Democrat Pulls Back 'Nice Cover Page' of Romney-Ryan Plan

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) contrasts Mitt Romney and President Obama's economic plans.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Democrat Pulls Back 'Nice Cover Page' of Romney-Ryan Plan
Don't look that much like Paul Ryan but I heard this this I haven't played all right in the movie line of everything it's Chris van -- ongoing for an Academy Award abreast. Democrat. -- just -- thought that. This at that -- -- -- -- actually going to play. Vice president -- -- that -- -- this evening. I'd like you now live -- -- passing. Yeah. But. That suggests the so what do we do have to know what you gonna be telling Joseph -- now about how Paul Ryan will be on that debate stage he hasn't debated that much she's had some debates on the house floor obviously lots of colloquy with you in committee but what -- we have to know about Paul Ryan. Well look the vice president knows these issues well but what I know is how -- -- has to present these issues and as you. No I get along very well with Paul. Personally but we have this big clash on the policy issues in the committee so I'm used to that back and forth I don't want to give away any secrets are right here. -- very seriously. I look I mean the Ryan Romney plan. For the country is pretty clear and I think that. They were present at the best thing they -- but in order for. Romney -- minor deal to sell -- to the country. They can't get your beef may be on the cover page I mean they got a nice cover page to talk about it but you get into the details -- under the hood. And it's bad news for that the country is a return to the trickle down -- policies that we tried in the Bush Administration they failed. They want a rerun that movie at the expense of the rest of the country and I I think it's a failed experiment the first time let's not try it again. So people in this that we talk to you at this convention -- saying look. An awful lot of time making mistakes -- -- -- million dollars on negative advertising. Script it. Mitt Romney's negatives -- Hyde act -- last says that means at its -- paper rating of any. Major party candidate since 98 -- Race still died so how they'll now if you eighties making statements like the public -- -- nine. Well as you know they're very few undecided voters laugh but there are some and those are the folks who were tuning in now. I know most Americans are are normal people they don't really tune in -- these elections out before -- -- -- Eric and and yet now before the convention -- -- attempt and and now I think people ago looked at the conventions -- look at the debates. And those debates in the conventions provide not immediately draw the contrast there's one thing we all agree -- If there's a really sharp choice in this election and if you look at the -- Ryan budget what it does is call for another round pick tax cuts for the very wealthy people like that -- is no secret and it's in their plane. And if you agree that we should reduce the deficit as we should. And you asked not one penny more. From the very wealthy means you're gonna whacked everybody else -- your budget Geewax seniors under Medicare you wacker investment education our future -- middle income taxpayers so. I'm looking forward to this debate it's true that a lot of Americans had not yet focused on the details because up until now. Romney has been able to talk to generalities. Feel good races. But now we can look at this plan in detail and look at the very real and very negative consequences for the American. And does he own everything in the Ryan budget as far as you're concerned about he has -- himself. That. He wanted the senate to pass in the he would sign that he would resign resign as president also cities that he'll have his own but. Actually that we -- press he says we're essentially on the same page so. I don't even think he's trying to have it both ways and what he's adopted this. This package he did it in order to help shore up -- Tea Party support I mean this is an uncompromising. Budget. It's not. It's not the Tea Party manifesto because it's a balanced. Approach that calls for compromise it's a very hard edged ideological -- -- And that is rally -- -- -- party support that I guess Mitt Romney thought he needed but I think it will the centrist voters -- Because they're looking for pragmatic solutions they're looking for more balanced approach to the budget and the national academy in the president has presented. It's a Republican conventions before I actually had real have I was in Minneapolis for a short period of time but. I'm not -- I don't make a habit of -- to walk of the year for 24 hours to talk about the Rodney Ryan. Plans because I I know it -- not been heckled let me -- actually I've gotten a very nice warm response. Now that means that I have -- here that -- Three. Are urged and I -- here. I stand it out. Yet is selling that I have here. You're out here at the -- It's not. Hired again exactly -- I was also eating when it is. Vieri again funnel cakes. And I was trying to win those and those gains and you can never -- actually -- stuffed animal. That's a bit better than you may do this -- -- covers a -- and -- Maryland we'll see you have similar phenomenon actually in Charlotte as well as.

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{"id":17111038,"title":"Democrat Pulls Back 'Nice Cover Page' of Romney-Ryan Plan","duration":"3:00","description":"Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) contrasts Mitt Romney and President Obama's economic plans.","url":"/Politics/video/democrat-pulls-back-nice-cover-page-romney-ryan-17111038","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}