Sam Donaldson on Bill Clinton at DNC: 'Never Gives a Bad Speech'

ABC News veteran on how the popular former president will try to energize the Obama campaign.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Sam Donaldson on Bill Clinton at DNC: 'Never Gives a Bad Speech'
We're joined up -- the -- by Mexico's first citizen -- second and other. -- Bill Richardson Sam Donaldson. Mr. convention itself mr. politics thanks for being so is always a pleasure Bill Richardson and was governor used to say I've represented three coaches of New Mexico and one. My father was an Anglo my mother Mexican citizen doesn't speak -- word of English today and I looked like it native American. -- that it -- well. Caller out okay. Tonight you've covered his White House -- -- for years what do we expect from Bill Clinton what does he got him tonight what to do for Barack Obama. You're gonna -- a great speech now if you don't like him -- you don't like his policies do you believe it's speech. But he never gives a bad speech he knows a lot he added that the ability -- make us feel his pain. Remember this is the man and his second inaugural -- his second State of the Union Address came to the podium in the in the house chamber to deliberate. Andrew Young aide of his name George -- I've forgotten nor did it put in the wrong teleprompter script. And for seven minutes no one -- That Bill Clinton had no script and no teleprompter. He's good. He's the best. -- don't see that happening up here but that it it couldn't. But. It's absurd it. About the Bill Clinton years and let people walk away from the Bill Clinton years. Campus at night by the end of it. We talked about ending government big government as we -- -- unit reforming government. -- worked with Republicans that resembled so called triangulation. Looks very different from -- Barack Obama presidency. But yes he'll say 44 balance budgets and Rowland who was that president. Yes he signed the welfare reform bill Mario Cuomo in another blow to the party to that's terrible. He trying to -- However he's not gonna say Barack Obama did match me he'll say and then we had eight years of Republican rule and put -- right in the whole. And the first -- We were climbing out President Obama is climbing -- we understand the middle class you heard Michelle you'll hear him. You know me and it's good habeas he didn't -- stem -- started tonight we heard from. The chairman of the black -- pastor from Kansas City he was in -- pulpit. And last night we heard from governors who were in that hopefully you've got to be on the extreme Bill Clinton but for the into the -- they will be on the floor because arguably. The most admired Democrats in the -- that's right well we're hearing now. That -- democratic led into the Santa Fe that file off a quite quite a bad example let's let the Bill Clinton's had because it thought it physically city. -- if you believe the the totally unfounded speculation that Hillary may seek the presidency -- -- when he's gonna. I'm a classic of our profession -- -- -- -- -- about it if if her health is that good enough hope it doesn't definitively. He'll be the candidate who. Going to be cute little organized the caucus states next time I'll let you organize the caucus states last night he would have been the nominee the democratic OK you say it's no doubt about it so if you are Bill Clinton. Do you want. Barack Obama to be a -- re elected president running as the like you're forty want to have it run the administration. That you can have run against it -- organized not just the inside the Democratic Party but but a larger group -- we know it's easier to run against an incumbent that that that talent. Well of the group -- Hillary Clinton and Oliver people were so Smart. She didn't have the nomination no floor I think for the taking could you beat George W. Bush and I'm not sure but it would have been a contest. But the Smart people well -- -- I they all told me yesterday reelected he -- -- you know he'd get the brass ring when you have. So. You want the game plan who should be the president in the next four years if it's Barack Obama's I think she has no problem -- the party. If it's Mitt Romney then you have to believe that she can thank him I don't know Lucia good enough that I'm just saying that but to have -- the open shot. Well that's right -- wanted to wait for the open shot and 08 where are you about -- But that's politics is all about timing and you can't -- -- to protect. What we haven't spent as much document is Elizabeth Warren and she's the senate candidate but what we also know about her is she's the person -- really started the stock and you did it get there by yourself there were other people along the way -- road when it just she'll appear your tax dollars went to build and other people help you build it. Exact thing. That Republicans are using against. Barack Obama night that you didn't build it saying that -- that -- would have let this view of government. Why it is worn out there do in many ways is embracing. The thing that Republicans. Are trying to use against Obama. Regular you have to kind of question like -- take god out of the platform minor -- flip but it. Who knows why people do funny things because Republicans really don't like your kids can be abrasive because she. But forgive me I she's a fine person I believe but she's sort of like Newt Gingrich she walks in the room and -- -- they'll just march years don't know that I they don't like that because a lot of people including myself on this -- Sheehan that we don't wander into -- -- that. I don't know whether she's and an Indian ancestry and I don't know on the small things in Massachusetts. People tell me it's going to be a real race but that I don't think -- that humans -- -- -- you -- -- It's -- it's not at all message tonight that -- Did you -- it nailed it was that it ain't what individual. That's really -- that argument Republicans are making against. President Obama she's coming -- they really. Yeah that's kind of it I understand you what you say I don't know why she's there amid the but it's a silly argument -- -- People build their businesses and they work hard and and individuals have good news is Steve Jobs we get him he was fired he came back in and I. And they deserve and the credit but they can't do -- a -- -- in this country everybody needs a little help. Not net necessarily from government often from government the highway system that transportation all of that. No one no man is an island you've heard of John doing right -- the body washed away from Europe. And all of that so this kind of make it seem that. One person all by themselves. Can do a great big business without any help this -- And -- that this. Excuse me. -- -- good friend Sam Donaldson is still -- despite my continual lobbying I'm going to get -- -- -- Sam Donaldson so it's so easy. It stops at least he says I'll give you any quit Twitter -- that you want I'll make it happen I give you one more statistic and we hit them again please please. Bill Clinton when he left the presidency his Gallup approval rating and that was Monica none of that. Was one point higher than it was Ronald Reagan's when he left the presidency the next day we understood that he. Cardinal the crooks and and drop will that there and it's got right back up right back up all right.

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{"id":17165441,"title":"Sam Donaldson on Bill Clinton at DNC: 'Never Gives a Bad Speech'","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News veteran on how the popular former president will try to energize the Obama campaign.","url":"/Politics/video/democrat-national-convention-sam-donaldson-bill-clinton-dnc-17165441","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}