one point nine million surgical gowns. Thirteen point five million gloves. And more than 4000 ventilator is too. The areas of our greatest may have already been sent and we have 4000 being delivered to New York. The federal government is using every reserves at its disposal to acquire and distributed. Critical medical supplies. The core element of this strategy is my executive order authorizing the use of the defense production act which has. As you know already been activated actually a long time ago quite a long time ago it's. Private companies are heeding our call to produce medical equipment and supplies. Because they know that we will not hesitate to invoke the DPA in order to. Get them to do what they have to do. It's called leverage your have to you use that from the standpoint of actually. It's been activated but you don't have to use it but the threat of it being there's great leverage in. Companies are doing as we asking companies are actually. Even better than that day coming through and they're calling us. And it's been really something to see this morning for 3 am. General Electric health care. Are. Making tremendous numbers they've already started of respirators ventilator is an face shields. They're working together we didn't have to exercise your utilized a deep BA and anyway. The fact that we have it helps but we didn't have to look for the most part we won't have to. We're receiving full cooperation from companies with the understanding that the federal government stands ready to compel. Cooperation if need be we haven't found that to be the case. That's been really amazing to see these. Big strong powerful and some cases very small companies. Family owned company step up and make a lot of great product. Forward going through and what we will continue to be going through for a while. The Army Corps of Engineers and the National Guard are building. Four hospital facilities in New York City at the Javits Center. Which will be operational very soon that Lori started. In addition there are building four separate medical facilities in different parts of the state. We're dealing with the Governor Cuomo on that she gonna for hospitals and for medical facilities at the highest level to really incredible facilities. Temporary but incredible. We're also deploying the US navy hospital ship. And that will be arriving in New York Harbor and the not too distant futures set finishing its. Maintenance. And doing a very. Big maintenance and what we did as we condensed it very seriously. And as you know the other hospital ship in these are incredible ships it's already on its way to Los Angeles. So were in frequent contact with state and local officials and getting a lot of work done. Likewise building hospitals. In Los Angeles we're working also the state of Washington. We are working with. The governor of the state of New Jersey home building a medical facility a hospital facility. And doing a lot of work I want to thank the people from FEMA the great people from FEMA and also the Army Corps of Engineers. Secretary manage and and they members of my administration continue to work closely with congress. Some police report that we are working to pass the biggest and boldest financial relief package in American history. Senators will soon hopefully vote on a two trillion dollar bill that will deliver direct cash payments to struggling Americans. No fault of their own this came out of nowhere nobody. Can imagine this even happened. But it's not their fault. We want to protect each and we will. All of the things that. A person needs protected and a family needs protected were working on job retention allowance for small businesses. An extended unemployment insurance for laid off workers. The legislation will also include billions of dollars for an additional resources for our. This and really heroic these are incredible doctors nurses brave. And hospitals as well as support. For hard hit industries such as the airline industry and the cruise ship industry which employ tremendous amounts of people and obviously these are very important functions beyond them. With very tough protections for the American taxpayer. The loans will be very secure and they will be very profitable and same time they'll bridge. They called bridge loans in many cases they'll be bridging. These companies back into very good health and some of them are very important company said. Four weeks ago didn't have a problem. I'm also confident that the Democrats will do the right thing I feel very confident their work in. Very hard together right now Republicans and Democrats in the getting very close to a very fair deal and a great deal for the people. Of our country. Today as you probably saw the Dow surged over 2100. Points at C. All time record history. Of the exchange. This is very encouraging and I think part of the reason is they. Are looking at. What is close to being passed and I think a very big part of it is they see the we wanna get our country open as soon as possible to see we're working very hard on that that's a very big factor I think and two days historic gain. The legislation developed and the senate is the first step to restoring confidence and stability to America's economy as we look ahead. To the time when we can carefully and responsibly reopen our country for business and we hope that's going to be very soon. I want to assure Americans that we have. A team of public health experts we've got to know them as well as I know them they're great people credible talented. They love our country. Also economists and other professionals working to develop a sophisticated plan to reopen the economy. As soon as the time is right. One based on the best science of this modeling in the best medical research there is anywhere on earth. Our. Great people have been especially when it comes to our. Public health experts and officials have been helping other countries chilly weather of the country's constant touch with other countries helping them out because many of them have never seen anything like what's happening. But our decision will be based on hard facts in doubt as to the opening. I'm also hopeful to have Americans working. Again by that Easter that beautiful lease today. Good rest assured every decision we make is grounded solely in the health safety and well being of our citizens. This is a medical crisis this is an a financial crisis. But it's a I think that nobody has seen for many many decades nothing like this. Marshalling our economic strength is a key feature. Of defeating the virus. Producing the material supplies and equipment that we need and they're doing a really fantastic job. We're hoping the governors win a conference call the other day with the governors and we allowed the press to join us on the call in the spirit between us and the governors has been really. Great. We should never be reliance on any foreign country. For the means. Of our own survival I think we've learned a lot. We've learned a lot. This crisis is underscored just how critical it is to have strong borders. And a robust manufacturing. Sector. For three years we've embarked on a great initial project to secure our immigration system and bring back our manufacturing jobs and brought back many jobs records numbers of record numbers of jobs. And this really shows. This experience shows how. Important borders are. Without borders you don't have a nation. Our goal for the future must be to have American medicine. For American patients American supplies for American hospitals and American equipment. For Al are great American heroes. Now both parties must unite to ensure the United States is truly an independent nation in every sense. Of the word energy independence would establish that. And something. Incredible that we've established where energy independence. Manufacturing independence economic independence. Then territorial independence in force by strong sovereign borders. America will never be a supplicant nation. We'll be a proud prosperous independent and self. Reliant nation. We will embrace commerce would all but we will be dependent on none. Above all. We know that the best thing for our economy. And the world right now is a very very powerful victory over the virus. Every day the American people are showing the unity and resolve that is always define the character of our nation. In New York citizens are using 3-D printers to make hundreds of face shields and make in them by the hundreds. In Texas businesses and churches that are uniting to collect gloves and thermometers for hospitals. In these selfless actions of our amazing citizens. We're seeing enduring strength of our magnificent nation a spirit they can never be broken. Andy. Victorious future that can never be denied it never will be denied. Now what I'd like to do his. Perhaps ask. Person who has really established yourself as. Maybe the world's great expert on what she does. If I can best ever to come forward as say a few words and then I'll ask. Tony to come up and speak and then now vice president and then we'll take a few questions and we'll do it quickly and we'll probably see you again tomorrow so to have a place. Thank you thank you. My faith says it you who heard the town hall we're continuing to accelerate testing at a record rate. We now have 370000. Tass that have been done. On the majority of those over 220000. In the last eight days which of those of you have been tracking the South Korea numbers. Let us equivalent to what they did in eight weeks that we did in eight days. This was made possible because of the HHS team working together bringing together the strains of the FDA. With the CDC as in the let under the leadership of secretary Cesar. We're very proud of those numbers but we know that we have to do more room and we continue to accelerate and testing to ensure that the those who need the tests are tested first. And have access as we talked about yesterday. We're working on the ability for people to take their own sample. That does not mean home testing that means taking your own sample in the front of your nose. With available swabs into normal saline that can be transplant act transported to the laboratories. That will allow and free up all of the drive throughs to speed very staring I'm PPE. Is you'll be able to do that with gloves rather than the full PPE outfits this will allow for more that PPE. To be dedicated to our hospitals. I think those he are tracking this epidemic closely like Diana you will begin to see that there is encouraging results coming out of Italy. We are impressed by events the deep creases that are seen in mortality the number of people succumbing to this illness. And the number of new cases are new cases will continue to surge because we still working on our backlog. Although we will be in touch with the laboratories after this press conference to really find out how many are still in backlog at how many were run in my last 24 hours. Until we can get into a twenty for hours cycle. We're gonna have disproportional number of new cases compared to the actual new cases and we will let you know when we've reached that equilibrium. Finally and I know Dr. to bout she will talk about this further we remain deeply concerned about New York City and then the New York metro area. About 56% of all the cases in the United States are coming out of that metro area and 60% of all the new cases are coming out of them that turned New York area. And 31%. People succumbing to this disease. It means because they still are at the 31%. Mortality compared to the other regions of the country that we can have a huge impact if we unite together. This means ads in all places they have to be following the presidential guidelines that were put out to eight or nine days ago and this will be critical. But to everyone who has left New York. Over the the last few days. Because of the raid. Number of cases. You may have been exposed before you left new York and I think lite governor de Santos has put out today. Everybody who was in New York should be self quarantine for the next fourteen days to ensure that the virus doesn't spread to others. No matter where they have gone whether its Florida North Carolina. Are out too far far reaches of Long Island we are starting to see new cases across new one crossed Long Island. That's suggest people have left the city. The this'll be very critical that those individuals. Do you. Self quarantine in their homes over these next fourteen days to make sure they don't pass the virus to others based on the time that they left New York. So if they've RA or four days out than is just ten more days. So I think if you helped get that message out thanks back to county. Thank you very much Mr. President stepped up. I want to just talk very briefly about two or three things first the issue of testing. And how that has really changed the complexion of the approach that will going to be able to tape we right now. Test it was an issue fit many questions are testing in this room. For a number of times now that we literally have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of testing out there there are few things that we can do with that. One of the things is that when we make policy about what we're going to be doing with the rest of the country particularly those areas that are not hot spots. We need to know what the pen a chance of infection is there so we need to. Put a light on those dark spots that we don't know we have to act policy wise on data and were going to be getting more data a lot more data. The other thing is that the areas of the country that are not hotspots that are not going through the terrible or deal. That new York and California and Washington State are going through. They still have a window of significant degree. Being able to contain. In other words when you test you find somebody you isolate them you get them out of circulation and you do the contact tracing. We have a big outbreak it's tough to do anything but mitigation. We have an opportunity now that we have the availability of testing to do that CU going to be hearing more about how we can inform where we're going. Particularly because we have the ability to test. The second thing is they just want to reiterate what doctor Burke said about New York. If it's a very serious situation they've suffered terribly through no fault of their own but what we're seeing now is that understandably. People want to get out of New York. They're going to Florida they're going to Long Island to go into different places the ID here if you look at the statistics. It's disturbing. About one per thousand of these individuals are infected that's about eight to ten times more. Then in other areas which means when they go to another place for their own safety. They've got to be careful monitor themselves if they get sick bring it to the attention of the physician. Get tested. Also the idea are about self isolating for two weeks will be very important because we don't want that to be another seating. Point. To the rest of the country wherever they go and then thirdly just one or one just comment about. About drugs and he testing of drugs you know these are you heard yesterday about. Drugs being out there. That physicians on an off label way can prescribe it to give people hope for something that hasn't been definitively proven to work but that might have some hope. I don't want anybody to forget that simultaneously. With that would doing that. We are also doing randomized clinical trials on a number of candidates. You've heard about candidates but there are others in the pipeline. We will be able to designed to study and over a period of time particularly since we have so many infections. Will be able to determine definitively all of these safe. And are they effective with token of reverend Jesse via other drugs immune Sarah convalescence several monoclonal anybody's. All of these of in the pipeline now queuing up to be able to go into clinical trial so I'll stop there and to affect. Have just a quick few. Minutes on that how we're doing. Banks serve. We're and great we're gaining great progress on this phase three legislation negotiations continue. We've had continued reports. I've been up there of secretary of munitions secretary mission continues today with. Chief of staff mark meadows checking in with the president. They're getting closer and closer they expect the vote as soon as possible. I just want to walk through. A couple of key points this legislation. Is urgently needed. To bolster the economy provide cash injections and equity and stabilize financial markets. To get us through. A difficult period a difficult and challenging period and the economy. Facing us right now but also. To position us for what I think can be an economic rebound. Later this year we started the year very strong. And then we got hit by the year corona virus in ways probably nobody imagined possible. We're dealing with that as best we can. This package will be the single largest. Main street. Assistance program history of the United States the single largest main street assistance program it is the United States. Phase two delivered the sickly for individuals out of workers. Families and so forth. Based three a significant package for small businesses. Loan guarantee is will be included we are gonna take out expenses and lost revenues. As the president said eligibility requires. Worker. Retention. We will maintain the people eligible will maintain their payrolls during this crisis period. And on top of that. We will have direct. Deposit checks. Roughly 3000 dollars for a family if war and that will bridge to. Enhanced bust up unemployment insurance benefits that will essentially. Take those up to full wages. This is 1234. You know. A strong workforce requires strong business cannot job without does do work for and hope here. Is that companies are operating very well beginning of the year when the economy was in good shape. We will help them and their employees get through this tough period. So they will come out the other side let's say this later this spring or summer and we'll continue their operations that's the key point now. Don't forget. There's income tax to referrals. For individuals and corporations without interest and penalties there's student loan interest and principal of the pearls without any penalties. And finally I want to mention. The Treasury's exchange stabilization. Refined. That will be replenished it's important. Because that fund opens the door for Federal Reserve firepower. To deal of broad based way throughout the economy for distressed industries. For small businesses for financial turbulence you board has seen the Fed take action. They intend to take more action and in order to get this we have to replenish the Treasury's emergency fund it's very very important. Not everybody understands that. That fund by the way will be. Overseen by an oversight board and inspector general it will be completely transparent. So the total package here comes to roughly six trillion dollars. Two trillion. Direct assistance roughly four trillion in Federal Reserve lending power again. Will be largest main street financial package in history United States the fluidity and cash for families small business individuals unemployed. To keep this thing going. We're headed for a rough period but it's only going to be weeks we think weeks months not going to be years that's for sure. And hopefully pave the way for continued economic recovery. After this. Crisis. We'll things. I've been here yet bush is so many years or thirty years or more maybe and it's a great voice and it's a great dead man. So Larry Kudlow thank you very much. I want to say that that package and we've put over parts of it but pretty big puts it really sets us up. Two I think even supersedes where we were. A month ago I think we've get up there quickly and I think it allows us to supersede. It allows us to help these great companies that need help like Boeing which is. You know had a problem and then on top of that problem and had the virus come in. But will be helping Boeing will be helping. The airlines will be helping to cruise lines who we doing a lot of things in the money welcome back to us and it'll come back to listen very strong form. And then before or we take some questions I'd like to ask. Great vice president loses his viewers if you would place. Thank you this presidency. What else corona virus task force met again today. And on behalf of the president of the United States everyone on our team and state leaders let me just say thank you America. People across this country businesses large and small are responding. To the threat of the corona virus. In ways that are deeply inspire our people are acting on the presidents. Fifteen days to slow the spread. And it is making a material difference are experts standing beside us and told us that if every American. A regardless of whether you're in an area that's impacted by outbreak of the corona virus or not if every American would embrace. These guidelines that we could significantly reduce. The number of Americans would contract the corona virus. And protect the most vulnerable and as president reflected earlier. And tens of millions of Americans are doing just that and we're grateful. The focus of our task force courses to slow the spread to promote mitigation. Strategies. Beyond that though the president has us focused. On testing and on supplies. And making sure that those that are are enduring the symptoms of the corona virus and those who are ministering to them. Are extraordinary health care workers have the support. That they need. In the category supplies you just heard a doctor Burks. Indicate that we may do great progress. We have done more test in the last eight days. Then no we're done in the previous eight weeks and it's because of the public private partnership that the president forge. With commercial labs and I wouldn't encourage. People around the country to remind your family members and friends it if you don't have symptoms don't get a test. We want to make sure people who are having symptoms who have a concern. I have the ability to be tested in to have those test process. We're continuing to urge all county hospitals it's all labs around the country to report to the CDC. All the results of the test as it'll give Fo these experts around us the ability to continue to advise the president on best practices. As I mentioned Wii U we all continue to follow. This the F outbreak around the country in the test results but as several of mention. Were particularly focused on on New York. The reality is the New York metro area was 60%. Of the new cases. In the country offense specifically as a as a lay person I can tell you that. The infection rates. Are roughly one in 1000 in the New York City metropolitan area. Where they are point 2% per thousand or point 1% per thousand in places like Washington State. It is the reason why today the White House corona virus test force. Is calling on any American. First and foremost expert in the New York city metropolitan. Area or elsewhere to. Take the guidelines that we issued and avoid nonessential travel. But for anyone in the New York metropolitan area who has traveled. Our task force is encouraging you to monitor your temperature. Be sensitive to symptoms and we are asking anyone who has traveled out of the New York City metropolitan area to anywhere else in the country to self isolate for fourteen days. We have to deal with the New York City metropolitan area as a high risk area. And for that reason we're we're taking these steps. And asking for the cooperation the American people. Because of us spread in New York City we will continue to surge resources of prisoners described this. FEMA is coordinating with New York State for the arrival of the USS. Comfort in just a matter of a few. Short weeks. Over the next 24 hours more than 4000. Additional violators will be delivered. To a New York the state as well. New York State is prioritize three alternative medical facilities and at the president's direction the Army Corps of Engineers working on plans. To build those facilities. You've heard the president speak about the Javits Center edition of the thousand. Bids and will continue I want the people of New York City and and the greater New York. City area tomorrow that were with you. We're going to continue to provide resources. But just to support your state and local officials as they confront the spread of the corona virus in that. Great city. On the subject of supplies. We had team meetings today at FEMA which is working on. Identifying the critical. Personal protective equipment and violators. At this point FEMA informs us today that they are distributing seven point six million. And 95 respirator mask more than fourteen million surgical masks. And FEMA has already shipped 73 pallets of personal protective equipment to New York. 36 pallets a personal protective equipment to the state. Of Washington will be meeting again tonight. As you know the president stood FEMA is a national. Response to senator up and they are in the lead for the the the approach to the corona virus which is locally executed state managed. And federally supported and will continue to search those resources and make sure that they're available. 01 last word if I may the president reflected on the response businesses around the country have brought. To this moment it truly is extraordinary. The president did initiate the defense production act last week but as a president as reflected many times. We will use the defense production act if we needed to mandate production of of critical supplies but so far no one has said no. And in fact we see industry stepping up. President mention Ford Motor Co. working with 3M NGLs to expand production of medical supplies. We heard the McDonald's is now offering curbside delivery to truckers are unable to use the drive through. To pick up a big Mac. And I spoke today and president spoke last week with Tim Cook. Of apple and at this moment in time apple went to their store houses and is donating nine million. And 95 masks to health care facilities. All across the country and to the national. Stockpile there is a level of generosity knows it's firing. For the president and is truly inspiring to all of us who are working on the White House corona virus task force. President's made it clear that he hopes in weeks not months to be able open up the country but let me make one last encouragement every American. We will get to that day quicker if every American who put into practice. The presidents. Of corona virus guidelines for our nation fifteen days to slow the spread of every American movie this. I have no doubt that we will slow the spread. We will protect our most vulnerable and we will heal our land. Thank you. Manchuria invite east. News center early you'd like to see churches pack on the day. My question can doctors did you have beautiful view that's a realistic timeline. There are looking at a time line is discussing get rid of very good meeting today. Interview entered all up that's probably nine days plus another two and a half weeks it's a period of time that's. Longer than the original two weeks. So well with the a look at equally good habits good and maybe we do sections of the country would do large sections of the country think could be too but there were very much and touch with Tony and the Debra. Everything would. Yeah it was a beautiful. But beautiful timeline. To me. It always it was based on a certain. Level of weeks from the time we started. In it have to do arrive actually. Do with the conditions of sooner. Then I'd love to see it come even sooner but I just think would be a beautiful time Jen. If you look at what we've just seen and what they are so you see. By the number known crow rollers cases in the country double in just two days other non violent people die just in the last. 124 hours on your New York's governor saying this body when people were trained. Across the country and the daughter of Louisiana saying his country that his state by may not yield to handle cases. That they're facing whether by April so what are you seeing in all of this could lead you to think we're working real or by history earlier this year. We're working with all of them. We can be talking about large sections of our country because there are sections of our country that you didn't talk about that are doing unbelievably well they have very little incidents or problems. The very small numbers. It's very possible that they won't be ever subject to what's happening in New York, New York is definitely hot spot there's no question about it. And you know what we're doing in New York to try and help and dad I think we're doing an incredible job would have the hospitals up. Quickly the medical center is also quickly. But we'll just have to see we have to follow we have to see we're look at that carefully she would assume it's coming down. And do will do the best job they can be done just put. Christian views from the doctor about your good. This we're looking at this idea of an eastern I don't know that's probably flexible. What are the metrics by which you will make the decision as to whether you can say. Yes we development of this area of the country or no we can't open up that area you're looking here with the agency's numbers we've been looking at possible containment isolation I think we'll be. He had a lot of things will also be looking again at. Very large portions of our country and I will be guided very much by doctor fact she and by. Debra and by some of the other professionals and work with both of you. And there we're gonna see what what we'll be but that would certainly be I think that's the eagle that. Perhaps can happen or at least we're very large portion of our country. Coaching assistants as the president said to you regard the vs others will be guy image making the decision. Where are you now the spotlight nineteen days from so it. That's really very flexible we we just had a conversation with the president in in the Oval Office talking about. You know you can look at a date but you've got to be very flexible that on it literally day by day week by week basis he need to evaluate the feasibility. But what you're trying to do. And John you asked for you know what kind of metrics were kind of data when you look at the country obviously no one is gonna want it. Toned down things for you see what's going on in a place like New York City at me I mean that's just. No good public health practicing common sense. But the country is a big country and there are areas of the country and I and I refer to this in my opening remarks. That we really need to know more about what the penetrated since then so if we. Do the kind of testing what we're doing and testing will always be associated. Identification isolation and contact tracing. And you find after a period of time. That there are areas that are very different from other areas of the country. You may not want to essentially treated as if just one force for the entire country but look at flexibility in different areas. So I think people might get them this interpretation he just gonna lift everything up and even somebody's going like that if I'm that that's not gonna happen. It's going to be looking at the data. And what we don't have right now that we really do need. Is we need to know what's going on in those areas of the country. Where there isn't an obvious outbreak is this something underneath the surface that says wait a minute you better be careful and really clamp down Paula. What looks clear that you don't really have to be as harsh as you are no there is so it's looking at information. That up to this point John we never had so it's a flexible situation was your big. Well it certainly is by far the if you call it hot if you call it getting word you want to use it is. At a level that. Is speaking to Tony before it's a level that no place sources close it's very unfortunate you know one of the things that. This happened that we've done I think a really good job on think that it's something special accepted his. I learned from doctor Burks a little while ago when she said and learn it actually this afternoon. In eight days because we kept hearing about South Korea and they had a very tough time at the beginning if you remember. In eight days we're doing more testing than they've done an eight weeks. That's a tremendous churned and without our testing it's going X financially it's going up up up every day. So we're going to be able to do things with his very highly sophisticated testing and it's also. The test itself is considered. The best test so in top of doing now more than anybody else we have a very high quality tests. That makes a big difference it also makes a big difference even in terms of opening because we're gonna see those ears like the hot spots the New York City definitely is a very. Aspects you when president Chavez colonel virus task force one to bring his analysis from our team right now listen let me start a doctor Jan ashen doctor Jan. In a summit to focus on his cold outside by the president have much of the country up and running the church is full on Easter Sunday April 12. He saw the questions there in the briefing room with cases doubling here in New York every three days the big question is that realistic. Well I think you have to understand George when you look at an infectious disease outbreak like like we are seeing now in doctor couch he has said this. What we're seeing today represents spread of disease that may have happened two weeks ago what's coming into our hospitals our eyes he used. May represent people who got sick. Two to three weeks ago so that's how we're looking at the timeline of this when you talk about. Governor Cuomo is saying that the cases in New York are doubling every two to three gaze that is a concerning tree jacked. And then is so as we look forward as we list we look ahead we know the guidelines are supposed to be in place until Sunday and until money that's the end of the first fifteen. Day period take a stab at the question that I was asked of doctor faction what kinds of metrics we look forward to see. Is it really possible to be using these guidelines are we heading towards some sort of normality. What really got my attention George is this edict and it was mentioned by the vice president it was mentioned by the president was mentioned by doctor scout she. And doctor Burks that any one who was in New York recently. Should self quarantine for a total of fourteen days which means if you are in New York two days ago. You've got twelve more days of self quarantine that is an incredibly important and potentially. Late saving step that they are now recommending. Us we're seeing so many New Yorkers go to places like Florida we're also seeing other hot spots. The new heights but now in the state of Louisiana. Exactly and so when you look at this area and you heard our Jonathan Karl just asked this question. Is New York becoming our version of Wuhan and we have to remember that what's going on here and how we react here in New York is not only. For the New Yorkers it's for the rest of the country and parts of the country that are weighed less well prepared and equipped to handle this kind of US surge capacity. Okay Jan thanks for my children or senior national correspondent Terry Moran for more on this one of the big questions is is New York prepared. For this all right now has been the epicenter of this outbreak we heard the president his team say they're sending 4000. Respirators to New York the government New York said today he needs 30000. Those those regulators to be able to. Take care of the incoming that is coming in their hospitals right now he's continue to call on the president. To invoke and use the defense production the president says he doesn't need to do formally use it because the leverage has given them is enough. That's what he's saying George that that the mere threat of invoking the defense production act which allows the government decision to commandeer the production. In American companies with fair market value payment they get paid for the goods but to direct them to produce goods for national emergency which what does this pauses as he does need to do it. That the executives are being very cooperative in part because. He is he's got that the big stick of that nevertheless Governor Cuomo and many other governors say we need to ramp up production right across the board. Four hospital staff four. That personal protective equipment prevent the latest for patients and the only way to do that and their judgment. Is to get the federal government to invoke this tremendous power and get the job going and Terry what we're seeing now in every appearance by the president is weighing. He's got to do it every leader has to do now between solving the public health emergency. Andrea any economic emergency from blowing back and creating even. More dire problems. Yeah way it is a horrible choice that every leader of a major economy certainly faces. On the one hand you try to save as many lives as possible on the other hand you try to save as much of the economy as possible striking that balance. Is a hobson's choice are very difficult choice for every litter it's clear president trump comes down he is leaning hard. Into getting the economy going he believes the data be better in the long run get for the country and we're seeing him do that on the same gated India's lock down their entire country. Great Britain is locking down France's locking down Italy remains like and the presence seemed to be bucking that trend we're trying to buck that trend. He is look four while the government in the United Kingdom under prime minister Boris Johnson. Thought that the way to get this that to go through deceptive pandemic was to have it runs through the population protecting the old and vulnerable. Having young people get it they don't get it is badly and then they saw how it was exploding in the United Kingdom and they have locked down the Netherlands try to do they backed away from it. It looks like president trump is heading forward on the path of letting this pandemic moves through managing it. As it moves through the United States of America is a very difficult proposition and one he will. He'll have to do very carefully obviously okay Karen contreras has been our chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis Rebecca we saw today. The best day and the Dow after weeks of losses the best day since 1933. All on the hopes that this massive stimulus package being considered now in congress is going to go through and it's gonna work. Well there's no question that there is an urgent need George from backed government stimulus it's likely that we will learn later this week that more than three million Americans. Apply for unemployment insurance you have the thirty million small business is. They have been reeling in the midst of this lock down the hospital workers. Basing their own challenges dramatic challenges. But I want to add to this George that in addition to the government's stimulus and the Fed backstop in the financial markets the key question on Wall Street. If the disease itself and the assurance is. That it didn't meet its self has been contained and there's been a lot of talk about weighing the economy vs the medical aspects of this. Those I speak to on Wall Street night speak to a number of fund managers who work at eight investing billions of dollars on behalf of Americans. They want to know that the disease itself is contained they want to know that the United States has a plan before people start going back to work please. Now the big question is going to be is then New York as is Governor Cuomo saying casings or bullet trading for the rest of the country. These New York's experience with the rest of the country is going to experience if it is we're in for months of this. Months of this which whidbey. Catastrophic. Quickly speaking in and there are ripple effects now you couldn't see the government continuing to step up sending checks back stopping but. When you get is these multiple trillions were already talking about six trillion dollars between what the government is doing in its stimulus package and what about reserve is doing. We're in 23 trillion dollar year economy George if you think about the but we're spending just on this just at this moment in time six trillion dollars. Where does that money come from going forward but still the bottom line and I really want to make sure that people understand is on Wall Street the bottom line is containment. That is the bottom line we know that your regular programming. We'll new sent a given year is coming right up. This has been a special report from ABC news.

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