DNC 2012: Obama Speech Moved for Weather or Politics?

Yahoo News' Olivier Knox on why the Democratic Convention won't end with outdoor speech.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DNC 2012: Obama Speech Moved for Weather or Politics?
Which are. Beyond being nots against. Them and -- Them. -- and that's right and the inspired. And. Spitzer did a self described -- -- of the Democratic National Convention DJ Cassidy celebrity party player. -- troubles all over the world plays for for fellow stars for politicians and and other folks. He's got a great -- here and apart from the speaker he's probably the person most responsible for the in the mood. So that's what with what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll see if you could spot the euphemism. -- -- -- the choice of the playlist is a collaborative efforts with the Obama campaign. Effort that the euphemism close I'll. When I work. -- -- -- -- -- -- So all right so if you what does the idea that it's this -- -- -- basketball arena would have with with the music but there are times that matter rev up the crowd what does the idea into the -- the energy moving. In between a lot of political. Rebel basically -- you play someone on -- -- and went off it cuts down on the dead time it did you get some fist pumping out there sometimes. -- and it just keeps the energy level high nominees got a different song for each person coming on the coming off and is keeping all of us pretty close to the best. So we can request a -- -- and I didn't want it to so I would month. We could do what you're speaking on there you -- -- are so. Did you get you any news as to what Bill Clinton might get its what's his batting is that -- By I -- I get a very political response that he couldn't possibly tell me before it happens which are to resembles. -- what has briefing room and in some -- -- -- that are other auto design and bought I don't know we developed Bolivia have let's talk about this because it's so extraordinary in the Protsko that President Clinton. It's called notable event here to try to say President Obama at the convention. What are the Obama folks saying about the speech tonight what is it looking forward they realize that the of the creator being overshadowed they realize that they -- need him for a message right now. -- that they take issue with the over shattered argument they're saying basically they want people to remember this speech they need people to remember this speech. They need certain segments of the voting public to remember the speech so it's not to much. Over shattered as they really want they really want that reflected glory that reflected popularity. President Clinton walks on the stage studies at 69% approval in Gallup it's its highest in -- really long time they. The -- shattered thing. I haven't heard them worry too much about that. Can we get to heart and spirit theory about. The mayor -- thank you -- -- -- Spent a lot of today. Looking at reports. And -- tweeting them out saying there's a 20% chance they're doing is only a brain and it is because they're going to be areas by DC. What's your what's your day when all is said and done about. What's going on in the minds of the Obama campaign ads it made its decision. Will you guys know from talking the about the campaign. That if you ask about their ground game -- Can't shut them up. They brag about it talking -- -- had -- -- -- gonna make a difference in the election do you do you really think that they'd go out and essentially. Anger. 50000. Or so volunteers people who put in nine hours to to get -- ticket do we really think that that was their -- clever move. Right -- just make sure that. Nobody saw that they refused -- -- Right having sixty they -- they they said that they -- 65000. I ticket in an -- -- about 74000 to the -- -- empty sections but. That nothing really meaningful and just I wonder mean it is a -- unlikely especially North Carolina they would they would. -- risk alienating volunteers. 420% chance of. -- give up on that opportunity but I I. -- think -- that they're thinking is -- a -- by the energy last night this is the currently good venue and Michelle Obama made the terrific. Venue in short order they realize they have the energy they have the opportunity here for the people watching at home whether it's open air right or that is a roof over our heads really doesn't matter. It's actually -- that to the television pictures are still gonna show. A cheering crowd a packed house. I don't you -- they're -- they're gonna get roughly the -- television photos pictures that they would have had in the in the stadium that's got them all right -- octagon -- is basically.

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{"id":17165292,"title":"DNC 2012: Obama Speech Moved for Weather or Politics?","duration":"3:00","description":"Yahoo News' Olivier Knox on why the Democratic Convention won't end with outdoor speech.","url":"/Politics/video/democrat-national-convention-dnc-2012-obama-speech-moved-17165292","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}