What Democrat wins mean for 2020

Senate candidate Amy McGrath says election showed momentum and a chance for a change in leadership as she challenges Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
7:40 | 11/06/19

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Transcript for What Democrat wins mean for 2020
Shifting gears now to the race it's 120 a big night last night in the race. To 2019 the results and a handful of states last night the first mall last multi state test. That voters will have ahead of the presidential election next year political director Rick Klein is here also drum major for skelley at 538 he joins us. As well via Skype Jeffrey thanks for being Erica want to start with you though because big picture. Last night a good night for Democrats and also some tea leaves him what we saw happen in the suburbs women turning out. And particularly. Suburban women turn out along with. A lot of younger people as well. That's a revenge of the suburbs and as a continuation DeVon of what we've seen in all the major elections in the trunk are twice seventeen to a lesser exit 2018 to a major extent where you saw. The house way propelled by these victories in the suburbs. You saw these victories and it wasn't just in Kentucky. And Virginia although those are two big ones but also places like Iowa Pennsylvania where you had local races that were decided. In favor of Democrats in large part because of this activation. Of suburban America against Donald Trump talking to that the chair of the Democratic National Committee just today he said look this is proof the trump is in just doesn't work that kind of divisiveness doesn't work. And the Democrats see a lot of bright spots in the suburbs of these states and many more. And of course there were some we should group context all of this with the fact that there are some really local issues at play and a lot of these races as wells rich be careful with some of those. Dynamics but certainly Jeffrey skelley. An out people book watch closely watching what happened in Kentucky last of the current Kentucky gubernatorial race still up for grabs are now very close but it does look like the Democrat. Indeed this year are could pull this out what do you make of that. Nationally what can we take in terms of this this this race for Donald Trump. Well I do think that the Kentucky reversal is a little embarrassing for the president and that. Is there and for the election campaign for math and Republican incumbent. And it didn't work out forum. I'm the same time it is possible that bad news attachment to president trump made the race even closer than it might have been otherwise. Kentucky's mayor I'll stay the Mac and is very unpopular. So perhaps attached himself trauma and the president and actually Babylon but it's hard to see that because in the end it now. One Democrat who is closely watching this race of course as you know Rick is Amy McGrath she's the retired. Marine Corps fighter pilot one of the first woman if fighting combat she's it in the race to take on Mitch McConnell next year she's watching what happened last night. As a Democrat in Kentucky she joins me now. Obvious Skype from that state any its McGrath it's great to see you thanks for for coming in how do you read the results from last night. Just think that it shows that Kentucky incident done with. People who put their political party above the state and about the country and then they're ready for a new generation of leaders. Yelling and trying to get we need to get rid of people that have been there for 34 years and now I'm just represent special interests and is this what this shows momentum. I mean that's that's the biggest things that you know. It for us it's not about our political party is about doing what's right that's what any this year talked about over and over and over again in his campaign. And that's been my message all along let's put our country and our political party any. I regret it fell short in your house race last year it obviously a presidential year is different you're gonna have a different turnout picture presidential carry Kentucky by some. Thirty points what makes you think that the landscape can be sufficiently different for you in a presidential year where you have Donald Trump who. Let's face it is probably a win Kentucky by a lot on the ballot next year how you'll be able to the take on Mitch McConnell the same time. What do you think last night's results showed you a little bit about that you know president drop came here and yet we still had a very unpopular governor. I'm who was ousted by new generation. The leadership who wants to do what's right for can sake. And you know was not who else is not popular in Kentucky is Mitch McConnell and that's because you know he epitomizes the dysfunction in Washington. That dysfunction that so many kids are teens or I differently tired and he built that DC swap that so many Kentucky has frankly voted for. President trump seemed to get rid and so you know I think that this is an interest in race that's going to be one that's very tight and you know I think we're going to be wanted to be missed Connell. You have to get through the democratic primary after in the senate race first and we do know that you're not the only one eyeing. A chance to take Mitch McConnell on Kentucky Sports Radio host Matt Jones of course as you know launch an exploratory committees. Talked about you being the establishment. Candidate. In the democratic primary and he says what's really needed is an outsider. Since you're the insider party risk. On to that. Well it's pretty interesting since I've spent my entire adult life as a military officer I was an independent for many years my husband is that Republican. I'm and you know somebody that didn't grow up with and a political party at the last race I ran I defeated democratic establishment in the primaries. You know to me it's not about that certain is that based odds about the person has the date the best message. I'm and the person that's best suited to take on Mitch McConnell who. You know frankly is as somebody that people don't like cure in Kentucky and they're looking for a new generation of leaders. I think leaders who have served the country and had proven that they can put this country and other political party. Can be a fascinating race to watch an immigrant thanks for coming in today hope to speak with you again as this. Farmers progresses and and we will be watching the results in the gubernatorial race that they're in Kentucky as well I want to shift gears number Jeffrey skelley back into the conversation because of Kentucky wasn't the only race who watch him outside big. Developments in Virginia and Jeffrey were Democrats they are now control the entire government both houses. In a Virginia Statehouse for the first time in 25 years. Yeah the last time they held power to this degree who has served for the 1993 gubernatorial elections it has been quite a while. I'm Democrats were able to pick up couples seats in the state senate about six seats in the house of delegates that there may be some recounts they are ending. Enough was enough to get a majority. House of the legislature. And now Democrats are in position where they legislator all host of issues and the next session. And you could see gun control. Sort of leading the way and Virginia Beach shooting and made it was bush. For gun control legislation by governor more than a Democrat. And they got shot down a Republican legislatures. That might be something you see in one day their biggest issue community issue she watches what Democrats do about districting. I'm there's a reform the reform legislation on the table there it could possibly get going to expect. I'm and is kind of BCC Democrats pursue you a revision commission or they decided drug license cost. And quickly Jeff played before that you go we should say there was a bright spot for Republicans outside Mississippi a place where president trump stumped. Lieutenant governor down their T Reeves pulled out a win. Nor does that tell us anything and that race. Well I mean I think you could say that Democrats are reported to some extent there as well but he may have had the only candidate in getting we'll doing that in attorney general Jim hood. Announce a series it's it's a solid bishops are called to seek full control government there so I'm insulin in. I got a bright spot for Republicans Jeffers Kelly 538 thanks so much great analysis at 538 that com right now as well.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"Senate candidate Amy McGrath says election showed momentum and a chance for a change in leadership as she challenges Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66803322","title":"What Democrat wins mean for 2020","url":"/Politics/video/democrat-wins-2020-66803322"}