Democratic congresswomen targeted by Trump call for impeachment

The four representatives spoke out together in response to the president tweeting they should "go back" to where they came from.
7:43 | 07/15/19

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Transcript for Democratic congresswomen targeted by Trump call for impeachment
You haven't the four democratic congresswoman at the center of this feud with president trump. Over those racist comments the president launched on Sunday. There is congresswoman now coming out is the president today doubled down on those comments this morning ended all through all four of the women. Saying just now they did not want. They are this fight to be a distraction for the Democratic Party. Condemning the president's treats and vowing now to focus on the democratic agenda including what they said his impeachment which is an interest interest. Number Capitol Hill reporter Ben Siegel for some analysis Rachel Scott or White House reporter Rachel odd. This is who was a very interest seen or turn of events because it's almost as these women were taking the podium the president was tweeting at the same time. I sort of free mean this as part of his campaign. And am very in new we see between here but these are people he wants to be at war with they want him to be the face of the Democratic Party. Exactly in this is part of the president's campaign strategy here to paint the Democratic Party as the party of socialism. So here's CNN actually rape carries as the Denver trying to distance themselves. These four progressives he's labeling them and painting them as. Socialist spending they aren't endorsing socialism hated his early USA not good for Democrats. And again this really is going back to energizing his base he knows that his days. Does not like socialism in our latest poll that we just the release are related ABC Washington Post poll shows. But then I'm matchup between president trotman a perceived socialist the president actually comes out on top by six point. And dandy I guess the big question here in these four democratic congresswoman Jarno Marv Minnesota out of Pressley of Massachusetts. Alexandria cost Joseph Cortez of New York machine it's clear of Massachusetts. Obvious seem to be appealing to that middle ground in the country the common sense. Those moderate voters independent voters as we head into deeper into the presidential campaign. Those are people that are happy with the president's comments towards people call. That's right and they're trying to make an appeal here right to those people. Listen to the ideas we have the better we have the better ideas we think we have the better message we can help fix the health care problems in this country we have answered on immigration. But the sort of this this whole press conference that sort of illustrates the challenge that Democrats have really does back it's me sixteen how. There's still struggling as a party to figure out how to best counteract the message of this president that command so much attention. They don't want and they said today this is a distraction they don't want this to be about the president is personal attacks and the response that was a hold a press conference where they completely denounces personal attacks. Instead of for example hearings about immigration about the film a separation policy. You know pull votes on on the floor this week on other big agenda items like a minimum wage. There their answer is also somehow part of the problem and that's something that the whole party as a whole struggling went because as Rachel said this conversation the president wants to have. He's been taking to Twitter to make these congressman the face of the party they come out this week with the press congress to make themselves sort of the F the face of this conflict and it's taking away from the time that they have a talk about other issues and and their gender racial and. Reminded of the strategy put forward by former chief White House strategist in trump campaign strategist Steve van and everybody remembers. Abandoned from the 2016 campaign not too long after the election of course he told the president very publicly in an interview. I'd that the more he can focus on the idea of race the more than he can get Democrats talking about racism. The better it is for them this is seems to be part of that strategy are on full display. It ain't exactly I think the big question isn't how this plays for the president's face writing and this is not the first time the president had made inflammatory comments. All the way to bring back to when the president first launches campaign and 2015 weren't he called Mexican earned the right rapists and said there were some good people. It endeavor moving eagle for an are they going to switch sides to a party that the president is labeling as socialism because the president has made a racist. I'm mark for those just joining us who were joined in the middle this press conference afford democratic progressives all of them freshmen members of congress all of them women of color. Coming out in response to president trumps tweets over the weekend also some remarks she made this morning at the White House doubling down. On those tweets. Any on the Pressley they congressman of Massachusetts saying that this is a disruptive distraction from the issues. You on Omar as saying that this is the agenda of a white nationalist Alexander are costs you Cortez telling a personal story. Saying that everyone needs to move on and focus on the issues were where she did to leave of Michigan. I said that the president xenophobic and racist remarks. Merited impeachment Ben Siegel. Impeachment is actually a topic that Nancy Pelosi has wanted to avoid she certainly I don't think I would want it to be front and center announced the president is taking so much heat here really surprise that she didn't appear. With these with these women. Is Anderson the backdrop to some of this is there's obviously this public spat with trump but if you take a step back. This group this the squad they call themselves they've sort of been locked in this battle wind. Speaker policy. Over over messaging and is specifically on immigration how to best fight for their priorities on the subject they were very frustrated with the speaker and her and her compromise with the senate. Heard heard this decision to go along with a senate negotiation. To send aid to the border they thought I wasn't strong enough to not a clean enough of their priorities and some of their members some of their staffers and the members themselves were critical of her so this is taking. This is taking place who in the in the forefront of the story of a public dispute between. The speaker and some of these members so wasn't surprising that she wasn't there but it was Anderson hear the conversation first and a Pressley comes on talks about the agenda but is all Nancy closer wants talk about this is the agenda that won on the house. Health care for the people they call it. Six to stay on the agenda and then it was interesting to see the conversation here a little bit with the congresswoman Omar and then talks about impeachment something policy things to be a bad idea would split the country what alienated those independent voters. A lot of Kitna comparison from this latest episode from president trump was a history of saying racist. And racially charged things are comparing to his comments after the Charlottesville. Incident in protest at the white supremacist ritual I guess or about two years ago now while in the presence of the were good people on both sides. That caused a lot of staff in the White House to be very and comparable cabinet members tiptoeing away from the president. What are we seeing two day at the White House in within the campaign. How what are people talking about are these sort of brushing this off or is there do you get the sense there is some discomfort. Among the president's. Allies are defending the president they are saying listen these Democrats have come out and they they say that they have made harmful comments against Americans. And then they're trying to make this an attack on their base is what they're trying to say and that's something that we may see the president used. Two in the managed during the event during the rally this week but you know into bands plane just talking about impeachment. The truth campaign at Saddam anytime a Democrat even. Says impeachment and his music to their fingers because they know what simple fact. That most Americans oppose impeachment in our latest poll shows that as well even though the majority of Americans actually disapprove of the president's performance on office. And certainly an ugly and sad really dispute in our politics right now again these four democratic women. Of color all of them freshmen members of congress under attack by president from responding now. Saying that this is all giant distraction and that the president is pushing racist and beautiful but strokes. We will continue to follow the story the president of course responded earlier and responded in real time much more. Up from ABC news that convert to ever been Siegel couple who reporter Rachel Scott are White House reporter rich can't you with this your first special continuing coverage and ABC news live.

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"The four representatives spoke out together in response to the president tweeting they should \"go back\" to where they came from.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64353048","title":"Democratic congresswomen targeted by Trump call for impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-congresswomen-targeted-trump-call-impeachment-64353048"}