Bill Richardson: Obama 'Just Needs Support From the Other Side'

Former New Mexico governor discusses president's campaign, Bill Clinton's legacy.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Bill Richardson: Obama 'Just Needs Support From the Other Side'
We're joined now in the Booth by former governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson thank you I -- be with you again thanks for being -- governor Corzine. Worked for President Clinton in the cabinet you. Get -- again incidents for President Obama what are you expecting tonight is that an amazing moment where the former president balloting for the current one. I think their symbolism there is a metaphor out there and this is a metaphor. President Clinton had a surplus he had a balanced budget he had technology jobs. Millions of new jobs. They were taken away when a Republican president came in that surplus disappeared. And I think it's not a question of like validating. President Obama. He's simply saying. President Obama. Should be given another four years I was given four additional years to give us this excellent economy. And this president deserved it -- stands with us that he's got the right things he just needs support now from the other side. The big difference when Bill Clinton came to the stage in 1996 obviously the it was a lot better but also this with the president that -- Obama went there a very tough -- to. Lost control of -- -- -- Albert that would -- -- to the right but certainly to answered working with Republicans. Legislation with Newt Gingrich that it hasn't been able to do so at what point did not com. The real distinction between these two presidents. Well if you if you'll recall. For all the demonizing. Newt Newt Gingrich he didn't work with -- President Clinton. -- you wish you -- -- just -- -- I'm just saying that he worked with me on passing -- I was one of the few Democrats -- -- that -- -- combined. That was obviously the White House help them. And he got more Republican votes and democratic votes. But there was that still remaining spirit of bipartisanship when President Obama came into office is second year. Republican leaders -- our objective is to defeat him not give them anything not give them any better -- And when you have that attitude when you have the Tea Party literally dominate the Republican Party is very hurt again. So we're at it Aaron now where Republicans are -- effort the Clinton Era and Democrats are -- forget Gingrich well. But. Say. Look. All I'm saying is that this is a different era. And and President Clinton ninety who's -- Embraced President Obama as he should. They're working together their different kind of people Obama is school. Clinton -- -- series a people person Obama is more intellectual more technical piece both are great speakers. But I think it's -- merging of the party the centrists. Moderate party with a progressive side. Obama is both Clinton wants both and and that's what's gonna happen tonight let's change at the energy with sheet with the enthusiasm was hit with a party that that -- clearly brought Obama didn't need Bill Clinton that support for years ago and so clearly does now. We'll look this is going to be a very very tight race who's gonna decide this race is going to be whether you motivate women again. You motivate. Young people. Minorities. And you're -- -- motivated. Independent voters now Bill -- strong -- -- -- -- We're talking about six or seven states. Clinton was the first democratic president to win states like New Mexico and a long time Colorado Nevada. -- one Montana. I don't think Obama is able. To do that -- but not. Now don't put it on the map. -- North Carolina may -- but I've been sitting here and I just think the election will be settled by the Hispanic vote. By Nevada Colorado. Florida this was why I was personally afraid that rubio would get on the -- I gotta admit that I'm glad -- could stuff on the ticket. Because I think these states on the immigration and on three Mac the issue you heard a lot of that tonight on the issue of. Being part of the American dream that's the go to settle the those Hispanic voters. To do what they've always done what people like Bill Clinton get 65 for. I think President Obama couldn't do -- I see very little chance -- Mitt Romney. George Bush thank god is through elections were about 40%. Of the spending. You look at -- Carolina and what -- your little skeptical it sounds like being able to win. I've talked to a lot of people. -- here you know I'm now two day expert. Aren't -- The restaurant -- -- their few biased people that I talked -- But I think we have a shot you know the -- -- border of the university Borger here. The African American voted 13% Hispanic vote in this so I think it's doable but I wouldn't fluttered in the end. Toss -- leaning Democrat Paul might put it as a concept and that's the same with the Colorado Nevada and Florida. You know it's going to be a very close race and you need every possible vote you gotta motivate your base this from happening. The secret to go to the Hispanic vote what what do Democrats and that we saw that parade of a prominent Republicans last week a little bit a little bit -- of event this week but -- had their Pasco last night but what is it. If there's something at this summer heat in terms -- relating to the Hispanic vote does that make this happen I think you've gotta relate to loom -- is as American. -- where you trot out the mariachi. -- And anymore you say I'm gonna create jobs undated. Find ways -- In the sense that -- on our side like. Like the agreement you know when -- -- it's -- be until it you know these are soldiers American soldiers that simply want. You know -- path to legalization. You get a sense that maybe they're not very welcome of that party but I got to. Republicans they have more. National and statewide elected officials wouldn't. I don't know you know we don't want you -- Tierney well I have a theory that. I think. We're very good recruiting in the last cycle and sometimes you know Democrats are not good when Hispanics when it comes to redistricting. They rather keep the incumbent and you know find ways to to keep incumbent protection there. That must change and our party but Republicans I think we're a little better at that recruit. And some of the redistricting issues but when it comes to issues. I think Democrats are far better far stronger and president Obama's I believe. Gonna have huge support from Hispanic community but it's turnout we want everyone -- we want them turnout and -- not just. -- -- Before you -- has that has your your long running now feud with the Clinton thought at all only talking to at all is that it did -- it it is prepared relationship. Not the feud. The feud is ongoing probably permanent. I try to reach out to a but he doesn't care but guys. You know he fields -- if he were running. That he had been that I would have endorse him but it was it was Secretary Clinton well -- like to bankrupt or some special about Obama. But you know he wants to continue isolating the bad -- I'm I'm fine I'm doing very well.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Former New Mexico governor discusses president's campaign, Bill Clinton's legacy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17165380","title":"Bill Richardson: Obama 'Just Needs Support From the Other Side'","url":"/Politics/video/democrat-national-convention-bill-richardson-obama-support-side-17165380"}